Super Junior’s Kyuhyun completes military service, returns to show biz

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The popular band has been working in smaller subunits or individually as all the members took time away from the group to finish their mandatory military service one after another. Kyuhyun was the final member of the 11 to fulfill the military service.

Other Super Junior members celebrated his return with SNS messages. Team leader Leeteuk said on his SNS account, “Kyuhyun, you finished a hard time,” with hashtags #Everybodyclearedofmilitaryservice, #Tookabout10years and #SuJu2019comeback.

Member Heechul uploaded a photo of his, taken alongside Kyuhyun.

The band’s management agency, Label SJ, said Kyuhyun is currently in discussion for his roles in several shows, including the tvN reality show “New Journey to the West.”

He will officially resume his entertainment career with a fan meeting on May 19 at Kyung Hee University in Seoul before performing at the 2019 Seoul Jazz Festival on May 25-26 at Olympic Park in southeastern Seoul.

Source: (Yonhap)

In an Instagram post, Kyuhyun wrote, “Civilian Kyu, on my way home. Please look forward to the music and concerts that we will share together in the future! My singing has gotten better! Please also look forward to Super Junior’s full reunion! I really like photo apps these days, haha. I am going to sleep so well tonight, sleep about 10 hours, sleep until noon! When I wake up, I’m going to laze around for two hours!”


SUPER JUNIOR (슈퍼주니어) X REIK ‘One More Time (Otra Vez)’ MV

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180430 Henry Lau Leaves SM Entertainment After Ten Years

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Henry will be parting ways with SM Entertainment after a decade.

On April 30, SM Entertainment revealed, “Henry’s exclusive contract recently expired, and we have ended on good terms.”

Henry plans on establishing a one-man agency to continue his activities.

Henry debuted in April 2008 through the unit Super Junior-M and began activities as a solo singer in 2013. He has since been active also through variety shows.

Henry Lau Leaves SM Entertainment After Ten Years

Super Junior-M’s Henry Lau decides not to renew his contract with SM Entertainment after ten years under its care, according to SM’s affiliate Label SJ.

Label SJ, which handles the activities of Super Junior, announced the singer’s departure on April 30 following his contract expiration and decision to forego the renewal of his contract.

Henry, who debuted in 2008 as a member of Super Junior’s subunit Super Junior-M, will leave the entertainment company after his contract has expired on 29 April 2018.

He will reportedly set up a one-man agency and continue his own activities.

Henry first made his appearance as the “dancing violinist” in Super Junior’s “Don’t Don” music video in 2007. He also contributed in the song through its violin part.

Together with Zhou Mi, Henry was introduced later that year as a member of Super Junior-M which was set to debut in 2008. The subunit has released two studio albums, three extended plays, and one soundtrack albums. However, the subunit has been on hiatus since 2014 after the release of its third EP Swing.

In 2013, Henry made his solo debut — the first SM male artist to do so after 13 years following Kangta. He released his first solo EP Trap featuring fellow Super Junior member Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Taemin.

The singer is also recognized for being multi-talented. Having started his career in South Korea as a singer, he has since showcased his skills with various musical instruments, cooking, acting, and variety shows.

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180421 Super Junior kicks off Latin American tour

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Super Junior will kick off a four-nation tour in Latin America this week, its agency said Friday.

The South Korean boy band will launch the tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Friday, according to SM Entertainment.

The group will later head to Lima, Peru, and Santiago, Chile, for shows on Sunday and Monday, respectively. Super Junior will cap off the regional tour in Mexico City next Friday.

The series of shows is the band’s first tour in the region in more than four years.

The group will be accompanied by Latin pop star Leslie Grace and DJ duo Play-N-Skillz, who were featured in Super Junior’s latest song, “Lo Siento.”

“The reception of ‘Lo Siento’ in the Central and South American region is explosive. We want to expand our business in the region on the back of Super Junior’s regional tour,” SM said.

180411 Official, E.L.F Japan Update Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk’s 6th single 「Can I Stay…」, a love ballad, will be released on April 25!!

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Watch: Super Junior Holds Sports Festival Competition With Girl Groups On “Super TV”

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The members of Super Junior recently competed with five girl groups on their reality show!

On Episode 11 of “Super TV,” which aired on tvN and XtvN on April 6, CLC, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), gugudan, Weki Meki, and fromis_9 joined Super Junior for a “spring sports festival.” Each girl group was led by one of the six members of Super Junior: Shindong with CLC, Leeteuk with SN (from WJSN), Donghae with WJ (from WJSN), Eunhyuk with Weki Meki, Yesung with gugudan, Heechul with fromis_9.

The first sport of the festival was “chair curling.” In the first round, Yesung and gugudan went up against Shindong and CLC, with CLC and Shindong taking the win for the round.

In the second round, it was a game of internal rivalry as Leeteuk and SN went up against Donghae and WJ (the girl group WJSN was split into two groups for the competition). In the end, Donghae and WJ took the win for the round.

In the third round, Eunhyuk and Weki Meki went up against Heechul and fromis_9, with Eunhyuk’s team pulling out a surprise win.

In the playoffs, Eunhyuk and Weki Meki’s perfect control of the game won them the final title. Meanwhile, the rest of the spring sports festival was slated to air in the next episode.

Watch the preview for the next episode below:

Super Junior To Make Encore Appearance On Home Shopping Network

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After the immense success of their home shopping special last year, Super Junior is returning for a second appearance on a home shopping network!

