Dream Concert 2013 ‘Sorry Sorry’ Dance Cover [Fancam!] – From 130511

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Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together” & Marry You” Project Sup3r Show 5 Indonesia

Credit: boojiyoung2

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[Amazing! Must Listen!!] Thoughts On Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ For Orchestra – From 121211

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TO LISTEN TO Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ For Orchestra ––> http://fororchestra.com/search/super+junior

This week’s piece: Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ For Orchestra. For my 3rd Kpop tribute, I played off of the black/white/gray from Super Junior’s color scheme that is seen in their videos and artwork. To offset the 3-color design, I added a warmth of dark red - a emotional color that, appropriately for this arrangement, symbolizes infatuation, passion, and vitality.

This week’s piece: Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ For Orchestra. For my 3rd Kpop tribute, I played off of the black/white/gray from Super Junior’s color scheme that is seen in their videos and artwork. To offset the 3-color design, I added a warmth of dark red – a emotional color that, appropriately for this arrangement, symbolizes infatuation, passion, and vitality.

Thoughts On Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ For Orchestra

The best books are the ones that can keep experiencing over and over again. The best movies are the ones where you notice something new each time. As is the case with music, this is the single factor that draws me into a song’s world each time.

Over the past few months, having studied more Kpop music and the entire genre’s ecosystem as a whole, I’ve learned a lot, and it’s really helped me grow as a composer and musician. I’ve noticed that Kpop constantly surprises me with each listen. Their songs may seem simple on the surface, but when you study and re-listen to them, you begin to uncover a new piece.

One of the characteristics I’ve discovered about Kpop is the advanced musicianship in the songs. There are jazz 9th chords, overlapped rhythms, chromatic bass lines, and complex counterpoint ideas going on in a lot of the songs. But what makes it so great is how it’s all happening “behind the scenes”, so it’s easy to digest. These are things that would never happen in american music, which is why there’s the familiar “this sounds awesomebut I don’t know why!” response to it.

The reason is because each listen is different than the first. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s challenging. But it’s only challenging enough that it keeps you guessing, but not so much that you lose interest. Rather, the challenge creates the interest.

The true signs of a composer isn’t in being able to play or write complex – rather it’s knowing when to include it and when to exclude it. To be able to showcase your talent, be complex, or hit the high note is great – but like I said before: they should be embellishments to your palette, not the brush itself.

So with this piece I wanted the percussion to really stand out, but only enough that it embellished rather than take away. In this tribute to Super Junior and Kpop you’ll discover drum solos, woodwind accents, syncopated triangle, and many new fun sections.

Simply put: upon each listen, you’ll hear something new.

Source: http://fororchestra.com 
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120225 Super Junior won 3 GOLD Record Awards in the Philippines

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Super Junior proved that they are the #1 K-pop artist in the Philippines. They earned 3 Gold record awards for Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and Mr. Simple.


On February 25, Philippine ELFs held 2 separate events for the launching of SS3 DVD. They all gathered to share the happiness of winning the awards and also reminisce the most memorable moments of SS3 Manila a year ago. They played games and even raffled 20 individual Super Junior portraits! It was definitely a fun and memorable day for PhELFs.

They all tweeted Super Junior members about the awards right after the events and the first one to see this was Siwon!


Credit: paucyspell | Korea.com
Photos by: sjunitedph @ Twitter, Shela Mae Santos-Lee @ Facebook

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MAMA 2011 Super Junior – Superman + Mr Simple + Sorry Sorry [HD] – From 111129

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MAMA Compilation 111129

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111006 Super Junior Shindong’s Confirms Collaboration with DJ Masa

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We previously announced about Super Junior’s Shindong and DJ Masa Twitter meeting and possible collaboration.

Well Shindong has finally confirmed this with a message on his blog.

Recently I meet someone through Twitter kekeke
He is DJ Masa
If you are wondering about him check this —->[url]www.masamixes.com[/url]

According to him the 4 following tracks have been transformed into a song:

Maroon5 – Moves Like Jagger
LMFAO – Party rock anthom
KARA – Step
SuperJunior – Sorry, Sorry

Stay tuned for more information related to this new and unique collaboration.

DJ Masa previously did a mashup with Super Junior M’s Perfection too…


Credit: intuned | via gokpop
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“Sorry, Sorry” on We Got Married – From 110903

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MBC’s ‘Section TV’ ranks the top 10 ’shocking’ dances attempted by the public at least once

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On July 31st, MBC’s ‘Section TV‘ ranked the top 10 ’shocking’ dances that almost everyone has tried copying.

1st place went to Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” dance. 2nd place was SNSD’s crab leg dance andarrow dance from “Gee” and “Hoot“, respectively. 3rd place went to KARA for their butt dance from “Mister“.

Continuing, at 4th place was Park Myung Soo with his Jjyo jjyo dance. 5th place as Brown Eyed Girls’s cocky hip swaying dance from “Abracadabra“. 6th place went to T-ara for their cute “Bo Peep Bo Peep” dance.

Additionally, 7th place was Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Don’t Know” disco dance. 8th place was 4minute’sHyunA’s pelvic thrust dance from “Change“. 9th place was Psy’s “Bird” dance and finally 10th place went to B2ST’s Kikwang for his ‘American dance‘.

Who else do you think should be on this list?

