SUPER JUNIOR NO.2 On Top Twitter Trends this week ~~!

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International holidays almost always win the day when it comes to the world of Twitter trends, and Mother’s Day takes home the prize on this week’s chart. Tweeters took time to wish their moms well, and share facts and sayings about moms all over the world.

If you were scoping out the trending topics earlier this week, you might have noticed a burst of K-Pop activity. At times, nearly every worldwide trending topic was referencing a member of the epic Korean boy band Super Junior. New album? New tour? Celebrity scandal? Nope. Just the first anniversary of the band’s fourth album. Fandom like this puts “Beliebers” to shame. The buzz lands the band at number two.

Soccer hovers in its usual region on the weekly list, this time ending up at number three after one of Mexico’s most popular clubs was eliminated from a playoff tournament.

To see the full list, check out the chart below. Because this is a topical list, hashtag memes and games have been omitted from the chart. The aggregate is based on Twitter’s own trending algorithm, and does not necessarily reflect raw tweet volume.

Source: & Daily K Pop News
thanks to Michelle Fung for the heads up ~~!
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“BIJIN” 1st Single – Promotional Trailer | From 110514 – Part 2 [2P]

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110513 Super Junior “Bijin” Album Cover [3P]

MORE 110513 Super Junior “Bijin” Album Cover [2P]

Credit: @kumanootete & @souiukizashi
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First Japanese single BONAMANA Album Version

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110426 Super Junior at “Bijin” Photoshoot [1P]

110426 Super Junior “Bijin” Photoshoot | Part 2 [11P]

110426 Super Junior “Bijin” Japanese Profile [1P]

110426 [NEWS] Super Junior to Debut in Japan?

Debuted for 2000 days, SJ Japan album pre-orders reaches first place

First Japanese single “bonamana” to be released along with their first CM appearanace in Circle K Sankis; “Korea Fair WITH SUPER JUNIOR” which will run from 2011/5/17-6/13

CD+DVD【First Press Release】【Regular Edition】
AVCK-79017/B ¥1,890(tax included)
1. 미인(BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. 미인(BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. 미인(BONAMANA) -Less Vocal-
미인(BONAMANA) Live Version @Yokohama Arena in JAPAN
미인(BONAMANA) Korean Version Music Video
Circle K Sankiss CM shooting Sketch
・ Card (1 random of 11 members)
・ 8 page booklet
・ video recording of the Circle K CM
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Super Junior’s “Bonamana” Conquers at #1 for 46 Weeks in Taiwan!

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Super Junior had released their single followed with their album of “Bonamana” in May of last year and was known for being an all-kill all over Asian for topping Asian music charts. Surprisingly almost one year later, their single “Bonamana” is still holding strong at #1 for 46 weeks straight on Taiwanese music charts!

Last time we reported Super Junior’s domination, they were holding steady at #1 for 34 weeks back in February. Two months later, Super Junior’s reign at #1 did not budge for the 46th week and counting! Talk about an over-kill!

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk even commented about it on his Twitter account,“Miina is 1st place in Taiwan for 46 weeks!!!” Shindong retweeted Leeteuk’s post and commented,“Wooo!!!! It’s such a big hit!!!! Super Junior is great~~~~^ ^”

Twitter: @special1004 +@ShinsFriends
Tweet Translations: @sjworld
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110413 Super Junior And Hangeng Score Awards

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In a more positive note, Korean boy band Super Junior, sub-unit Super Junior-M, and its former member Hangeng scooped a handful of awards at the first Global Chinese Golden Chart awards held last April 9 in Taipei, Taiwan.

A purported reunion between Super Junior and Hangeng did not happen as the boy band did not attend the ceremony, opting to thank the organizers through a video message instead.

Hangeng sued SM Entertainment in 2009 and left Super Junior to start his own solo career in China. He won the lawsuit last December when a Korean court voided his exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment.

Hangeng went to the event to perform and receive his three awards: the Most Popular Rookie award, Singapore Radio 1003’s most dedicated song for “My Logo” and Best Top 20 Song for “Say No.”

On the other hand, Super Junior won the J-pop and K-pop Album of the Year for “Bonamana” while Super Junior-M won the Most Popular Group award.

*Parts not related to SJ were omitted

Source: Manila Bulletin
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SUPER JUNIOR NO.1 For … 40 WEEKS, on the Taiwanese Charts ‘KKBOX’

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Yeah no kidding ~~! Click to enlarge the image… SERIOUSLY it’s amazing right?! SUPER JUNIOR AINT SUPER for no reason ~~~!

