140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bonbon [Fan Accounts]

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140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bonbon [Fancams!]

Chocolat Bonbon – I went in and ordered a drink and bought a chocolate chip cookie! He wasn’t taking any orders 😦 Since there’s so many people inside, the drinks came kind of slowly. He took this chance to talk with fans ^^
There were many Chinese fans and they asked him if he is okay speaking Chinese and he was like “ke yi (I can)” and they spoke with him in Chinese. I was waiting for my drink and he was finishing his conversation with another fan and he was just kind of looking around. My friend Yoojin had given him a present so I wanted to give him something too but I didn’t have anything except for my cookie, so I decided to give him my cookie….

me: oppa, do you want to eat a cookie? (In korean)
Hj: sure! /takes cookie thank you~
Me: …….
Hj: ……
Me: ….I’m an American fan
Hj: ah~ ………
Me: nice to meet you!!! /laughs (in english)
Hj: akfkskkflsdlskjv (idk what he said hahaha)
Me: Your english is good~
Hj: ah no no no no (LOL)


Me : oppa will u come to Indonesia?
Hyuk : Jakarta? ss6
Me : yes for ss6!
Hyuk : yeah we will go to Jkt for ss6!

Me : oppa tomorrow i have exam but i haven’t studied.
Hyuk : Exam? you haven’t studied?
Me: yes.
Hyuk : then Hwaiting (using both his hands) ♥♥♥


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140424 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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The building next to Mobit is gone. They are doing a lot of construction there. Even the walkway is being worked on (girls in heels, be careful!) I asked Yedad what will be put in the spot next door and he said “parking lot” in English. We were ohhing over his English and he was proud that he said the right words ㅋㅋㅋ so cute.

When we first arrived at Mobit, Yesung was sitting at his usual table with his friends and they were laughing loudly. He and JJ were both in jeans (Yeyes pants were tiigghhtt.. Not that I was staring or anything……..hahaha) and white tshirts… Kkk matching brothers. Finally he took orders and we quickly ordered (Nothing special again with my order.. But he always says hi, hot? Iced? Ok. Yup. Thank you ㅋㅋ) Then we left for dinner because it was getting too crowded.^^ Ill write another fan account of yeparents later~^^

Oh yea.. About Yeparents.. Just wanted to mention how strong Yemum is. She climbed the railing with no help to clean up the area in front of Mobit!! We applauded her strength when we saw her lol. But why didnt she get her sons or staff to do that work?? Yemum works so hard but doesnt show her fatigue. I am always impressed by her!!! Also when we were talking to yedad and he was proud of his “parking lot”, he told us that he studies a little. I then asked him to do som english practice and asked him “how are you?” but yedad answered “… How?… Who.. Who are you?” ㅋㅋㅋ so cute… Then Yesung walked by and Yedad found a way to escape more of my English questions ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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131029 Eunhyuk at Tous Les Jour [Fan Accounts!]

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Compilation: 131029 Eunhyuk at Tous Les Jour

Fan asked Hyuk about the dog, he said Donghae won’t ever come. Fan: dog…. Hyuk: woof woof!

Source: bealinggg ‏@kyutiekyuu

Sister had a new phone which still had the protective covering on it. Then hyukjae, the brat, took her phone and said something about setting it on fire.. And then! Just tore the covering off! Her sister is the type of people OCD about the protective covering and so at the time, she just stood there frozen.. then hyukjae, whilst laughing, kept sticking it back on and then peeling it off again, and then flipped the phone over and stuck it back on and peeled it off again, then even asked her sister to say thank you =.= Her sister is now in a state of collapse and shock OTL

 Source: 洛慕涵_Ssangiya_肉体小洛洛

I asked him “how was Manila?” He said “It was crazy~” then he did thumbs up! ^^

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130928 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Accounts]

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation


Yesung’s wearing black tshirt, blue demin jacket and his black cap with a face and red harts ㅋㅋ handsome as always♥

When it was my turn, Yedad suddenly arrived so Yesung and Leo said ‘hi!’ to him (in korean), but then Leo told Yedad “oh you’re wearing demin too! as yoir son! ㅋㅋ” and Yedad was “oh, you’re right” and then Yesung said smth like “that’s my dad!” or “good job dad!” (not sure abt his exactly words)and then they hi5-ed!!! That’s so cuteee♥♥♥ I was just there so i smiled and then… Yedad kissed Yesung on the cheeck!!!! cuteness overload!!!! i was like ‘awwww ♥’

