120414 Donghae celebrates Super Junior’s Golden Disk with a kiss!

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As allkpop reported earlier, Super Junior added another record on their list of accomplishments by hitting the 500,000 mark for sales of their 5th album, ‘Mr. Simple‘. As fans around the world congratulated the group on the achievement, member Donghae joined in on the celebrations as well.

On April 13th, he uploaded the above photo on his Twitter account with a caption that read, “Golden Disk kiss! 500,000 copies celebration! From Japan to Shanghai, it’s Lee Donghae!

In the photo, Donghae is seen happily kissing the prestigious Golden Disk. Fans posted comments such as, “This simple kiss looks like something out of a magazine,” “I am jealous of the Golden Disk,” and “Congratulations on 500,000 copies!

The April 12th release of the Gaon Album Chart indicated that Super Junior’s ‘Mr.Simple’ album sold a cumulative 502,830 copies since its release last August 3rd.

Credit OSEN & Allkpop
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120414 Super Junior sets record with their album sales

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120413 Leeteuk Twitter Updates: I bought 490,000 out of the 500,000 copies?

120413 The Album Sales for Super Junior’s 5th Album ‘Mr. Simple’ Exceeded 500,000 Copies!

120413 Yesung Twitter Update: Breaking over 500,000 copies !!

120413 Donghae Twitter Updates: Wow Mr.Simple sold over 500,000 albums !!^^

Super Junior‘s 5th album ‘Mr. Simple‘ has set a record for selling over 500,000 copies.

According to Gaon on April 13th, ‘Mr. Simple’, which was released August 3rd, 2011, sold about 502,830 copies by the end of March 2012, which proves Super Junior’s immense popularity.

Super Junior’s half-million record sales have only been achieved by 2 other artists, namely Kim Gun Moin 2003 with his 8th album ‘Hestory‘, and TVXQ in 2008 with their 4th album ‘MIROTIC‘. As soon as ‘Mr. Simple’ was released, it not only dominated the music charts in Korea, but also in Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and other countries. Super Junior also set a record in Taiwan for their track “Bonamana“, which held the #1 position on KKBOX’s chart for 63 weeks straight. “Mr. Simple” is following in its footsteps by holding the #1 spot for 34 weeks straight now.

Super Junior, who is currently on their world tour, have already toured Asia 3 times before, uniting over 500,000 fans and evidencing their popularity not only through their album sales, but also through their concert ticket sales. On the 6th, they performed in Paris, France, which made them the first Korean group to hold a solo concert in France. After successfully completing their concert in Paris, Super Junior is continuing on their world tour to perform in Shanghai, China on the 14th, and in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 28-29th.

Credit: Herald Business via Naver & Allkpop
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110916 Super Junior U Complete me Puzzle Hunt! – Philippines

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110812 Super Junior win on Music Bank this week!!!

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110812 SJ Comeback Stage, KBS Music Bank – Compilation

Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” ranked number one on the K-Chart today.This is the second win of the week for SME’s popular mega band. Relaxing and going with the flow is their winning style!

[Comeback Stages]  SISTARSeo In Guk and Dal Shabet were K-Pop’s Most Valuable Poppers of the night with their party comebacks. HyunA brought her new hip hop single to the stage to “Just Follow” up. Kim Ji Soo and CS Numbers debuted brand new emotional weekender tracks.

The following artists held their own summer festivals on the Music Bank stage: miss A, MBLAQ, Brave Girls, NS Yoon Ji, Homme, Z:EA, Mighty Mouth, Infinite, X CROSS, CHI CHI, Shin Go Eun, MAYA and Teen Top. 

Super Junior’s Winning Moment

Super Junior Mr.Simple

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110808 Mr.Simple On Hanteo Chart’s Position

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110808 “MrSimple”  album Hanteo No.1

110808 “MrSimple”  real song on Hanteo’s No.4

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110806 5JIB formation from Indonesian ELF [1P]

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Credit: @ELF_Inaunited
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110801 Super Junior reveals MV teaser for “Mr. Simple”

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We’re just a few days away from one of the biggest comebacks in recent K-Pop history, and what better way to herald the event than with a hot MV teaser?

