110207 2011 KKBOX Top 100 – Super Junior #1, for the past 36 WEEKS!

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Credits To: t.sina.com.cn/asuraxia
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110126 Super Junior Tops Taiwanese Music Chart for 34th Straight Week

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Korean boy group Super Junior have proved their pan-Asian appeal by topping a music chart in Taiwan for 34 consecutive weeks.

“Bonamana,” the title track of the band’s fourth album, ranked No. 1 on the weekly Top 100 K-Pop Chart by Taiwan’s largest online music site KKBOX on Sunday based on sales between Jan. 16 to 22, maintaining the top spot since June 6, 2010.

The chart previously was called the Korea-Japan Top 100, but the retailer decided to maintain separate Korean and Japanese charts at the start of this year due to the explosive popularity of Korean bands such as Super Junior and Girls’ Generation.

“Bonamana” also dominated the monthly sales chart from June to December last year, as well as the yearly chart for 2010 and shows no sign of fading from popularity so far.

The band had already achieved an impressive feat with the title track of their third album “Sorry Sorry” staying at No. 1 for 36 weeks on the Korea-Japan Top 100 Chart.

Credits: chosun
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China’s Ministry of Culture bans Super Junior’s Bonamana

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^^ I knew this already xD, it was known a week or so ago.. but didn’t want to spread it as I was unsure whether it was a rumour or not.. Well Yahoo Music UK Confirms.. it. But then again, I think some of the information is still inaccuarate. Whatever no bashing China aite. It’s mainly internet distributions not physical copies, I think they were not filed for review – uksujusid

Updated* w/ another article..

The report states:

Banning a boyband takes some doing but Chinese officials are more than capable of crushing such rebellion. The most recent song on our poll is one of a handful from the 13-strong South Korean act to be blacklisted by the nation’s rather strict Ministry of Culture earlier this month. It is now illegal to buy, download or listen to the song, despite it being about as dangerous to know as a Labrador puppy.

Source: Yahoo Music UK
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Super Junior songs ‘Bonamana’, ‘No Other’, ‘All My Heart’, and ‘Short Journey’ have been banned from online distribution by China’s Ministry of Culture. On the Chinese government’s official website, the ministry released a list of the now illegal songs and stated that the listed songs were not “filed and reviewed” par the government’s rules to ensure that the song is legal for distribution. Whether it is buying the song from online music outlets, downloading from a secondary source or listening to the song online, distribution and downloading of these songs is now illegal.

Baidu, China’s largest search engine that also allows users to download songs, has already removed all Bonamana download source and removed the song from online streaming.

All websites, including personal blogs, corporate websites or social media websites, must remove songs on this list before February 28th, 2011 or legal action will be taken.

Joining Super Junior on the list is fellow K-pop artist Chaeyeon with six of her songs being banned. Songs by non-Korean artists such as Christina Aguilera, Jay Chou, Wang Leehom, Fahrenheit and Koda Kumi have been banned as well.

Source PRC Ministry of Culture
Credit Koreaboo
Shared by arenata@SJ-World.net

Mostly Viewed MVs of 2010

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MY opinion is that I think SJ would have gotten more if SMENT.. took the initiative & titled the songs in the english alphabet..- uksujusid

Nate released the list of the mostly viewed music videos in 2010. The list features various artists such as SNSD, Super Junior, 2NE1 etc. Curious who’s on the top of the list?

SNSD’s “Oh” took over the first two spots, while Super Junior’s music video for “Bonamana” is placed on 3rd place.
The girl groups, SNSD and 2NE1, dominate the rankings with 4 and 3 of their songs included. But also the boy groups, Super Junior and SHINee, made it into the top 10 of the rankings.

Take a look at the list below!

1. SNSD – Oh!
2. SNSD – Run Devil Run
3. Super Junior – Bonamana
4. SHINee – Lucifer
5. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
6. SNSD – Hoot
7. 2NE1 – Go Away
8. Super Junior – No Other
9. 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands
10. SNSD – Oh! (Dance Version)

Source: Nate via hellokpop
Credit: Melii @ gokpop

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Siwon Chosen As The Most Handsome Male Star Born In The Year Of The Rabbit

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With the start of the year of the rabbit, there is a wind of change blowing in the entertainment industry. Male stars born in 1987 are having remarkable careers in all fields of entertainment from TV, gayo to movies.

Male stars born in the year of rabbit including Lee Minho, Lee Seunggi, Jang Geun Suk, Choi Siwon, Joowon and TOP have especially mesmerized Korean women with their good looks and unique charms. Is it because people born in the year of rabbit have abundance of sensibility and artistic talents? They are fearlessly working in various fields including acting and singing.

Because 2011 is the year of rabbit, we ranked from number one to three on the handsome male stars born in the year of rabbit who will receive the spotlight this year. The ranking was completed with the help of JK Plastic Surgery which has specialty plastic surgeons.

Out of all the prominent handsome male stars born in the year of the rabbit, surgeons chose Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon as the handsomest.

