090716 NEWS on Arirang (Eng Subbed) & ETN (Raww)

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090716 Arirang Showbiz Extra – Super Junior @ Golden Melody Award (Eng Subbed)

Credits: http://www.youtube.com/user/Sup3rJunior

ETN kyochon Chicken CF shooting scene (Raww)

Credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD09qWVuHcs


090704 Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 Special in Taiwan! [Rawww]

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Behind the scene of GMA & Super Junior’s Taiwan interview [preview].

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Pink Yang interviewed Super Junior at the backstage during GMA. I thought Patty Hou was supposed to interview the boys.

– Super Junior sang Bridal Chorus for Shindong and Pink Yang.
– Pink Yang requested Eunhyuk to dance.
– The organiser prepared 2 small cakes for Leeteuk and Heechul.
– Leeteuk thanked Taiwanese ELFs for their support.
– Super Junior was flabbergasted when they saw Eason Chan and Tanya Chua kissed. They stood and applaused. LOL! (0:15 in preview)

The interview will air on 4th of July (tomorrow) at 9pm on Azio TV.

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SORRY, SORRY even more popular in Taiwan after the GMA

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Super Junior in Taiwan news.

Credits: http://www.youtube.com/user/irikochiyan

Basically, they are talking about the popularity of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry in Taiwan.
Even Patty Hou and Matilda Tao danced to Sorry Sorry during GMA.
and also some fanmade Sorry Sorry MV made by Taiwan university students.
Sorry Sorry is really really really popular in Taiwan, especially after GMA.
The video mentioned that Super Junior will return to Taiwan in July for their concert but i think they are talking about the Super Show 2 in KOREA.
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The chief judge of GMA, Chen Le Rong mentioned about Super Junior in his blog.

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I like Super Junior’s performance very much. An elderly man like me unexpectedly fell in love with their dance and songs. You won’t be able to feel 1% of the excitement of Super Junior’s live performances through tv. Especially when the camera focuses on a member, you can’t feel the overall tendency of their dance. The best part of this Korea super idol boy group is their overall dance moves. With this standard of choreography, I wonder is there anyone in Taiwan that can match with them? The boy did not idle their time away, all of them don’t have the same dance moves, and yet they were able to pose individually in order to “attract our eyeball”. The choreographer is really amazing!

They have so many members in a group. Can an entertainment company in Taiwan produce and train so many people? The wages they earned when they were newcomers have to be divided into so many equal parts, and the company have to pay several times of cost in producing them. Even the thought of that shudders me.


Translated by Rachelicious @ Soompi

Super Junior stuck in Taiwan? True or False? Not sure ~

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Ohh not really sure whether this is TRUE or FALSE  (Personally I don’t think it’s true)


Popular South Korean boyband Super Junior were supposed to take their flight back to Korea yesterday, but due to a problem with the airplane’s deicer system, the 12 of them were stuck in the VIP waiting room for 6 hours, only successfully leaving in the evening, leading to the staff and security personel to nickname them as “The Longest Sending-Off In History”!

After the Golden Melody Awards on Saturday, Super Junior then proceeded to the Fuhsing branch of KiKi for their supper, and the Taiwanese branch of the recording company even specially arranged for a birthday celebration for Leeteuk, Heechul and Ryeowook, the July babies.
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GMA Backstage :)

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Super Junior at backstage of GMA

Ariel Lin went to see the boys at the backstage.
Siwon said he misses Ariel Lin, even before he goes to bed. Donghae and Siwon were filming Ariel’s new MV few weeks ago.
Leeteuk wants Ariel to choose who is her ideal boyfriend among Super Junior.
Donghae looks happy standing beside her. Hahaa! and i heard Kangin saying Siwon.
The boys likes Ariel Lin, don’t they? =)

Shindong is so cute here!

Credits: rachelicious @ Soompi


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You know this performance was AMAZING…… !!!!!!!!!!! Taiwanese ELF are AWESOME..!!! .. Seriously.. ! I think other Taiwanese singers/arists must have been suprised with the loud continuous ROAR.. from the FANS…ELF BABY!

EDIT: I found a YT link ^______________^ so ENJOY

Credits: http://www.youtube.com/user/cody610817

090627 Super Junior @ GMA Red Carpet & Interview

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DAAAAAAAAAAAMN I am loving how much LOVING Taiwanese ELF give to SUPER JUNIOR!! (also the red carpet should have been sapphire blue!!)

Credits: http://www.youtube.com/user/13MySJ13

090623 Articles About Super Junior

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Here’s an article that someone posted in the WGM thread… @ Soompi


Apparently, while reporting the news about Junjin couple on her entertainment news show, Yoonji sent out a greeting to Kangin. She said, “I appeared on the same show as those two, Kangin who was my husband on the show, he’s doing well, I hope?” which caught the interest of the viewers.
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it’s CONFIRMED, Taiwan HERE suju COMES!

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Super Junior will be going to Taiwan on 27th of July to attend the 20th Golden Melody Award as overseas performing guests. They will perform “It’s You” and “Sorry Sorry”. Heechul will be going to Taiwan for the first time!! However, Kibum is busy with his drama so he will not follow the members to Taiwan this time. This is Super Junior’s 3rd time to Taiwan and also their 2nd time performing in GMA. The boys mentioned that they would like to challenge the legendary “hot pot” and they would like to meet Patty Hou whom Eunhyuk called her as a fairy.

Credits: http://udn.com/NEWS/ENTERTAINMENT/ENT5/4942301.shtml & rachelicious @ Soompi

super junior @ Taiwan? Possibly COMING SOON !

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Legions of South Korean pretty boys have been invading the screens of Taiwanese audiences recently, and the Golden Melody Awards might just be inviting South Korean boyband Super Junior for a lightning quick visit to Taiwan under the name of performing guests and prize presenters. Also on the rumored list is Japanese songstress Koda Kumi and Super Junior’s junior, SHINee. The planning unit for this year’s awards ceremony however, conservatively speaks that the guest list is still unconfirmed.

Super Junior has been slated to appear in Taiwan in the next half of this year, and it has been heavily rumored that they would start first with the Golden Melody Awards. Because of this trip, they have been arranging their schedules with the Taiwanese planning unit since the start of this year, and have finally managed to squeeze out two days and hopefully will be able to arrive in time for the Awards on the 27th and 28th of June.

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