160617 Super Junior-M′s Henry Forced to Remove Photo with Former On Screen wife

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160616 yeeee_kk Instagram Update with Henry [1P]

Henry was forced to remove a photo with his former on screen wife, Ye Won, after fan backlash.

On June 16, both Henry and Ye Won posted a photo of themselves together on their respectively Instagram accounts. The due had previously appeared on MBC′s We Got Married as a couple before leaving due to Ye Won′s controversy.

Ye Won posted the image with the message, “Henry, it′s been such a long long time. You are still full of energy.” Henry also wrote the message, “Honey, it′s been a while.”

Unfortunately, fans immediately began to leave negative comments on Henry′s Instagram due to a controversy that Ye Won was previously involved in. She had put a hold on her career after footage leaked of her argument with sunbae Lee Tae Im.

Henry has now deleted the image from him Instagramm account.

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160617 Henry at Incheon Airport (to Wuhan) [News Video]

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160615 Super Junior Kyuhyun Impresses Yet Again As ‘Mozart’ In New Musical

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Super Junior Kyuhyun is indeed an acknowledged musical actor out of few idol-turned-musical actors in the industry and his new musical “Mozart” proves that.

Kyuhyun showcases his acting and singing in the press call of “Mozart” musical which is held today at Grand Theater in Sejong Cultural Center. When asked about his thoughts doing “Mozart”, Kyuhyun reveals that he has watched the previous musicals and likes the songs. He expresses, “I’ve been playing the songs and I’m honored to be able to sing them in my voice.”

Meanwhile, “Mozart” musical will be performed until August 7.

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160615 Super Junior’s Kangin Summoned By Prosecutor’s Office For Investigation

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On June 15, Super Junior’s Kangin went to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office after being summoned for an investigation regarding his recent drunk driving accident.

Kangin’s meeting at the prosecutor’s office took place at 3 p.m. KST. The singer was questioned about his May 24 drunk driving incident in which he hit a streetlight in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.

Currently, the prosecution is investigating Kangin’s actions during the drunk driving accident. At the time of the accident Kangin broke the streetlight he hit with his vehicle. The police arrived at the scene after the owner of the convenience store near the streetlight reported the accident. Kangin later reported the accident to the Gangnam Police Station.

The police recently released a statement stating that Kangin’s blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was determined to have been 0.157 percent and forwarded their findings to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation of indictment.

Meanwhile, Kangin has since ceased all entertainment-related activities to take time to self-reflect.

Source: (1) (2) | Soompi
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160615 June News Concert with Siwon and Donghae [1P+Info]

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160615 news

160615 june news concertg

160614 ‘Weekly Idol’ Proof Shoot with Heechul [2P]

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160614 weeklyidol 1 160614 weeklyidol 2

160609 Super Junior’s “SUPER CAMP” Tour Faces Lineup Changes, Cancelled Shows

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160609 super camp

Due to recent events, Super Junior’s “SUPER CAMP” tour will be seeing some cancelled shows and lineup changes.

On June 9, Dreammaker Entertainment, the production company responsible for bringing “SUPER CAMP” to the West, announced the cancellation of the shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Santiago. Ryeowook, who was due to enlist in the military on June 14, postponed his service for the time being and will be participating in the two remaining shows in Monterrey and Mexico City.

The cancellations and lineup changes come after Kangin was involved in a DUI accident last month, prompting him to go on indefinite hiatus. However, neither Dreammaker nor SM Entertainment offered an official explanation for the cancellation of the US and Chile shows.

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160609 Super Junior′s Ryeowook Postpones Enlistment

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On June 9, SM Entertainment revealed the status of Super Junior member Ryeowook’s military enlistment. His enlistment date will have to be postponed due to overseas schedules.

His agency released the following statement:

“This is SM Entertainment.

“Ryeowook, who was planned to enlist as an active-duty soldier on June 14, will have to postpone his enlistment date.

“Ryeowook had finished up his solo album and DJ activities and was focusing on Super Junior’s overseas fan meetings while preparing to enlist. However, there have been sudden changes to the management of the team. Thus his enlistment date has been postponed in order to keep his promise with fans in South America.

“After completing his Super Junior overseas schedules, Ryeowook is hoping to enlist right away. He plans on enlisting as an active-duty soldier as soon as the enlistment date is confirmed and will faithfully fulfill his military duty.

“Thank you.”

Source: soompi

Boy group Super Junior′s Ryeowook has postponed his enlistment into the army.

Ryeowook was scheduled to enlist on June 14, but has postponed his enlistment due to a personal situation.

Ryeowook′s agency SM Entertainment revealed, “Ryeowook, who was planning to enlist in the army on June 14, has postponed his enlistment. Ryeowook was preparing for the army by finalizing his solo album, DJ activities, Super Junior fan meetings and activities abroad, but there was an unforeseen change in the team. In order to keep his promise to South American fans, he has postponed his enlistment.”

SM Entertainment continued, “Ryeowook is hoping to enlist as soon as Super Junior′s activities abroad are complete.”

