180415 M2U Shinchon -SUPER JUNIOR – The 8th Repackage Album [REPLAY] Fansign – Leeteuk [Transcripts]

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180331 Ryeowook’s Letter to ELF [Translation]

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Translated by: kimlixus

160630 Sukira (KTR) with Leeteuk [Transcripts] Birthday Song from Eunhyuk ~

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150423 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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RW: ytd I went to japan, now I’m back, SJ’s sub grp D&E it was so good, I ate delicious food! our KTR team went too~ now tired but fun

listener has very kiddy voice RW asked her how old is she, she say she’s 26 (?) wook thought some young girl, said ur voice very cute

RW: are you student- ah no (thinking abt the age) listener: preparing for some exams (?)

RW: oh it’s your birthday today is there any song you want to hear? listener: Kyuhyun oppa’s- RW:”DENG!” ok next

listeners didn’t succeed for the game, they were whining..how 😦 Rw: how? like that lor.. call in to play again next time. don’t cry

they didn’t win the game there’s not supposed to be present but it’s was one listener’s bday so RW said this time he’ll give her

RW gave the first word as kyu. All listeners answered as kyuhyun.. RW said actually you can answer as ryeowook too you’ll get it right

listeners said they wish to always hear RW on sukira.. RW asked what’s can its do to improve.. they didn’t know what to answer.. RW said ah you can go to our home page and take a look… Lol

sukira played a Sechs Kies song… RW said donghae really likes Sechs Kies lol

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141001 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Kyuhyun [Transcript]

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141001 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Kyuhyun [Video]

Kyu said he was listening as he was in the car to Hyuk and Kangin but it felt weird, that KTR should be done by Ryeowook ㅋㅋ

Kyu said since it’s healing cafe on Wednesdays he is the most suitable person for today~

Listener said she was supposed to go to Jeonju for a trip but heard from someone that Kyuhyun is going for some event in Busan. She was almost going to cancel the trip so asked someone to call to check, turns out it was another singer with similar sounding name. Listener asked if he is really coming to Busan on October 4th? Kyuhyun just replied “on October 4th I’m going to Tokyo” LOL

Listener said Kyu DJ is really handsome, why is there no guy like Kyu DJ. And Kyuhyun just replied “I’m here~” in a cute way

Listener asked Kyu DJ is kind of nervous right, is it different coming on KTR as DJ and not guest. Kyu said he wish there is no script then he can just do it any way, but since there’s script he’s afraid of making mistake.

Listener said today’s KTR is different from Hyuk and Kangin, it’s sweet and makes people’s heart flutter. Kyu said it’s not intentional, it’s because he’s so nervous his heart is beating so fast so there is such an atmosphere ㅋㅋ

Listener said she entered the wrong room in noraebang, so embarrassing. Kyu said he doesn’t really go to noraebang but he has experiences of going into the wrong room, so he understands how it feels.

Listener said she got injured and is worried about leaving a scar, asked Kyu to console her. Kyu said recently he had a light injury and it disappeared after 10 days. He said listener is younger than him right so she will probably heal faster than him.

Kyuhyun asked if guests knew he was coming, they said yes they got the notice. Then Kyu said oh well it’s not like you can choose not to come anyway. And since now I can’t leave so you have to make do with it. ㅋㅋ

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140722 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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RW: Ah.. Mum msged me “RW-ah, let’s travel~ travel with family” but I was at sukira MT.. can only wait for next time..

RW: Lately Kyu keeps looking for places selling delicious food. Keeps looking online for where is most delicious

Source: 銘仪___
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140716 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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Ryeowook: Yesterday I ate peaches. Oh? My face didn’t swell today. Called Donghae-ssi to eat meat with me late at night and was worried if my face will swell the next day, because there is recording today~ when I woke up this morning, my face didn’t swell~ assa maybe peaches are very good?

Ryeowook: because I put on make up often, members are shocked sometimes, saying “Ryeowook-ah~ what happened to you? What did you do? Changed into another person within 5 min.” Heechul asks me “Who are you?”

Source: 銘仪___
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140703 Super Junior, Letters to Shindong [Transcript]

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Compilation: 140703 MBC ShimShimTapa with DJ Shindong & Super Junior


To be honest, I think I would cry so.. I wrote a short letter.
I cannot forget the perm hair you had when I first met you, hyung.
I’ve never thought that we’d be on the same team.
Thinking back now like this.. It was the same in past.. Thinking now again..
That hyung is in our team.. I think that in this spot, you shine brighter than anyone else.
To say it with a commonly used phrase, it was a ‘decision made by god’
I’ve never thought that hyung is not cool. I’ve never disliked hyung. I am thankful that you’ve been by my side till now… and I will continue to be thankful about it.
We’ve fought a lot.. had many troubles like that but…
That too, is a good memory because we were together.
Let’s make more good memories from now on.
As a guy, I trust you a lot.
I want to say that I love you.
Thank you.