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‘Album Kings’ Super Junior “Leading the Hallyu boom all over the world” – From 110229

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Popular group Super Junior has talked about their thoughts on ascending as the “Album Kings”.

Super Junior was given the pleasure of being conferred the first place for the album sales on the Gaon Chart at Gaon Chart’s 2010 Closure of Accounts and 2011 Vision Conference, which took place at the Korea Press Club International Conference Room at 3pm on the 9th (of February).

Super Junior’s 4th official studio album ‘Miinah’ was selected as the album which had the highest sales for last year. ‘Miinah’, which sold a total of 200,193 copies last year, came in at first place for the album sales.

On the day, Super Junior Leeteuk who received the award, revealed his feelings(, saying that) “I’m really happy to be able to receive such a huge award from a fair and authoritative award ceremony”.

Later on, Leeteuk said that “If there’s the Billboard Charts in America, and the Oricon Charts in Japan, then in Korea there’s the Gaon Charts”, and that “Every year while doing activities, (I’ve) personally experienced the occurrence of the Hallyu boom not only in Asia, but also all around the world. We’ll diligently do our activities”, announcing his determination.

On the day, Gaon Chart announced their data and also revealed the detailed data of the online chart. This is the first time that the offline album sales chart is being announced since the Record Industry Association stopped revealing the aggregates in 2008. The revealing of the detailed online data, too, was the first since the establishment of the digital music market.

On the day’s ceremony, in addition to revealing the year 2010’s on-offline album sales, awards were given out to the singers who had clinched first place in the key areas of digital sales and album sales. Aside from Super Junior, Miss A came in first for the digital album awards, Kim Seungyoon and G.Na won the Best Male and Female Newcomer Awards respectively, and Lee Seungchul came in first for Mobile Downloads.

Note: Parts of the article have been omitted.

Source: Star News (via Nate)
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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The 6th Seed Awards ,Thailand

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Seed Popular Asian Artist of the year : Superjunior – Bonamana


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Credit: SEED 97.5 FM’s Official Facebook [ ]


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Super Junior’s “Bonamana” ranks #1 on Taiwan’s ‘KKBOX’ for 38 weeks

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Super Junior has once again proven their clout as one of Korea’s top Hallyu groups, as it was revealed that their fourth album, “Bonamana“, maintained its #1 position on Taiwan’s biggest online music site,KKBOX, for an astounding 38 weeks!

Previously, the group’s third album, “Sorry Sorry“, recorded an impressive 36 weeks on the KKBOX chart, but Super Junior managed to break their own record by going an extra two weeks with “Bonamana.”

Leader Leeteuk expressed his gratitude through Twitter by writing, “Thank you so much for ‘Bonamana’ #1 on the Taiwanese chart.  Let’s meet soon with ‘Super Show”!  Thank you once again!”

Netizens commented, “Super Junior… Record Junior”, “So amazing!”, “Their popularity is no joke”, and“Real Hallyu, real gods!”

Looks like Leeteuk finally got his wish!

Some other statistics related to Super Junior on the KKBOX charts:
-“Bonamana” has charted 8 consecutive months at #1 on the Monthly Singles Chart
-“Bonamana” has been #1 on the Daily Singles Chart for 248 of the 272 days since its release (as of Feb. 21, 2011)
-“Sorry Sorry” was #1 for 130 consecutive days(June 26, 2009-Nov. 2, 2009) on the Daily Singles Chart
-“Sorry Sorry” was #1 for 36 total weeks (29 consecutive, Week of Apr. 19, 2009 to Week of Nov. 1, 2009) on the Weekly Singles Chart
-“Sorry Sorry” was #1 for 8 months (6 consecutive, May 2009-Oct. 2009)on the Monthly Singles Chart

Source: TV Daily via Daum, allkpop
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The best-selling album of the year is? – From 101227

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The best-selling album of the year belongs to Super Junior’s 4th Jib.

According to the hanteo chart’s compiled data on the 26th (,) it was shown that Super Junior’s 4th album <Bonamana> obtained a total sales record of 132,127 albums, (thus) crowned yet again, following the year before, as the king of albums.