Source: mwave

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160607 www.smpa.go.kr Update with Siwon and Donghae [2P]

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160606 JIJIPRESS Super Junior Kyuhyun Japan Tour 2016 ~ Knick Knack ~ [Video]

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160603 Sing Tao Daily Interview with Ryeowook [4P + Interview]

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Korean boy group Super Junior member Ryeowook will be enlisting in the middle of this month, and leave ELF for a period of time. He is in Hong Kong to hold a fansign at Windsor House. What excites and moves everyone the most, is that he works hard speaking Cantonese every time, singing Cantonese song with standard pronunciation. Ryeowook challenges singing Cantonese songs, and he has a little secret in choosing songs.

Super Junior Ryeowook will soon be enlisting on 14 June, and came to gather with ELF before his enlistment. He first went to Macau with his Super Junior members to hold a fanmeet, before coming to Hong Kong to meet Hong Kong fans by himself. He said “Coming to Hong Kong by myself to meet fans, although it is a bit burdensome, but I am also very nervous and moved. Most of all, I want to thank all the fans who came to see me”.


Entering the army life soon, Ryeowook has wondered how it will be like, and at the same time anticipates facing a different circle of people. Ryeowook said: “Although I am not too sure how army life is like, I have thought about it, and do not feel much pressure, as members have returned well after serving. I have been doing activities with Super Junior for 11 years, so I am anticipating how it will be like to live with others.”

Everyone knows Ryeowook’s singing is very good, and his singing of Cantonese song 命硬 received even more applause from fans. Asked him which Cantonese song he wants to challenge in future? Ryeowook: “There are many good Cantonese songs, so I want to challenge singing them again, but previously, because some Cantonese songs’ lyrics are too fast, I gave up on singing some. This is a secret!” Ryeowook said that to challenge even harder Cantonese songs, he will listen to more Cantonese songs. He said that Hong Kong singers are very popular in Korea, and he especially likes Jacky Cheung, whom he saw often in his textbooks when he was young.


Since Ryeowook can speak Cantonese, will he know the meanings of recent Hong Kong catchphrases such as 離地 and 偽毒? Ryeowook: “I don’t know Hong Kong catchphrases; the Cantonese phrases I am most familiar with are ‘Hong Kong ELF are the prettiest’ and ‘I am here because of everyone’” Ryeowook is unfamiliar with Hong Kong catchphrases, but of course knows Korean catchphrases like the back of his hand. He said “In Korea, if one sees something strange or something has happened, the expression ‘Daebak’ will be used. I have seen fans using it, and I find that very funny!”.

Mentioning giraffes that Ryeowook loves, we asked him if he is attracted to women with long necks. He said: “I am a member who experienced my 10s, 20s and 30s in Super Junior, so my ideal dream girl changes often. What is most important is matching well with me, no matter how pretty if her personality is not good, I will not like her.” Appearance is not important to Ryeowook.


Ryeowook released his solo album The Little Prince this year, He read the story many times, and likes the main character The Little Prince very much, and even watched the movie. His solo album is derived from The Little prince. He said “The Little Prince is also the main song, I am very happy, everyone is my precious rose”.

Ryeowook mentioned the unforgettable process of releasing solo album for the first time, especially the support from members. “Every time I receive a song for the solo album, I will play it for the members, and Kyuhyun especially complimented me for collecting many good works, Leeteuk hyung applauded me praising my good singing. Yesung hyung personally went to the recording studio to cheer me on. When members take care of me, I will be in a very good mood, and feel that I need to do even better”.

Everyone’s support is very important to Ryeowook. Although it is hard (to watch him go), everyone can leave many messages online to support him. Ryeowook: “I am diligently reading SNS posts from fans. Nice photos or messages will give me a lot of strength, so the more fans leave good messages, the more strength I will receive!”.

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Dreammaker Facebook Update: SUPER JUNIOR is bringing their special event “SUPER CAMP” to the U.S., Mexico and Chile. – From 160520

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Beware all E.L.F.s!
SUPER JUNIOR is bringing their special event “SUPER CAMP” to the U.S., Mexico and Chile.

We know how much all of you have been waiting to meet SUPER JUNIOR!
Hope all E.L.F.s come and join this fun and intimate event!

Tour dates are as below:

in LOS ANGELES July 1st (FRI)
in MONTERREY July 3rd (SUN)
in MEXICO CITY July 5th (TUE)
in SANTIAGO July 7th (THU)
in NEW YORK CITY July 9th (SAT)

Ticketing and venue information is to be announced soon.

E.L.F.s Are you all ready?
Meet you all in July! NOS VEMOS EN JULIO!

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160507 Henry Says Encouraging Words To Fan On Instagram

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On May 7, Henry uploaded a photo of himself looking suave and fashionable.

Along with the photo he added a message saying, “selfie together anyone?”

In the photo, Henry wears a black tuxedo and a necktie. With his eyes looking in a different direction, it appears as though he’s looking for someone.

Many fans responded with eagerness to snap a selfie with the singer. However, one fan wrote, “No henliii, am ugly hehehe Have a good caturday^^!”

It would have been easy to overlook this comment given that stars get thousands of comments on a single Instagram post, but Henry took time to reply to the fan.

Henry encouragingly said, “never say ur ugly, if we ever get a chance to meet lets take a selfie and ull look beautiful.”

What heartwarming words!

Source: (1) (2) | Soompi
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