140519 The Celebrity Magazine (June Edition) with Eunhyuk & Choco [Translated Interview]

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140517 The Celebrity Magazine (June Edition) Featuring Eunhyuk, Ryeowook & Choco! [7P]

The ‘tap tap’ sound of her footsteps that approach him as he’s falling asleep for an afternoon nap; Eunhyuk says he feels more comfortable when she lies next to him on the sofa. Even when they look at different directions for a moment, their hearts still look towards each other. The Story of Eunhyuk and his animal companion Choco.

We had a bit of trouble because Choco kept looking at you during the shooting when we were trying to make her look at the camera.
-EH: She is a bit like that. Choco is shy with strangers, so when there are many people around, she comes only to me and sits only on my lap. It’s a bit embarrassing but when she does that, I’m a little proud.

How was the photoshoot today? It was your first photoshoot with Choco.
-EH: I wanted to share many experiences with Choco, so that’s why I asked to try doing a photoshoot together. I was able to do the photoshoot more comfortably than usual, and I think it will become a memorable memory. But I think it might have been hard on Choco, since tens of strangers called for her, “Choco-ya~”

Is Choco your first animal companion?
-EH: She’s the first one I’ve raised since its a puppy. I did take care of other families dogs for a short time before. But she is the first ‘our dog’. In another words, she’s a ‘family’. When I was in first grade in high school, my sister had a boyfriend. He gifted her Choco. And I think that’s when Choco became a gift of my life. Once, when I was in second, or third grade in High School, Choco ran away from home when we left the door opened. I had to go to practice, but I didn’t go because I was looking for Choco. Our next door neighbor found her for us, but I spent the entire day that day crying while looking for Choco.

It’s already been over ten years. When was the day that Choco was most like a ‘gift’ in your life?
-It might be a small event for others, but this was a really happy day for me. I once took her to the studio when I was doing <Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio> with Leeteuk. It happened to be a pre-recorded day, and she didn’t bark nor move for two hours. She just quietly sat in my lap, and listened to me laughing. All the staffs that were with us that day were surprised, saying ‘How can there be a dog like this!’

Other Super Junior members also have animal companions. Kangin, Sungmin, Donghae, Siwon.
-EH: Yes. F.Y.I, Siwon didn’t have any thoughts on raising a pet, but I think he (wanted to) while watching me and Choco. That a puppy and a man can become as close as a man to man. I once took Choco to a broadcast filming, and Siwon came up to me and seriously asked me a question. “Is that friend an abandoned dog?”* He was so serious, I didn’t know how to reply. He said that Choco’s eyes are really clear, and that it looked pure and sad. Anyways I’m sure he got the (thoughts of raising a pet) after looking at us!
*Like was Choco an abandoned dog before she was adopted by hyuk family

I heard Choco stays at your family’s house. And that you live in the dorm.
-EH: There are times when I can barely see Choco once in a month. So there are times I want to see her more than my family. I can hear my family’s voice if I call them, but Choco cannot call. So whenever I have time, regardless of if it’s day or night, I rush home to see Choco.

It feels like I’m listening to a love story between lovers
-EH: I think the word ‘Love’ cannot describe all the feelings between us. It’s a kind of love that you cannot feel with a human. A being that loves me without expecting anything in return, and regardless of how I act. I think I miss Choco more when I am lonely. When you are facing a human, there are times you think ‘This person has changed’, and feel upset and sad, but puppies aren’t like this. It feels like they’re always relying on me.

Are there moments that you communicate, like comforting you when you’re sad?
-EH: I think everyone who has an animal companion have their moments. When I look in her eyes, I get this feeling that she understands me. You know those scenes in movies or dramas. (Where the actor) breaks up with (his) girlfriend, and goes “The unni who really showered love on you; she’s not coming back anymore. So you should forget about her too.” and talks with their animal companion.. It’s also the same for me. But I think Choco really understands what I’m saying. I guess I could say that her expressions change slightly.