He debuted in 2005 as a part of idol group Super Junior and enjoyed overwhelming popularity with the hit songs like Sorry, Sorry and Miinah. He’s currently solidifying his status as an actor by appearing in SBS dramas Oh! My Lady and Athena: Goddess of War.

Chief surgeon of JK Plastic Surgery Kwon Soonhong said, “His cool eyes, high nose and lips match well together with his small face. He has a western look and his face has manly characteristics yet also has soft contours.”

Also,Chief Surgeon Park Hyewon said, “Choi Siwon has sharp eyes. But his eyes are big and he has fat under his eyes that he looks playful.

*Some parts of the article were omitted.

Source: BNT News
Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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Super Junior on KKBOX Top 100 Monthly Rankings

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Top 100 Monthly Album Rankings

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Super Junior on KKBOX Top 100 Weekly Rankings

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Top 100 Weekly Album Rankings

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SJ Consecutively Reigns as Bestselling J/K-Pop Singer in Taiwan

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SJ Consecutively Reigns as Bestselling J/K-Pop Singer in Taiwan

[Ying Chen, Wei-quan Su/Taipei] Korean idol group Super Junior (abbreviated SJ) became the best-selling J-Pop/K-Pop* artist in Taiwan with their album “Bonamana”, selling 57,000 copies, making the girls of Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation bow out.** Among Japanese singers, Hamasaki Ayumi beat out Amuro Namie to take the crown, but neither sold over 10,000 copies in Taiwan. SJ’s “Bonamana” sold 7000 more copies than Wonder Girls, and third place among Korean album sales was the Korean drama OST for “You’re Beautiful”, arguably a black horse.

<omitted part unrelated to SJ>

2010 Korean Album Sales in Taiwan***
1. Super Junior “Bonamana”, 57,000 copies sold
2. Wonder Girls “Wonder Girls Super Hits CD+DVD” 50,000 copies sold
3. Korean Drama OST “You’re Beautiful” 40,000 copies sold
4. Girls’ Generation “Oh!” 37,000 copies sold
5. SHINee “Lucifer” 30,000 copies sold

Period of calculation: January 1, 2010-December 15, 2010
Source: Major CD vendors/data organized by Apple Daily

*Taiwan’s charts group J-pop and K-pop together into what they call the dong yang (literally, “East ocean”) charts, so there’s no real direct translation.
**It’s an idiom that basically means to bow and admit defeat, in this case it’s not literal of course, but pointing to the fact that WG and SNSD’s sales were lower than SJ’s.
*** I believe that this is combined sales of all versions, including B and repackages.

Original source: link
Translated by kaorupanda @ sj-world.net
Please take out with full and proper credits.

Note: Overall, SJ was the 5th bestselling artist of ALL artists in Taiwan this year. As stated in the article, neither of the top-selling Japanese albums sold more than 10,000 copies. Apple Daily had another news article reporting the best-selling Mandarin albums of the year, and even the two 5th bestselling albums tied with 50,000 copies sold. So, props to Taiwanese ELF!

101217 KBS Music Bank Year End Special – Super Junior (56P + 1GIF)

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more CAPS CAN BE FOUND HERE: 101217 KBS Music Bank Year End Special (16P)

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Super Junior tops G-Music chart in Taiwan with “Bonamana”, ( from dated 101119 till 101125 )

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Super Junior tops G-Music chart in Taiwan with “Bonamana”

( from dated 101119 till 101125 )

On Taiwan’s weekly G-Music chart, Super Junior came in 1st with Bonamana. This was a quite a jump from last week’s chart ranking of #20.

Other artists that made the chart were 2AM at #4 with “Saint O’Clock”. They were last week’s #1 before being bested by Super Junior this week. They were followed byfo Super Junior K.R.Y. at #5 with their OST for “Hyena”.

**** omitted the parts that are not about SUJU ******

Source: G – Music Chart
Translated by elf101586@sapphirepearls.com
shared by in00022 @ sj world.net
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Super Junior, chosen as Philippines’ best kpop artist

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… this was known a week or so ago, but better translation =D

Male band Super Junior is chosen as the best Korean artist in the Philippines.

During the last 20 days in the Philippines Asian Pop 2010 Kpop Awards Ceremony, Super Junior beat 2NE1, Wonder Girls, One Way and fought their way through, to the first position with an overwhelming lead of 61.6 % votes.

Since the start of June, Super Junior secured the top position for consecutive 7 weeks in the Philippines largest music chart MYX with their 4th Jib title track <Bonamana>, their follow-up song <No Other> also took the lead position for a total of 5 weeks.

Super Junior sub-group KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) successfully held their “Super Junior KRY First Concert in Taiwan” for a consecutive of 2 days, 20th and 21th in Taiwan University Gymnasium, showing their high popularity.

Source: tvdaily.co.kr
Shared by: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: 特别的海 @ sujudian.cn
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

101128 MAMA Awards – Results!

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although this has alread been shared…….  anyways I am hoping we get the same results from the award show today ~~ uksujusid

MAMA Awards
The online and mobile vote results are out for the ‘2010 MAMA‘ (Mnet Asian Music Awards)!

