140506 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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140506 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [6P]

Ryeowook said that every time his friends ask him to meet up and have a drink, he’s always unable to go because the next day he has to go to China… Thailand… Japan etc… and because of this, his friends end up meeting up with other people many other times instead… and if things carry on like this, the next time he wants to meet up with friends for a chat he thinks that he won’t have any friends left.

Source: 銘仪___ 
Translated by: ryeonggu
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140426 MBC C-RADIO “Idol True Colours” with DJ Zhoumi – Eunhyuk & Donghae [Transcript]

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Jia: First please introduce yourselves
Hyuk: Hi everyone I am Super Junior M Jewel Minam Eunhyuk

Hae: Hi everyone, long time no see, first time coming here, my lovely baobei
Jia & Fei: *goosebumps*
zhoumi: um, wait a moment donghae. ah please continue..
Hae: I am Donghae.
zhoumi: donghae use this phrase for almost 6 years already, so today he come to Idol True Colors, seeing Jia and Fei, I taught him a new phrase
Jia/Fei: baobei, lovely baobei, but its good
zhoumi: but he uses this for quite a lot, almost 6 years
Hae: my icon
Jia: i think its good tho
zhoumi: do you want to listen again?
Hae: if there is a new one
Min:if there is a new one I’ll use it
Kyu: can i teach a new phrase?
Hae: Me? ok
Kyu: My Xin Gan Bao Bei
Henry: Sexy baobei
Jia: xin gan baobei means..
Henry: Sexy?
Jia/Fei: not sexy, it means very baobei
Zhoumi: very baobei xDD
Hae: like this? *Hae hugs Hyuk*
Jia/Fei: yes like this
Hae: ok, xin gan baobei, I hope you are happy!

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140404 MBC ShimShimtapa with DJ Shindong [Transcript]

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140404 shimshimtapa shindong: after 00.00 its eunhyuk birthday. Congratulations!(claps) what to say? Eunhyuk ssi you are 1 year older, wishing you can become more handsome, wishing your gums will not show, haha. Actually we sj has a group chat, upon 00.00 there are a lot of congratulatory messages coming in, ryeowook say “happy birthday”, donghae say “congratulations myeolchi head” because his nickname is myeolchi, kangin say “myeolchi chuka”, sungmin say “happy birthday”, even our managers did wish. Amongst managers, there is yongsun…kim yongsun.. eh no..what yongsun already? Ah i cant rmb all of a sudden.. won yongsun? Sorry yongsun hyung, our manager won yongsun, he say “eunhyuk ah, happy birthday, you are one year older already, please leave more messages for me” hahaha.. actually we send managers messages daily. Eunhyuk ssi, lets meet at shimshimtapa next monday.you all didnt know right? I know they will be going to sukira on that day too, you’ll be listening to 4 hours of our (sj) radio broadcast! Ah.. there will surely competition, i feel sorry to sukira.. ottoke..sorry. ryeowook ssi ottoke? I feel like our shim shim tapa will be more interesting than sukira. Whatever it is, eunhyuk ssi happy birthday, eunhyuk ssi who born on 4/4, may the number 4 brings you luck.

Source: tyuri_sun via Mouii
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140401 Sukira (KTR) with Heechul and Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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140401 @KBSKISSTHERADIO Twitter Update with Heechul [1P]

Heechul introduced himself as EXO’s Heechul, Baekhyun introduced himself as SJ’s Baekhyun. And it is SJ EXO KISS THE RADIO

KTR Heechul said EunTeuk are first generation DJs, Minwook are second generation, so they are third generation. Also said dont know if Ryeowook is listening to radio in dorm, or at musical practice~

KTR – After Ryeowook sat down, Heechul asked him why is he sitting in his seat

Ryeowook said Heechul was supposed to go back after 1 hour~ but in the end he didnt~ Ryeowook asked Heechul how it felt like to be hosting radio? Not with him but with Baekhyun. Heechul: oh~ I like this combination~

Heechul: whenever members of new groups greet me, I am playing with my phone.
For example, rookie “ah~ hi Sunbae~” I feel too awkward so I can only play with my phone

Source: 銘仪__

Heechul: Now Ryeowook is first in search ranking… Based on what! Now it is me and Baekhyun hosting why is Ryeowook first!