Super Junior have finally released a video clip for “Mr. Simple“, the group’s lead track from their fifth album. Unlike their flamboyant ‘Ubersexual’ concept in their image teasers, the MV clip shows a smooth, sophisticated side of Super Junior that left fans reeling.

Check out the teaser below!

Super Junior will be releasing the full MV along with their fifth album on August 3rd. Be sure to check back with allkpop for updates!

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110801 Good Will twitter update to Super Junior’s Teaser

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the SJ comeback teaser looks hot! cool song, kinda jazzy!

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Protected: VOTE for M&D in MENT! ID can be kept for 5JIB!

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[5th Jib] The best revenge is to achieve what others think you could not

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Following Leeteuk as the first singer to make guest appearance on KBS news, Heechul being selected for the 4th consecutive year as MC for Dream Concert, together with multiple reports from Korea and overseas about <Bonamana> topping the Taiwanese chart for 52 weeks continuously, SJ’s power in the international stage has finally been recognised, wondering if anyone feels a sense of achievement & pride? With the grand finale of 4jib (cough cough, the “grand” here has nothing to do with the packaging and acknowledgement, you know what I meant) signals the birth of 5jib. SJ members tweeted one after another, making us feel that 5jib is indeed on its way!

A new beginning, a new ray of hope. What has been your hope for 5jib? 13 championships? Going for Golden Disk Award Daesang once again? Burst the invisible bottle neck (Digital listening)? No matter what, we should understand the current trend of Korean music industry.

【K-chart calculation:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150207845630480.331171.716735479&l=ae204b3aaf

All of us have seen the importance of digital listening is to Korean music market. With money to be made in digital music market, coupled with the withering of album sales market, resulted in the unbalance weightage between the two. I believe many of us almost fainted when we saw the percentage of album sales, only 5%-15%! Yes, under such tough situation, we can only see the light, with album sales that is of absolute lead. Normally, girl groups tend to fare better in digital listening, and a super popular song is much needed to gain the general public’s favour. SJ being an old boy band, SM loving its autotune, it is truly uncertain whether we can do well in digital listening. Furthermore, if SJ’s comeback is met with groups that have strong digital listening track records, we will then be faced with very fierce competition. Think about it, if we had what Heechul mentioned “500 thousand album sales”, we could have been spared the fate to be slaughtered? Then, everyone thought he was joking, after the painful lesson, we should have known better, his foresight wasn’t hinted strong enough…So when all of us are shouting “thriving 5jib”, please act on it. Album sales do not drop from the skies, please do not give up the only bet we can control. A huge album sales lead, is our only saving grace.

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110619 Yesung Twitter Update: Go go to record the 5th album

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Go go to record the 5th album~~ No more of the Immortal song 2 that was recorded every monday and goodbye to the sukira too.. They will be missed but let’s meet again shortly with some great songs!!!

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Heechul tweets about Super Junior’s fifth album

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On June 2nd, Heechul raised expectations for Super Junior’s upcoming fifth album with what netizens have named as his ‘infinite confidence.’

The star tweeted, “I heard that ‘Bonamana‘ has been ranked first in Taiwan for over a year. Basically, only our new fifth album is the only one that can break the “Bonamana’ record… We may be going crazy with preparations for our fifth album, but when it’s finally released, you’re all going to go mad. We’re a killer group, you know.”

His tweet is in reference to “Bonamana” ranking on Taiwan’s “KKBOX” for 52 consecutive weeks.

Netizens commented, “There’s a reason he’s so confident”, “It sounds a bit cocky but I agree with what he’s saying, so what can I say?”, and “Hurry up and set a new record with your fifth album!”

Meanwhile on ‘Kiss The Radio‘, Yesung and Leeteuk revealed that recording for their 5th album had begun on June 1st.

Credit: Source + Photos: Joongang News via Nate, allkpop
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