Hangeng Won’t Give Up Korean Market

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Super Junior member Hangeng, who launched his solo singing career in China after he sued his agency, SM Entertainment, said he will not give up the Korean market despite focusing on the Chinese music market. In a recent interview with Chinese media, Hangeng said being a solo artist is quite stressful compared to being in Super Junior where he would only do his part. Hangeng, the only Chinese member of Super Junior, sued SM Entertainment in December last year to void his exclusive contract with the Korean agency. He returned to China where he started charting his solo career as a singer.
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100918 Album Signing Session in Shenzhen Hangeng

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Credit: as tagged {various tsina sites} | Shared: ↘evil☆Doña! @ SJ-World.net
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350,000 copies of 《Geng Xin》 sold, celebratory version to be released!

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Han Geng’s first solo album, 《Geng Xin》, since its release on the 27th July in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand and more countries, it had been the first on many sales chart. Now, it had sold more than 350,000 copies all around Asia. To thank his fans, luxurious celebratory version of 《Geng Xin》 would be released on the 1st October.
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random.. kekeke I got a Geng Xin album today !!

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.. NEHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m Haengbok, !!! (^_______^) 1 of my chingus bought me the Geng Xin album while on holiday =] !!!! ~~~ Thank you Srii much appreciated…  btw guys? IT’S MASSIVE.. (I didn’t buy the CD myself, cause I was concentrating on buying Bonamana A, B, C)… but it’s so pretty, I got the DVD as well.. !!!- uksujusid

btw I hop around like Dongho when I am HAPPY.. ~~

Credit: AsiaHolicsMAIN

100818 Hangeng With Friends ~ I see Show Luo

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Credit. t.sina.com.cn/1784537661 / Alan Luo
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100806 Youngstreet w/ MC Heechul =]

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.. YEAH I was right it’s Gengs album !

Credits to sj4jib @ YouTube
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Hangeng’s exclusive interview on album’s behind the scene…

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Hangeng’s first album since going solo <庚心> is already in the market since July, with strong production and hot sales; and 2 sold-out concerts, in which Hangeng cried. On the 4th of August, at 3pm, Hangeng will be doing an exclusive on Sina, talking about the road after going solo, as well as the behind the scenes of the album production. Netizens are welcome to watch. Hangeng’s first album <庚心> consists of 10 songs, with production costs over millions, and also flying all the way to America to choreography the dance steps with Michael Jackson’s crew for the cover song; and worked with the Chinese music industry top-dogs like Yuan Wei Ren, Ah Di Zai, Vincent Fang, Cao Xuan Bin and Zheng Nan ; a crew of 30 people were also involved in the filming of the MV in America, New Zealand and Korea, which repeatedly used a helicopter to capture the scenery around the place, in order to bring out the quality and vibrancy of the area. The efforts Hangeng put inside the production of <庚心> in evident, and together with the meticulous production of the concert and album, we can see Hangeng is indeed giving his all.

Source: here

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Han Geng’s Holding An Umbrella MV (Official Version)

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The Official Version is the version released officially online, and is a bit different and actually a little longer than the DVD version.

Credit: ent.163.com, GengBaoChannel
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Super Junior & Han Geng on G-Music Album Charts

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yay!! ♥ ♥ ♥ haha, Super Junior’s NUMBER 2!! It’s good cause it’s the Mandopop Music Chart lol  Meaning they beat A BUNCH of REALLY famous Mandopop* artists. A few of the artists they beat were Danson Tang, Dong Cheng Wei, and Jay Chou! Super Junior’s Bonamana’s Number 2 and Han Geng’s Geng Xin is Number 10 Han Geng is considered a mainland artist and there aren’t many mainland artists that manage to get on this Music Chart ♥

* Note: Mandopop is popular Mandarin Music :)

Credit: G-Music Album Chart
translated by: elf101586@sapphirepearls.com
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Say No’ MV released, an aesthetic love on a snowy mountain

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Hangeng traveling to New Zealand for the MV

Hangeng’s interpretation of an aesthetic love

Hangeng Say No MV

Reported by NetEase on 27July

Right after the song Moth into Flame, the MV of another song in Hangeng’s new album ‘Geng Xin’-Say No was first broadcasted in NetEase music channel. The whole MV was shot in New Zealand, using a movie format to describe a touching story of Hangeng searching for his freedom and dream.
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Hangeng to come to Singapore in September…

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To come in September for fan-signing;
Hangeng : I left Super Junior for my pride

Super Junior-M’s former leader Hangeng temporarily planned to visit Singapore in September to have his first fan-signing (in Singapore). Fans can purchase Hangeng’s first chinese album, Geng Xin in stores from July 30th. According to the local distributor, Hangeng’s price has risen to tens of thousand of USD for 1 hour.

In December last year, Hangeng had requested to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment, and therefore left Super Junior and went back his hometown China for 7 months. Hangeng expressed that the rumor that he was raising money for the contract termination fee is false, and he thanks SM Entertainment for their grooming, but he said that he left SM Ent. because of problems during collaborations and his pride.

Recently, Hangeng said in a press conference at the Great Wall, “From today onwards I will start afresh my entertainment career as a soloist.” ; but refutes the claims of the termination fees posed by SM Ent. After beginning a career as a soloist, Hangeng’s popularity has been increasing. He had just held 2 concerts in Beijing, and will have a fan-meeting in Shanghai next month. Tickets of the fan-meeting has not been released yet, but scalpers’ tickets has already surfacing in the net, the price rising to 1680 yuan (from the original 980 yuan).

Album will be released in China, Singapore, Taiwan
On July 30th, Geng Xin will be released in China, Singapore and Taiwan. Earlier before, preorders of Geng Xin has produced shocking results; 30,000 copies was sold within 3 hours in China, while in Taiwan, 10,000 copies were sold in the same amount of time. Local distributor Global Music & Publishing has attained the rights to distribute Geng Xin in Singapore and Malaysia, and is now in the talks to bring in Hangeng for fan-signing events in Singapore and Malaysia.  The distributor expressed that the price of (inviting) Hangeng is not cheap, having tens of thousands of USD for every hour. Hangeng will be visiting Taiwan in August to promote his album. Tickets for his fan-signing in Taiwan were snapped up fast, nearing 1000 in a hour. The local distributor will be releasing the first batch of Geng Xin (CD + DVD) in all CD Rama stores islandwide.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao , zbNOW 28 July 2010 / omy
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Han Geng on KKBox album music chart..

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Han Geng’s “Geng Xin” album beat albums like S.H.E.’s SHERO and even Wang Lee Hom’s new 18 Martial Arts album!! He also beat JJ Lin’s 100 Days album, BY2′s Grown Up album, Danson Tang’s D1 Second album, and Elva Hsiao’s Diamond Candy album!! haha, just a short list of all the album’s he beat that are REALLY popular right now…hehe, meaning his album’s getting A LOT of popularity!! ♥ ♥ ♥ You can click on the link on the credits to see all the other people he beat! But they’re in Chinese lol ^^

btw, to help his album become number 1, you can listen on KKBox:


Each time you listen it’ll count and will help make his album NUMBER 1! ♥

Credit: KKBox Album Music Chart
translated by: elf101586@sapphirepearls.com
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G Heart Album Scans ~

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Scan by. ariel0821
Credit. 庚吧臺分_ariel@韩庚吧, Shared by chunny@sj-world
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