Shindong, no, Donghee-ya.
Six years and three months. Everyone will be sad that you’ll be leaving this place, that it feels more like ‘home’ to you than your actual home, for a short time..
Make a promise to those that felt used to listening to your voice every night… that you’d definitely return.
Before being a member, as a dedicated listener of ShimTa, hyung will also wait for our Shindong-ee.
From Kangin-ee hyung, who is very happy to be in the same team and members with the best DJ

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140623 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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Ryeowook: I also often wonder why can’t I get into a relationship? People around me are all really good at being in love, have I been poisoned by work? Maybe I missed a happy marriage around me because too busy with work…

Source: 浅光
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Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Video + Translation] – From 140620

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* Ryeowook’s mom left him a birthday message

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8pWlZg9mH4]

Credit: love ryeowook

Message from Ryeowook’s Mother:
Ryeowook-ah, it’s your mom.
Your mother is always sorry that she cannot make you seaweed soup on your birthday. Even though I only have one child, Ryeowook-ee.
You were always in mom and dad’s embrace; and it’s been almost 10 years now since you left (it).
Our son, tomorrow is already your birthday. Happy birthday. It’s also been a while that I’ve only congratulated you through words right?
It still troubles my heart that you’ve left mom’s embrace so early by debuting as a singer in such a young age.
I’m always sorry, and sometimes I would think of you and feel troubled.
Every time your mom and dad felt this way, we thought of when you were young and missed you.
We were always sorry that there were many things we weren’t able to give to our Ryeowook-ee.. But our Ryeowook-ee grew up brightly and well.
As long as your stomach was full, you played well; and you were a very pretty son when you sang and danced for mom and dad.
Because that pretty son gave mom and dad comfort, all the family is doing well. Son! I am thankful and thank you. Mom and dad won’t forget it. The reason why we are living well is also because of our son’s strength.
Son, since you’ve achieved things you’ve wanted to do, I hope you’ll be able to achieve other goals as well and live well. Only thing your mom and dad want from you is that you do activities well while following rules that should be followed. Make sure you eat your meals well, and continue to be cool and well.
Your mom and dad will always watch over you. Love you, and happy birthday our son.

Translated by:  Shared at sup3rjunior.com by dreamhae

140531 MBC C-RADIO ‘Idol True Colors’ with DJ Zhou Mi [Transcript]

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The show team gave each of the 3 MCs an ‘animal personality test’ and Zhou Mi got ‘wolf’ because he is someone who adapts to any situation well. Fei thought he should be a prideful rooster. The description for a wolf is someone who is not ordinary and is dignified but lacks the ability to judge/discernment. Zhou Mi and Jia disagreed with the last part because Zhou Mi is someone who is very clear about judgments, but Mi was still happy that he got wolf. (Fei got tiger while Jia got monkey)

A listener says she just passed her driving test and Jia says she recently got her driving license too. Zhou Mi asks her how her driving skill is and she says she’s unsure so Zhou Mi says that out of the three he drives the safest, second is Fei who got her license last year.

Today’s guests are new girl groups’ members: Tint’s leader Mei (half Chinese half Korean so she lived in Jilin, China before) and Scarf’s Tasha (from Singapore). Zhou Mi says he has seen Mei on music shows before but did not realise she could speak Mandarin, and she says she didn’t dare to talk to him as he is a big sunbae/senior.

One of the questions for the girls to answer is: who is the celebrity you want to get close to after debuting? Tasha asked if she can write in English too and Zhou Mi says yes but quickly adds that ‘we have to be able to understand though’.

Zhou Mi was ‘outraged’ and threatened to leave the room when they saw both the girls answered ‘Fei jie’ and ‘Fei and Jia’. He kept making ‘mistakes’ later in the MC-ing (e.g. wondering why Mei says her grandma is living in China when she already said her dad is Chinese) because he says they didn’t choose him and that made him forget their information.