Then has your ideal type changed after meeting Choco? For example, (you want her) to love animals.
-EH: I hope she doesn’t hate dogs. I think it’s a stretch to expect (her) to love dogs. But I hope ‘Choco likes (her)’. If Choco likes her, I think she’d be a good person. It’s just an intuition.

Your trust and communications with her that you’ve built for 12 years is amazing. You must want to be with her for a long long time. Do you take care of Choco’s nutrition in special ways?
-EH: We do not give her special meals or strictly manage it. Our family thinks ‘If we pour love to them, they will be healthy and will have a amicable personality.’ Thinking now, it’s really amazing because we didn’t take care of her in any special ways, but she’s grown up well and very healthy. So I realize ‘They are no different than humans. It’s really important to receive love’.

Do you have any thoughts about doing volunteer work for dogs or animals in future?
-EH: To be honest, it’s not that I love Choco because she’s a dog or animal, but just that the Choco that I love, just happened to be a puppy. In far future, when a lot of time has passed, and Choco has left my side, I might start something while remembering Choco. But right now, I want to pour all my love only on Choco. Choco is still just 12 years old; She’s still a young puppy to me.

Source: thecelebrity.net
Translated by: youngwoonjungsu
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine SM, DH, RW, KH, & Henry Interview [Translation]

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Mr. Positive Donghae

What are you fixed onto these days?
(taking) Pictures and English.

How do you study English?
Usually through music. I don’t know many English (song) lyrics, and I write down words I don’t know in a note.
I also watch many movies and talk with Henry and with friends (who are Koreans residing abroad) often

Do you have any fantasies about women working in offices? What type do you think would be attractive?
As for me, personal secretaries?
I think I would have liked (their) gracefulness and how they speak little.

Mr. Cutie Henry

What type of music are you fixed onto these days?

I’m listening to Daft Punk musics. Songs that make your mood go up.

Do u think about composing songs with inspirations from ‘Real Man’?

I actually made a song after the first time. It’s not finished yet.

It’s a serious song. My songs are usually bright and exciting. I also was surprised by how I wrote a different style after ‘Real Man’

I’ll let (you guys) listen to it later

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140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Super Junior-M Interview [Translation]

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140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Super Junior-M [6P]

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Zhou Mi Interview [Translation]

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Eunhyuk Interview [Translation]

Why do you think you guys are receiving so much love in Korea and China?

Henry: Because we’re handsome?

Everyone: hahaha

Kyuhyun: ZhouMi hyung is Chinese, and he’s very popular in China. It’s also thanks to his popularity.


-How many languages can Super Junior speak?

Eunhyuk: all


If u guys were really normal office workers, what characters do u think the members’ would have?

Henry: I think I’d be a sexy & serious worker

Eunhyuk: Henry would be fired very quickly hahaha. Henry is really a trouble maker.

Kyuhyun: Eunhyuk-ee hyung would be the type who can suck-up to superiors well, and get promoted quickly by getting on the right ‘line’

Eunhyuk: Yes, the type to be promoted quickly for skills outside work..

Donghae: and he’s a great mood maker so he would be loved


How do you relieve stress

Sungmin: We each have our own ways (to relieve stress). Kyuhyun-ee plays games.

Kyuhyun: But I have stopped playing games these days. So I keep receiving stress. I have so much stress

Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun: Ryeowook likes cooking/feeding others.

Ryeowook: Yes, my hobby is breeding/raising others!


What’s the secret to being long-run?

Eunhyuk: Being young looking?

Ryeowook: Ai~ hyung, you can’t say that

Kyuhyun: Hyung, you don’t look young


How would u guys look 10 years from now?

Donghae: I think, we’d be the same as now?

Ryeowook: We’ll know when (you) interview us again when we’re in 40s!


If u were given a vacation, what would u like to do?

Donghae:I think I would just wander around..take pictures, meet friend& chat, & learn English.