After Yedad’s kiss (agdjdhjsjjf♥) Yesung turned to me so I said ‘안녕하세요’ and he only nodded and then I told him ‘6 magic cup’ and showed him my hands so bhdhdhdjdjxhe wouldn’t get confused. Then he nodded and repeated ‘6 cups’ and showed me his hands too. lol >///< So Ys told Leo and he started packing. I gave him the money and then I “try” to tell him about the photo of his last tweet and told him “you saw the Peruvian photo..” and he said “yup i saw it, i saw it~” so i told him “thank you so much~” and then he nodded and smiled. ^o^ Leo gave me my cups (that actually were for my friends) so he gave me the receipt and said ‘thank you~’ ^^ But then I told him ‘i want to order again~’ ‘one more cup and cape mo— nono blue lemonade!’ (in English) so then he said ‘oh, one more cup?’ in cute English! gsgxh i told him ‘yes!’ so Leo gave me the last cup and he gave me my mobit card saying ‘thank you~’ with his cute tone ♥ so i was about to move when I realized I didn’t have beeper, so i told him ‘beeper~’ and he looked at me like ‘uh?’ and i repeated ‘beeper~’ and pointed to the beeper that was next to his hand, so he was like ‘uh? a beeper? eh…’ and i was like ‘no… beeper~ you didn’t gave me a beeper…” and he was like “yes…” so… we were confused but then Leo told me “no no… you have to pay!” in English LMAOOOO so just then i realized i sl had my credit card on my hand LOL so i got all red and started laughing while saying ‘ohh sorry ><‘ and then yesung laughed a bit and started typing and i kept saying ‘omg i’m so sorry’ XD and Leo told me ‘nah, it’s ok! ^^’ hahahaha I was so embarrased omggg anyway he gave mi card back and told me ‘thank you~’ for the first time LOL Gosh. >///<

Source: Geral@turtlecloud

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130805 Siwon in Hong Kong [Fan Account]

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 Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

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After landing, a fan said to Siwon: There are few hundreds of fans will greet you outside, do you feel happy?
SW: I’m so worried…
Fan: um?
And then Siwon pointed to his feet, because he is wearing slippers. After that the fan wished his feet would be safe after walking through the arrival hall.
(This fan wrote in her Weibo that his slippers were damaged, but not sure due to what. XD)
Siwon walked through the temperature checking inside the gate, he took off his hat.
A fan said: Oppa, your new hair style was so handsome!
SW: Thank you (in Chinese)
Another fan said: Forehead fringe, excellent!!
SW replied: Thank you (with smile)
Siwon then asked two fans: “You know each other?” (meaning they are friends)

A fan asked Siwon until when he will shoot the movie in Hong Kong. Siwon said that he will stay in Hong Kong for around two months.
Suddenly Siwon asked, “Is there xxxxx Emperor?”
The fan misheard it and asked “You shoot the scene as Emperor?”
But, she realized it wasn’t it. So, she said “Something you can eat? Hong Kong has a pot.”
Siwon said “Ding wang?” (the same hotpot in Taiwan).
Then, the fan said “No.”
The fan said his expression was kind of disappointed.
Another fan also told him to go to Shenzhen, there is another Siwon’s favorite hot pot restaurant.

Source: 小維貓貓
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130326 Super Junior-M Hunan TV Happy Camp Recording [FanAccount+1P]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130325 Super Junior-M in Hunan, China

MC said that those who got a star don’t have to play the game, so Sungmin pointed to the star on his shirt


Source: 马栏坡的小屌丝
Translate by: Heenim ♥ ‏@heequeenTing

hae ask hyuk to press down his styled hair to measure his height, hyuk say no, but hae reasoned out by saying that if now shorter, later will be higher, hyuk say that’s reasonable, and turn out hae was right

during breaks, hyuk pull henry and kick henry butt, hae pull henry too and kick henry butt

Source: 高暢uni

Recording camera almost hit the female mc head when hyuk quickly pull the female mc preventing her from that hit

Source: GameGyu的大包包
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130325 Super Junior-M at Incheon Airport (to Hunan) [FanAccounts]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together

Compilation: 130325 Super Junior-M in Hunan, China

Lmao omg ryeowook was holding a chocolate milk then he realized he wasnt supposed to bring food beyond the departure door and his face was like ‘omg what should i do with this’ and finally, he handed the milk to a fan XD

Source: @Teukables

Tall fans walking beside HaeHae and he was walking behind Hyukjae and Hyuk was looking all mighty can barely see tiny HaeHae behind him lol

Source: @Honeydewname

crowd today was crazy!! donghae have no choice but to run with yongsun, although davin told the fans not to push but it was crazy when they came out

wook have too much presents(i guess) that he cant even carry in the departure gate

earlier 5 mins before they came out. ming came out from one car to another and drove off. all the fans ran off like mad. and got trolled. it came back. lols

Source: 시지아 ‏@shijialee

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