Q: Who do you want to see the most when you are tired? Tasha-her dogs. Zhou Mi wonders why it’s not her family and then says, ‘ya, kids like telling their problems to their dogs’ and he goes on to act out the scenario between a person telling their dog her problem and the dog’s reaction (according to Zhou Mi’s imagination). Mei’s answer-fried chicken. She says she will feel better if she gets to eat or just see fried chicken when she feels tired.

Q: After earning money, what would you give your family? Tasha-time. Mei-cash. Then Zhou Mi comments: ‘Old people love receiving cash the most.’ And says ‘Me too! (*in English)’. Jia and Fei laugh at Mi for admitting that he is an old man.

Q: Who would you like to pair up with for ‘We Got Married’? While the girls are writing, Zhou Mi says it’s ok if they don’t write his name. Jia says Mi is digging his own hole again. Tasha chose Won Bin while Mei chose 2am’s Changmin. Mei likes Changmin because she likes guys who sings well so Zhou Mi says ‘I sing really well’ and sings ‘Blind’ then asks, ‘How was it?’ Jia says Mi is embarrassing himself (by being so thick-faced), Fei says he should thank Mei for letting him get singing time on the show, and Zhou Mi says, ‘isn’t this my show? I should be able to sing whenever…’. Mei also says that she likes Changmin because he has a sexy voice, has a good body/built, has humour and is good at cooking. Zhou Mi: ‘Isn’t this me?’ Fei: ‘you can’t cook well.’ Zhou Mi: ‘yes, except for cooking’ Jia: ‘why are you talking about yourself again?’

They asked Tasha to write someone who is more reachable for the We got married pairing (i.e. An idol) and she says I will choose ‘Zhou Mi Da Ge’ (*big brother). They laugh because Dage is usually for describing people like Jackie Chan. Zhou Mi says ‘I thank you for putting me on the same level as Jackie Da Ge’. They laugh again and Zhou Mi says he got cold sweat when he heard the answer. Zhou Mi: ‘Do people usually call others Da Ge in Singapore?’ Tasha: ‘Yes, sometimes, depending on who the person is. Fei and Jia: ‘Yea, depending on who the person is. *Laughs..*’

At the end of the show, Mei’s members came to the studio (they didn’t come in) so the MCs ask her what she wants to say to them and she advices them to write ‘Zhou Mi Da Ge’ whenever they are asked about the person they want to appear in a show together. Zhou Mi excitedly says ‘Correct! Yes.’ And gave her a high-5.

Ending section: Zhou Mi encourages everyone to remember their dream and not to give up even if they face challenges.

Goodbyes: Zhou Mi says ‘Wo ai ni, wo hen ai ni (*i love you, I love you very much-in a cutesy voice while waving with his fingers) Jia: ‘ew’ Fei: ‘ew’ Jia: ‘Da Ge’

Translated by: qmiwook ‏@qmiwook for Sunshine周覓 ‏@SunshineZhouMi
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

140530 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook, … Car Accident.. [Transcript]

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When I just bought a car, about 2 months, knocked into 2 cabs… really ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My heart was beating… actually insurance paid most of.it~~~ I went over first to ask if the 2 cab drivers were injured and apologized… in that way everything was settled ~~

Source: 金圣诞是理想型 
Translated by: Elfninida @elf_ninida
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140508 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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Ryeowook: Tomorrow I will see my parents, tomorrow is the day of my musical performance, the first show. Because of this I want to let my parents watch it so I did not contact them. Hahahaha can’t contact them. They should be listening now. Sorry, I will greet you all tomorrow.

Listener got 100 marks for Chinese test but scored low for Korean and was suspecting if she is a korean.
Ryeowook: It’s not easy ro get 100 for chinese! 1,2,3,4 (in chinese) like that~

Listener’s brother teases her for being short.
Ryeowook: Actually if your body proportion is good then it’s ok~ I feel that no matter how tall you are, if your body proportion is not good then it’s of no use… so I do not empathsize with this… because (my) body proportion is good ~

Guest 1: really good~
Guest 2: Really.. in the past..

Guest 2: When I was still a student and saw SJ on TV…
Ryeowook: Annoying…
Guest 2: I really liked Ryeowook-sunbae when I was learning how to sing…
Ryeowook: I dont want to listen…
Guest 2: I really thought his (Ryeowook’s) height was 180cm!!
Ryeowook: That’s enough!
Guest 1: It seems that way because his face is small ~
Ryeowook: ….. Let’s listen to songs
Guest: Listen to songs? We haven’t even chatted!

Source: 銘仪__, 浅光 & 金圣诞是理想型 
Translated by: @elf_ninida
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