‘I Love JK’ about Kibum and Super Junior-M [Cut] – From 130123

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Credit: 絲糖 陳 @ Youtube
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‘I Love JK’ about Super Junior & SM the Performance (Eunhyuk & Donghae) [Cut] – From 130122

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Credit: 絲糖 陳
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090606 Super Junior’s thanks message on Channel V – Video Cope

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Part 1 : Lee Teuk sent thanks to fans

He said that he’s really thankful to fans.In this battle, SuJu competed against a lot fabulous stars…not only from Korean such as : DBSK or Big Bang but Asian stars, too.
Thanks for supporting and voting online for SuJu

Part 2 : Message to fan

Kang In : We recently has released “ Sorry Sorry” and new song “ It’s you”.Thank you for all of your support.
( this has more line but I forget 😛 )

Lee Teuk : Now, our Han Kyung would like to thank all our Chinese fans in China

Han Kyung : We’re here to thank everyone for supporting our new album “ Sorry Sorry “.We hope you can love and support us all the time.We’ll bring the greatest music to you.We hope you can keep supporting us.Thank you very much

Lee Teuk : Once again, our thanks to all our Asian fans for voting online for us and to our beloved forum.
This year, we have scheduled an Asian tour to meet you all.So keep a look for it.
This has been SUPER JUNIOR, everyone.
Bye ~

Credit : pinkie_gemmy ^^

090526 ChannelV – Super Junior 3jib Photoshoot!

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HAHAHAH Sungmins Hair.. HAHAHAHAHA  BUT YEAH I need to watch the rest thenI will comeback & redit!

Credits: http://www.youtube.com/user/everlastingsubs

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