Representatives of SM Entertainment agency stated on the 27th, “Although there is an aggregate difference in the hanteo chart’s and our statistics, (however Super Junior is) indeed holding the first position.”, “Our statistics recorded a total sales of 200,000 albums.” The 2nd position in the hanteo chart is represented by the Girls’ Generation <Oh!>, with a total record of 123,668 albums. Following in the 3rd position is their 3rd mini album <Hoot> (94,942 albums), 4th position SHINee’s 2nd album <Lucifer> (58,628 albums), 5th position BoA’s 6th album <Hurricane Venus> (57,273 albums). The first 5 positions are all represented by albums of artists in the SM entertainment, attracting attention.

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Super Junior, Korean artists with the most overseas audiences…. – You think?! xD

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Super Junior concert in Singapore, was one of the concert with the most attendance, according to SM Entertainment on the 31st of January.

Super Junior, who held their Asian Tour, Super Show 3 in Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 29th and 30th of January, attracted a total amount of 20,000 attendees, one of highest amount of audience a performance can get, even in South Korea.

Local concert promoter, “Running Into The Sun” was quoted saying that the “2 days concert in Singapore held by Super Junior was one of the most successful show, and then Super Junior’s influence to the Kpop industry in Singapore is great, especially to their fans.”
According to SM, a second show has to be added from the original one day because of the competitive ticketing. When the ticketing site opened on the day itself, the server went immediately down, and after 10 minutes, all seats were sold out. There was also an offline sales, in which fans queued overnight, and when sales started, the whole place was crowded.
Super Junior held their show for 3 hours, singing songs like “Sorry Sorry”, “U” “Bonamana” among the 32 songs they sang. Members Eeteuk and Heechul, who was involved in a 7-car pilup accident in on 28th in Singapore, gave a splendid performance with the other members, eliciting cheers from fans.

Apart from Singapore, Super Show 3 will also be held in Tokyo, Japan, Taipei and Manila, among other places.

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Translated by: ミ mholic ★
Source: Yonhap News

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MYX Music Awards 2011

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MYX, the No. 1 music channel in the Philippines, proudly announces the nominees for this year’s MYX Music Awards 2011. Viewers can cast their votes in their MYX Music Awards bet either by texting or online .

Voting mechanics are as follows: 40% – Text votes 40% – Artist / ballot votes 20% – Online votes

Voting period started last February 7 and ends on March 7, 2011.

Favorite K-Pop Video

Beautiful by Beast: MMA —
Bingeul Bingeul by Ukiss: MMA —
Bonaman by Super Junior: MMA 93
Go Away by 2NE1: MMA —
Run Devil Run by Girls’ Generation: MMA —



Text MMA and send to 2331 for Globe and Sun subscribers, 231 for Smart subscribers. P2.50/vote for Globe and Smart subscribers, P2/vote for Sun subscribers. Ex. MMA 1

2. ONLINE VOTING (I think both Filipino and International fans can vote here)

– Go to this link
– Fill up the registration: Email Address and Gender only.
Then you can start voting, you need to vote on everything or it wouldn’t be counted. Just choose whatever you want there and click “Continue”. Favorite Kpop Video is at the last page (3rd Page).
– Then click “Submit”

Credits to. MYX Philippines
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Super Junior, occupied first place on Taiwanese music chart for 34 consecutive weeks

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Super Junior has occupied the first place on Taiwan’s music chart for 34 consecutive weeks, displaying their image as Asia’s superstars.

On the Korean Music TOP100 Charts, which is published by Taiwan’s largest online music site KKBOX (, Super Junior’s 4th official album’s title song “Miinah” was crowned first place on the weekly chart for the 16th – 22nd (January) period. They have been occupying the first place on the Korean-Japanese Music TOP 100 Weekly Chart for almost 34 consecutive weeks since its release last 6th of June (2010), and (this win has) cemented their dominance.

In addition to that, “Miinah” also came in at first place on the monthly charts for a 7-month period, starting from June until December, and naturally they came out as first place on 2010’s annual chart as well. In particular, they are still marching on in first place even though it is already the new year, showing the popularity of Super Junior who has captured Taiwan.

Prior to this, Super Junior has already established a remarkable record for occupying the first place for a total of 36 weeks on KKBOX’s Korean-Japanese Music Chart with their 3rd album’s title song “Sorry Sorry”, which also came in first on another Taiwanese music site, ezpeer+’s charts for a total of 34 weeks. It is worthy to note until when they will continue to march on in first place this time.

Source: Sports World
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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