Source: TV Daily via Nate, allkpop
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110606 Sorry Sorry played, during a Saudi Arabian Sports News Report

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How VERY random ~~! lol

thanks for the heads up @sarasoars
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Tunisian ELF, Flash Mob ~ Dancing to SORRY, SORRY

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thanks to @sj_academy for the heads up
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Super Junior’s “Bonamana” ranks #1 on Taiwan’s ‘KKBOX’ for 38 weeks

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Super Junior has once again proven their clout as one of Korea’s top Hallyu groups, as it was revealed that their fourth album, “Bonamana“, maintained its #1 position on Taiwan’s biggest online music site,KKBOX, for an astounding 38 weeks!

Previously, the group’s third album, “Sorry Sorry“, recorded an impressive 36 weeks on the KKBOX chart, but Super Junior managed to break their own record by going an extra two weeks with “Bonamana.”

Leader Leeteuk expressed his gratitude through Twitter by writing, “Thank you so much for ‘Bonamana’ #1 on the Taiwanese chart.  Let’s meet soon with ‘Super Show”!  Thank you once again!”

Netizens commented, “Super Junior… Record Junior”, “So amazing!”, “Their popularity is no joke”, and“Real Hallyu, real gods!”

Looks like Leeteuk finally got his wish!

Some other statistics related to Super Junior on the KKBOX charts:
-“Bonamana” has charted 8 consecutive months at #1 on the Monthly Singles Chart
-“Bonamana” has been #1 on the Daily Singles Chart for 248 of the 272 days since its release (as of Feb. 21, 2011)
-“Sorry Sorry” was #1 for 130 consecutive days(June 26, 2009-Nov. 2, 2009) on the Daily Singles Chart
-“Sorry Sorry” was #1 for 36 total weeks (29 consecutive, Week of Apr. 19, 2009 to Week of Nov. 1, 2009) on the Weekly Singles Chart
-“Sorry Sorry” was #1 for 8 months (6 consecutive, May 2009-Oct. 2009)on the Monthly Singles Chart

Source: TV Daily via Daum, allkpop
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Super Junior, Korean artists with the most overseas audiences…. – You think?! xD

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Super Junior concert in Singapore, was one of the concert with the most attendance, according to SM Entertainment on the 31st of January.

Super Junior, who held their Asian Tour, Super Show 3 in Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 29th and 30th of January, attracted a total amount of 20,000 attendees, one of highest amount of audience a performance can get, even in South Korea.

Local concert promoter, “Running Into The Sun” was quoted saying that the “2 days concert in Singapore held by Super Junior was one of the most successful show, and then Super Junior’s influence to the Kpop industry in Singapore is great, especially to their fans.”
According to SM, a second show has to be added from the original one day because of the competitive ticketing. When the ticketing site opened on the day itself, the server went immediately down, and after 10 minutes, all seats were sold out. There was also an offline sales, in which fans queued overnight, and when sales started, the whole place was crowded.
Super Junior held their show for 3 hours, singing songs like “Sorry Sorry”, “U” “Bonamana” among the 32 songs they sang. Members Eeteuk and Heechul, who was involved in a 7-car pilup accident in on 28th in Singapore, gave a splendid performance with the other members, eliciting cheers from fans.

Apart from Singapore, Super Show 3 will also be held in Tokyo, Japan, Taipei and Manila, among other places.

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Translated by: ミ mholic ★@sj-world.net
Source: Yonhap News

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110211 How did Super Junior conquer China?

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When you ask people in China interested in Hallyu on who they think is the most representative Korean idol group, they will most likely choose Super Junior. How did Super Junior who holds their own sold out concerts in Asia conquer China, the nucleus of the Asia market?

A media in China recently analyzed the charms of Super Junior and the reason behind their success. The popularity of the song “Sorry Sorry” is especially astonishing. ” Sorry Sorry” is still being chosen as the favorite song of Hallyu fans in China.

The song which is characterized by unique choreography and addicting lyrics is gaining popularity in all over Asia and not just in China. The song was number one on the charts for over 30 weeks in Taiwan. It was an unprecedented incident and only the song “Sorry Sorry” could be heard in the cities of Taiwan at that time. Continue Reading 110211 How did Super Junior conquer China?…

Siwon Chosen As The Most Handsome Male Star Born In The Year Of The Rabbit

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With the start of the year of the rabbit, there is a wind of change blowing in the entertainment industry. Male stars born in 1987 are having remarkable careers in all fields of entertainment from TV, gayo to movies.

Male stars born in the year of rabbit including Lee Minho, Lee Seunggi, Jang Geun Suk, Choi Siwon, Joowon and TOP have especially mesmerized Korean women with their good looks and unique charms. Is it because people born in the year of rabbit have abundance of sensibility and artistic talents? They are fearlessly working in various fields including acting and singing.

Because 2011 is the year of rabbit, we ranked from number one to three on the handsome male stars born in the year of rabbit who will receive the spotlight this year. The ranking was completed with the help of JK Plastic Surgery which has specialty plastic surgeons.

Out of all the prominent handsome male stars born in the year of the rabbit, surgeons chose Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon as the handsomest.

He debuted in 2005 as a part of idol group Super Junior and enjoyed overwhelming popularity with the hit songs like Sorry, Sorry and Miinah. He’s currently solidifying his status as an actor by appearing in SBS dramas Oh! My Lady and Athena: Goddess of War.

Chief surgeon of JK Plastic Surgery Kwon Soonhong said, “His cool eyes, high nose and lips match well together with his small face. He has a western look and his face has manly characteristics yet also has soft contours.”

Also,Chief Surgeon Park Hyewon said, “Choi Siwon has sharp eyes. But his eyes are big and he has fat under his eyes that he looks playful.

*Some parts of the article were omitted.

Source: BNT News
Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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