A total of 550,605 people from all over Asia participated in the polls, with the majority of voters being females in their twenties. These votes are factored into the final awards selection, and make up anywhere from 10-30% of the criteria for winners.

The results are as follows:

* Best New Male Artist: CNBLUE
* Best New Female Artist: miss A
* Best Male Group: Super Junior
* Best Female Group: 2NE1
* Best Male Solo Artist: Rain
* Best Female Solo Artist: BoA
* Best Solo Dance Performance: Rain
* Best Dance Performance (Male): Super Junior
* Best Dance Performance (Female): 2NE1
* Best Solo Vocal Performance: Gummy
* Best Vocal Performance (Group): 2AM
* Best Band Performance: FT Island
* Best Rap Performance: Epik High
* Best Collaboration: Ga-In & Jo Kwon
* Best Digital Single: Park Bom
* Best Music Video: 2NE1
* The Shilla Asian Wave: 2PM
* Song of the Year: Super Junior
* Artist of the Year: Super Junior

Congratulations Super Junior!! However, due to MNet and SM issues, SM artists will NOT perform or attend.

Credit: Kpoplovers@FB
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101127 Top 100 Songs for 2010 Results from November 5, 2009 – November 3, 2010

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> < Why is Super Junior way down at the bottom? They should be #1! 😀

01 2AM – Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die
02 After School – Because of You
03 SNSD – Oh!
04 2PM – Heartbeat
05 C.N.Blue – I’m a Loner
06 Kara – Lupin
07 T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep
08 T-ara – Like the Beginning
09 T-ara – Going Crazy Because of You
10 Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
11 Baek Ji Young – Do Not Forget
12 Gain & Jo Kwon – We Fell In Love
13 Brown Eyed Girls – Sign
14 IU & 2AM Seulong – Nagging
15 Park Bom – You and I
16 U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni
17 Davichi – Time, Please Stop
18 SNSD – Run Devil Run
19 Younha – Broke Up Today
20 Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears
21 SeeYa, Davichi & T-ara – Wonder Women
22 Lee Seung Chul – That Person
23 HyunA feat. B2ST Yong Joon Hyung – Change
24 f(x) – NU ABO
25 SeeYa – His Voice
26 MC Mong feat. Mellow – Sick Enough To Die
27 Lee Seung Gi feat. 8eight Baek Chan – Love Taught Me To Drink
28 Hot Potato – Confession
29 Homme – I Was Able To Eat Well
30 Secret – Magic
31 Kim Tae Woo – Dreaming Dream
32 After School – Bang
33 C.N.Blue – Love
34 K.Will – Miss Miss and Miss
35 CL & Minji – Please Don’t Go
36 MC Mong – Bubble Love
37 Rain – Love Song
38 4Men – I Can’t
39 2AM – I Did Wrong
40 f(x) – Chu~♡
41 DJ Doc – I’m a Person Like This
42 Im Jae Beom – Stigma
43 IU – Marshmallow
44 4Minute – HUH
45 2NE1 – Go Away
46 2PM – Getting Tired of Waiting
47 Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
48 Min Kyung Hoon – It Hurts Because It’s Love
49 Mighty Mouth feat. Baek Ji Young – Will Love Come?
50 2PM – Without You
51 Super Junior Yesung – It Has To Be You
52 JYP – No Love No More
54 Gavy NJ – Sunflower
55 Son Dambi – Queen
56 B2ST – Shock
57 B2ST – Mystery
58 Gummy – Because of You
59 T-ara – I’m Really Hurt
60 Zia – Have a Drink
61 Kim Jong Kook – It’s That Person
62 U-Kiss – Bingeul Bingeul
63 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
64 K.Will – Gift
65 2PM – Tik Tok
66 SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
67 2AM – I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You
68 Secret – Madonna
69 One Two feat. Seo In Young – Bad Girl2
70 Eun Jiwon – Siren
71 MBLAQ – Y
72 SHINee – Lucifer
73 Seo Young Eun – What an Awful World
74 2NE1 – Try to Copy Me
75 BoA – Hurricane Venus
76 Taeyang – I Need A Girl
77 Seo In Kook – Calling You
78 Hwayobi – Bye Bye Bye
79 Gummy – As A Man
80 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands
81 Sistar – Push Push
82 Rain – Hip Song
83 Untouchables feat. Brown Eyed Girls Narsha – Living in the Heart
84 Wheesung – I Even Thought of Marriage
85 December – Because Love is What I Learned
86 Seo In Kook – Love U
87 4Minute – I My Me Mine
88 FT Island – Love Love Love
89 December – Love is So…
90 SHINee – Jojo
91 December – Tears in Heaven
92 Jewelry – Love Story
93 SS501 – Love Like This
94 Seven – Better Together
95 Seo In Young – Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling
96 Seo In Young – Can’t I Love
97 Super Junior – Bonamana
98 Big Bang – Hallelujah
99 G.NA feat. B2ST Yon Joon Hyung – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better
100 Brown Eyed Soul – I’ll Move

Source: Bugs via Jannica @ dkpopnews
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