I’ve never met a celebrity who is so passionate about improving themselves

Donghae: I want to speak at least few words to foreign fans, and be well to them.
So I continue to memorize (points to his wrist) and sometimes (I) write it down.
I also want to do well when I am given the chance to show myself. I find every minute important, so I live on a planned schedule when I am in Korea.
Like 1-3 is buying this and that, 3-5 is exercising.. like that. Only then, I feel like I’ve spent the day meaningfully.


If you are given a week off, what would you like to do?
Eunhyuk: Definitely traveling.

ZhouMi: I’d like to be outside Korea and China. I’m always going between these two countries to work.
I want to go to a country that doesn’t use Chinese and Korean. Countries that use languages that I don’t understand.

Kyuhyun: I went to Santorini, Greece before with members. It was really nice. I want to go there again 


SJ members always seem to have great teamwork
Eunhyuk: I think it’s because we’ve been together for so long. Now, we know what the other is thinking just by looking in their eyes.


& I think it’s because there r many different types of personalities, fused together?
Sungmin: Ah yes. Our personalities are really different.

Donghae: Our blood types are all different too.

Eunhyuk: Sungmin-Donghae-Kyuhyun are A, Henry is AB, ZhouMi-Ryeowook-and I are O.
All the different characters are here.

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine & Marloes ‏@_ChoMinAm
Translated by: YWJS ‏@youngwoonjungsu
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Eunhyuk Interview [Translation]

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140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Super Junior-M [6P]

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Zhou Mi Interview [Translation]

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Super Junior-M cr- Marloes (1)
Mr. Handsome Personality, Eunhyuk

You are working very actively these days. It must be hard to control your condition. How are you doing it?
-I think it’s good to eat well and sleep well. I’m the type that doesn’t gain weight, so I eat whenever I get a chance to. 

What kind of food do you like? 
-All of our members aren’t picky. We had a comeback after a long time, and went to Yeouido to eat, and (I) ate ramen every time. I also like ttokbbokki.

You’re practically the leader right now, right? 
-Yes; because Teuk-ee hyung is serving the army right now, I have been entrusted with the spot

You must feel a great sense of responsibility. Are there any hard parts about it? 
-I didn’t know about it before, but now that I am a leader, I feel that each members have distinct individual charms. And we also talk a lot, so we’re very noisy. Haha. So I think, Teuk-ee hyung, who gathered us into one and lead us to here, is really amazing. 

But I think you will do well. You’re very sharp(quick witted, quick to notice atmosphere), right? 
-I think so. Even when we are practicing choreography, we (teachers& members) take turns and give opinions. And this is all possible because members follow (the leader) well?

You are doing your first unit Japan tour with Donghae-ssi. What is the concept? 
-Cute oppa who knows how to play (?) kind of concept. Haha, The song we released in the concert when we released the D&E unit was “Oppa Oppa”. We wore red and yellow suits back then, and the reactions were great, so we even got to doing official activities as a unit.

Many are missing you on variety shows. Do you have any programs you want to challenge? 
-I’m watching these days, I love traveling, so I watched it with attention, and Na PD really edited (the show) well. I even wanted to follow them as a porter, I’m receiving healing from watching that program. 

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine & Marloes ‏@_ChoMinAm
Translated by: YWJS ‏@youngwoonjungsu
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Zhou Mi Interview [Translation]

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140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Featuring Super Junior-M [8P]

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Super Junior-M cr- Sunshine周覓 (2)

Mr. Pure ZhouMi

Your legs are so long. How tall are you?
– 186CM.

You speak Korean very well. Was it hard to learn?
– The company purposely made me speak as least Chinese as possible. Using Korean whenever possible. So I was able to learn faster.

Did anything happen when you weren’t good in Korean?
– I am close to Victoria so we went to watch a movie together, and we both pronounced “Avatar” as “APaTa” and almost didn’t get to buy the movie tickets. Haha.