KTR- Heechul: starting from today Baekhyun and me will be DJs, because program has changed, Ryeowook will do his last show today.
Ryeowook: it’s trials now, if the two of them do well, I will naturally back out to do musicals for a while
Heechul: could also be all 3 of us are sacked and KTR finds new ones…

Ryeowook: actually I planned to… Contact Baekhyun first and tease Heechul.. Wanted to let him discover that Baekhyun was already hosting when he walked in… Wanted to do that.. But I am scared of getting beaten -.- scared of being hit to death by Heechul… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

KTR- Heechul: When I was MC for Gayo Daejun, Baekhyun was behind me and said I was really handsome when I threw the script away.
Baekhyun: too handsome!
Ryeowook: when did you throw the script?
Baekhyun: not lying, he only saw the script for 3 seconds, read it once and improvised the rest!
Heechul: Yes, but the PD at the side said something terrible has happened ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Listener has listen to Sukira for 7 years.
Heechul: ah~ if 7 years, started from Leeteuk and Eunhyuk period
Ryeowook: (KTR) started on 21 August 2006
Heechul: started when I was in hospital due to accident
Ryeowook: It started on Kibum’s birthday, that’s why I remember so clearly

Source: 金圣诞是理想型

Heechul: Cherry blossoms season has began in Yeouido park ~ so should play busker busker’s cherry blossom ending~ but I am going to play Park Hyo Shin’s snowflake!!!
Ryeowook: oh?! Are you singing live?
Heechul: what are you talking about…

Source: Squirrel_Girls

KTR- Heechul: Ryeowook when will our members come?
Ryeowook: Aren’t we here already?
Heechul: No no. We know about Ryeowook’s Swing. First Leeteuk has to be discharged~

Source: KIIRO

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140328 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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140328Trans KTR

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140316 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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Listener is tired about practicing for dance, asked Ryeowook how he does it.

Ryeowook: Oh~ We SJ really spend alot of time on practicing. Everyday our schedules are to practice until 3am, then we eat breakfast and sleep. At the most we only sleep for 1 or 2 hours then we wash up and go for practice. It’s tiring but to be honest, it is very interesting too.

Source:  銘仪___

Translated by: Elfninida@elf_ninida
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140305 MBC Radio Star with Kyuhyun [Transcript]

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Kyuhyun: Me, Jonghyun, Changmin and Minho drank alcohol at the end of the year, Yonghwa joined us later too~ Yonghwa is the type who is very enthusiastic,he kept saying “hyung! Drink!” Changmin already drank till he collapsed on the table, Minho was so drunk he couldn’t greet anymore, Yonghwa kept drinking with me, but he himself was already so drunk that he spilled the alcohol

Yonghwa: Kyuhyun hyung was very comical as well, the alcohol had already spilled and there was none left in the cup but he still said “good! Drink!”

Source: 金圣诞是理想型
Translated by: Elfninida ‏@elf_ninida
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140227 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Trasncript]

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In the past I used to be a guest on the radio show Sungmin hosted, I was a guest for six months, was it Mondays? On my last day I cried really hard… As I was crying I kept thinking “Will there be another guest like me?” ㅋㅋㅋ At that time someone said it was their first time seeing a guest cry… Really, I must have been such an embarrassment… So when I saw N cry I thought… he’s such a kind child~ he gave me a flower vase, and wrote me a letter~ he really is so kind~

Source: 金圣诞是理想型
Translated by: 一路向旭。려 to the 욱! ‏@ryeonggu 
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140213 JTBC “War of Words” with Heechul [Transcript]

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140213 War of Words MC: Since Frozen was screened, the audience are divided between Elsa and Anna, Heechul, which one do you belong to? HC: Of course it’s Anna for me! MC: What is Anna’s charm? HC: Her personality of course, Anna has a charm that can mesmerize me. Lee: I think Anna is the kind that people dislike. HC: Don’t scold my woman.

