[PROJECT] Hearts for Leeteuk ღ

March 19, 2014 at 10:17 pm | Posted in ELF, Leeteuk, Projects, Wonderboys | 36 Comments
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Instructions for project are at bottom of post

Everyone is aware at this point about the recent tragedy affecting Leeteuk and his family. ELF around the world shed tears and drowned in feelings of helplessness even as we poured our support out online to each other. Now, our brave angel Park Jungsoo has resumed his military service. It is impossible to imagine how hard it must be for him to leave the arms of his mother, sister and Super Junior brothers once again, especially in this difficult time.

Up until now ELF have shown maturity in standing aside and allowing him to mourn without interfering; now, it is our turn. In less than 4 months Leeteuk will be back with SJ, preparing for 7jib. Let’s show him that we were here all along, that he still holds a place in all our hearts.

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