We watched your solo stage, and you sing very well. You sang a Chinese song; do you have any thoughts about singing Korean songs?
– I didn’t know Korean songs well, but these days, I ‘m enjoying singing and listening to “썸”

If you were to date a Korean girl, what style would you like to date?
– Pretty and kind girl. Haha. I want to date a younger girl. I really like it when Korean girls call me “oppa”. In Chinese, you call both hyung and oppa “끄그” (gege) so it doesn’t feel any different.

If you were a normal office worker, what type of girl do you think you would date?
– Fixing? If I am the superior, I may be scary when working but when I am kind, I am very kind.

Zhou Mi’s dream~ I want to try variety shows. I think talk shows would suit me better than reality shows. I have many funny episodes (to share).

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine
Translated by: YWJS ‏@youngwoonjungsu for Sunshine周覓 ‏@SunshineZhouMi
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam

130819 ARENA HOMME+ Magazine with Kangin and Henry Interview [Translation]

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

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It’s been 8 years since group ‘Super Junior’ debuted. Thirteen members each worked on their music shows, and also worked in variety shows and many other areas. Among them, Kangin was a familiar face. His quick sense and ability to speak well was shown on variety shows. As the numbers of his variety shows increased, more gossips were spread. After long time, Kangin quietly returned to his position. After his army service, he finally returned to Super Junior as the first reserved soldier. Joining in a unit targeted for China, Super Junior-M, Henry made his name known in Korea in June with his first mini album “Trap”, and as a first male solo SM has presented in 13 years. With father from Hong Kong, and mother from Taiwan, he was raised in Canada, and is now a global idol that promoted in China. He studied classical music since he was little, and his talent for pop music was discovered early. His album is full of songs composed by him thanks to that. His honest and slightly weird way of talking on variety shows became a hot topic, and he’s an idol with Korean and foreign fans. But at the photo shoot locations, he was like a little a boy.
Kangin and Henry’s relationship is Sun/Hoobae in music, company family, and shares the name of ‘Super Junior’. It was out of curiosity for us to capture them with cameras. The two were different. Kangin liked ttokbbokki, while Henry liked bread. But the two were also same. One star that lost its shine is on his way to getting it back, and another star is gaining more light. The two youth shares the burden from having an exposed-to-public life. Kangin and Henry look different, but they are going down the same path.

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130723 Super Junior 1st Japanese Album ‘Hero’ – ‘HERO’ (ENG/Japanese/Romanized) Lyrics

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Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”  & Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: Super Junior’s 1st Full Album Japanese ‘HERO

English Translation

I see my girl, listen to me
If you want, I can be your hero
I’m saying it to you, take my hand

I don’t even have the cloak to fly in the sky
Not even boots that can make me run like the wind
Just by fighting recklessly
But I can’t go like in the movie

I just want to protect the one love
If you’re crying alone at the moment

I can be your hero, I’m going to meet you
Wanna be your hero (your hero), together fly away
That wounded heart, embracing it closely and never let go
Anywhere through thick and thin, with you

More than a gorgeous diamond
Even more than countless medals, nothing more
The sun won’t make the wish come true
The light that emitting deep into the heart

I’m only trusting and waiting for one love
Even if I get lost in the dark night

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130722 Super Junior 1st Japanese Album ‘Hero’ – ‘Bambina’ (ENG/Japanese/Romanized) Lyrics

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Compilation: Super Junior’s 1st Full Album Japanese ‘HERO

English Translation

Nice to meet you, little kittens
This is pleasure time
Did you properly come with simulation
Are you ready ?
Lets reward the good kid
At your limit soon isn’t it ?
Did you wait and didn’t get distracted ?
Why don’t time yeah

(Here) More and more
(We) It’s so crazy
(Go) It’s getting hot
You can’t back off from now on
Non-stop request forever
Concentrate on me

Check it out Super Show
Open it on your heart
We kept everybody waiting long enough
Endless show, how are you ?
We won’t make you feel bored, laser be my time
Perfect Bambina
Simple isn’t it Bambina
Oh oh everybody
Welcome Super Show
Search it on your mind
To your heart, surprise ecstasy

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