Source:  初见希loveheenim
Translated by: SJ-Empire@SJ_empire
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140210 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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140210 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook | Part 2 [3P]

A while back our managers started to buy grapefruit juice often… There was a period of time when I really loved drinking grapefruit juice, but I don’t drink it anymore~ During that time you could use it to gauge my mood. “After Ryeowook drinks grapefruit juice his mood gets better”~ so there was this feeling of “Ryeowook needs to have grapefruit juice to function”… So I felt I’d better change, and decided to stop drinking grapefruit juice. But the managers still keep buying it… Looks like I can’t change to something new~

Source: 金圣诞是理想型
Translated by: 
一路向旭。려 to the 욱! ‏@ryeonggu

Wook: There was a period of time our manager kept buying grapefruit juice. At that time I drank it everyday but not now anymore. Not long after I heard people say: Ryeowook’s mood will be by good if he drinks grapefruit juice so must let him drink. After listening to that I thought I shouldn’t drink it but manager kept buying it for me. Also if I sit without moving, everyone will think I am angry and ask “oppa are you angry?” But I am not.

Wook: I have heard of a certain group where the members want drinks from different cafes, “oppa, I must drink from this cafe”, if the manager buys wrongly they throw tempers… “Oppa, drink it yourself!” Like that…

(more abt wook’s bad mood) Sometimes I sit there without moving, others think I am in a bad mood. Listeners who watch bora can see too, sometimes I just sit here and someone will ask if I am in a bad mood. I just have no expressions, sometimes manager also thinks “is Ryeowook in a bad mood”

Wook, Minhyuk, Beige and Ilac sang SNSD’s Genie (because it’s sooyoung’s birthday today) today’s theme was “do I have to do this type of thing?” So after they sang a listener sang in a message: As a listener, do I have to listen to this type of song? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (trolling the DJ and guests)

“Good Friends” was played. Wook: how was this song produced? We all recorded on our own as solo then it was pieced together by Yoon Joon Shin~ so there wasn’t distribution of parts. It sounds compatible right? ~~

Wook said members have never wished each other happy birthday at 12am as there’s no chance due to packed schedules.

Source: 銘仪__, 金圣诞是理想型 & 星旭_Polaris金历旭专注站
Translated by: 
Elfninida ‏@elf_ninida

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140201 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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Ryeowook: (bungee jumping) I almost went.. when we went to Greece, at a very famous river.. but luckily it closed… because not many people go, luckily it closed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ not closed if it’s closed or closed down, just wasnt in operation, it was mentioned in the book~

N: I want to become number 1 sexy idol~ on stage
Minhyuk: i want to become “idol you want to date most”
Ryeowook: i am hosting chart show currently, have rankings from 1 to 10~ i will help ypu all~ although i can’t control, but i will mention you all ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what do you want?
N: Sexy idol
Ryeowook: I also want this (title) ㅋㅋ

Ryeowook: (wishes for new year) I want public recognition? Because now i already receive lots of love from fans~ so hope to get more love from the public~

Ryeowook: Actuslly I was a trainee for only a short periodof time, I didnt sign the contract as a trainee, I signed as Super Junior, had to record the moment I went.
Minhyuk: (with members) before becoming close with members?
Ryeowook: Yes..and Yesung already finished recording, (lines) were given to me… actually thinking about it now, yesung might have hated me.. but he takes care of me alot ~

KTR Listener hopes to pass the Chinese exam this year.

*Wook and Minhyuk spoke in Chinese*

Ryeowook: 掌声鼓励~~~~ (Round of applause)
Minhyuk: 加油!(Fighting!)
Ryeowook: 很棒~~~ (Excellent)

Source: 金圣诞是理想型
Translated by: 
Elfninida ‏@elf_ninida
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Zhou Mi Radio Interview about Super Junior [Transcript] – From 130624

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Did the members do anything that touched you?
ZM: Every year during Lunar New year, I can’t go back home, I have to stay in Korea. It is lonely. There was a year, Siwon called me, I think it was 2 years ago. He said ‘I will bring you and Henry out for a meal’. At that time everyone was on holiday and went home. So he brought Henry, Amber and me out for a meal, I felt so warm then.
DJ: Where did he bring you for the meal?
ZM: BBQ meat.. hahaha… Everyone loves it.

Ryeowook likes to cook, we had a long stay in Beijing and we lived in a dorm. He will go to the market everyday.
DJ: But his Chinese is so so only.
ZM: He still doesn’t speak Chinese at that time. So he will just say ‘mm.. mm.. how much?’ Hahaha.. so he bought lots of ingredients like vegetables to cook for us. Like Pumpkin porridge and kimchi pie. We normally do make up in the dorm to rush for schedules and he will cook in the morning. But everyone has already put on make up so we didn’t eat much. Because it will affect the make up and we have to brush our teeth again. So each time he cooked and we didn’t… finish the food. And it upsets him, he gets angry.

Did the members do anything to support your book?
ZM: They are really sweet. Like previously I had my booksign event and Siwon asked me for the booksign details, the location and the time. He wanted to help me promote it on his twitter. But we had many schedules and I forgot to send it to him. Kekeke.. Sorry Siwon.
DJ: Siwon.. is he the one that connects the members together? Keep all of you in touch?
ZM: Keeping in touch, actually we all keep in touch. In Korea we have this Kakaotalk and we have our own chatroom. So everyone will leave messages there and chat. Every member has their own schedule so they will leave a message in there (about their schedule).

Do you keep in touch with the members in the army?
ZM: Yes.. Yesung just enlisted.. it’s not even two months yet so he is still training hard now. And Heechul is coming back soon so I am really happy. I do meet him in between but it is not as often as before his enlistment so I hope he will come back quickly and join in Super Show.

What about Leeteuk?
ZM: I meet Leeteuk sometimes too. But he is really incredible. Even though he is in the army, he still watches out for Super Junior’s activities, including SJM’s activities. He will then send us advices. Like sometimes he saw it on TV and he will tell us ‘I think your clothes can be nicer’
ZM: Yes because he is the leader so he is very concerned about all the members. He said things like ‘this song can be arranged better’ or like our choreos… Wow it is like he has never enlisted. Like he is closely watching our activities.

Zhoumi said that Leeteuk watches them so closely that it’s like he was never enlisted. So proud of leader nim ^^

What about Sungmin?
ZM: Sungmin is really quiet.
DJ: Oh? But he is a DJ.
ZM: He is more active when he is on broadcast but in real life he is more quiet. However he will still chat with you if you talk to him. He is quite opinionated.

Who are you closest with?
ZM: Heechul hyung.
DJ: Really?
ZM: Yes, he asks me out for meals often. Even after he enlisted he still asked me out for meals. And Heechul is really amazing. He really likes Chinese people. Not only me, including the other Chinese artistes in the company, he contacts them.

Source: http://www.881903.com
Translated by: Mikolah ‏@Luv_Opera
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Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts] – From 140125

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Guests and Ryeowook talking about how C-elf bought millions worth of albums from South Korea ^^

Ryeowook: Actually korean singers are like this too. Many korean entertainment companies don’t have a big market here. So they focus more in overseas album sales.
Culture Expert Kim Yunka: in the mid 20th century, both of you have been in this line for a long time so you should also be aware that album sales are going down so to improve this aspect, many companies have no choice but to target on overseas markets. At the end of 20th century, idol groups took over the major positions in the pop scene. It was an opportunity and thus creation of kpop. IZE editor
Kim MyeongHee: I guess it happened to Super Junior which Ryeowook belongs to. The Chinese fans bought a lot of albums from our Korean stores.
RW: I don’t remember the exact amount but it was in the millions.
Kim MyeongHee: I remember it was in the millions. At the time I felt that wow super junior is really very popular.

Guest: Especially in Asia, many popular groups go on broadcasts or music shows, they will make the subbed versions immediately for the England/USA territories.
Ryeowook: Amazing
Guest: No idea how they translated it.
Guest: The scary part is 30 min after the the broadcast, the HD subbed version in various languages will appear.

Source:  金圣诞是理想型 
Translation by: Mikolah ‏@Luv_Opera
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