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On April 1, it was reported that Super Junior would be reprising their special hourlong home shopping program “Super Market” on the channel CJ O Shopping. The group held its first broadcast of “Super Market” in November 2017, in order to fulfill the promise that the members would sell black suits on a home shopping network if they managed to surpass 200,000 sales for their album “PLAY.”

Not only did Super Junior become the first idols to appear on a home shopping network, but they also proved their talents as expert salesmen by completely selling out all of the down jackets they were modeling within an hour.

On April 12, after the release of their repackaged album “Replay” at 6 p.m. KST, Super Junior will be returning to CJ O Shopping for their second hourlong special. This time, the members will be selling face masks produced by the beauty brand Avajar, for whom they are currently spokesmodels.

“Super Market” will air live on April 12 at 10:45 p.m. KST.


Super Junior’s Heechul Teases Past Romance With A K-Pop Girl Group Member, Who Is He Really Dating

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Super Junior member Heechul has once again unintentionally revealed a bit of information about a female member of a K-pop group that he dated in the past. However, the Korean star did not divulge any names.

During an episode of tvN’s Life Bar, Defconn, Lee Yu Bi, and Lee Chae Young joined Heechul in the guest panel. They played the “Truth Game” wherein Heechul inadvertently shared his past relationship.

He said he hung out with Jung Hyung Don and Defconn in the past. During one of their outings a girl he knew wanted to join them, so he invited her to come over. When the Weekly Idol hosts teased him and the girl, his lady friend revealed Heechul’s secret.

“The hyungs kept on teasing, saying we look good together so then the hoobae said, ‘No, we can’t. He’s dating my fellow member,” Heechul said as reported by AllKPop.

Defconn quickly commented that Heechul couldn’t say “a member.” He pointed out how the Super Junior member just confessed to his romantic relationship. The report indicated that Heechul has since been reacting worriedly.

Who Is The K-Pop Idol That Super Junior Heechul Dated?
Heechul has been rumored to have dated some Korean celebrities throughout his career. He has teased about these ladies from his past, but he never mentions any names.

In January 2017, he accidentally revealed information about a celebrity ex-girlfriend. He told the MCs of Channel A’s Singderella that he once appeared in a broadcast with a former lover.

“When I have a girlfriend, I don’t contact other girls at all. I can’t even take care of my own girlfriend, of course, I wouldn’t be interested in other girls. I uphold this strictly. That’s why even if I meet an ex-girlfriend at a broadcasting station, we can still do the broadcast together well,” he said at the time.

Heechul also mentioned in an interview late last year about how hard it is to have a celebrity ex-girlfriend. He said every time his ex appears on TV, his current girlfriend would call him. The worst is when she keeps on calling him whenever he attends an awards night where the former girlfriend is also in attendance.

It appears that Heechul dated one or more Korean celebrities in the past. However, he never admitted to any of them and remained focused on his career. There was no official confirmation regarding his romantic relationships with his agency either.

Heechul was linked to Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon in 2013 after he shared a photo of her on his Instagram account. There were also speculations that he dated Yunho of DBSK after they were spotted shopping together.

He was also previously linked to a model named IVY. In 2015, he was rumored to be with a certain Yerin of Coex. The latter and Heechul were spotted holding hands. It was later revealed that the two were just friends and co-actors in a film. Moreover, Heechul has also been rumored to have been in a relationship with a special someone for years now, but the identity of the girl has never been confirmed by Heechul or his agency.

K-Drama Actress Lee Yu Bi Reunited With Friend Super Junior Heechul

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Lee Yu Bi and Super Junior Heechul’s Relationship
Lee Yu Bi also reunited with her Super Junior member friend, Heechul, during the episode of Life Bar. Heechul said he first met Lee when they both played as children of Kyeon Mi-ri’s character in a TV series. Heechul was referring to the 2007 K-drama Golden Bridge where he portrays Young Min’s (Kyeon) son, Young Soo. Soo’s sister is Young Min, which was played by Lee.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked the two if they ever dated in the past. Heechul just laughed and said he and Lee have different types. In the said episode, Heechul also unintentionally revealed that he dated a member of a female K-pop group.

Super Junior Reveals Foreign Artist Collaboration For New Album + Heechul To Sit Out Of Music Shows

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Super Junior

South Korean boy group Super Junior is set to collaborate with foreign artists for the first time, since its debut in 2005 through its upcoming repackaged album.

Super Junior will release its eighth repackaged album Replay on April 12 led by “Lo Siento”. The song is described as an addictive Latin pop song.

“Lo Siento” will feature American singer-songwriter, Leslie Grace. It was also revealed that American record production duo Play-N-Skillz produced the title track.

Replay will include all tracks from Super Junior’s eighth studio album Play and additional tracks such as “Lo Siento”, “Me & U”, and “Hug”. The group’s entry for SM Station, “Super Duper” will also be part of the eighth repackaged album’s track list.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul will be sitting out of music show promotions for the upcoming comeback. According to Label SJ, the singer will not be performing on music shows due to health reasons.

Heechul has previously opened up about his health condition that makes performing difficult for him. During the group’s “Black Suit” era, Heechul only came out during his part and danced the remaining portion of the song with the members. The singer has difficulty dancing due to a car accident that injured his legs.

Kim Heechul To Sit Out Music Shows During Super Junior’s Comeback Due To Health Concerns

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It has been announced that Kim Heechul will not be participating in Super Junior’s upcoming music show performances.

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Label SJ released a statement on Super Junior’s official homepage that read, “Due to health concerns, Kim Heechul will not be able to participate in music show appearances for Super Junior’s 8th repackaged album ‘Replay,’ which will be released on April 12.”

They continued to add, “However, he will participate in all promotional activities other than music show performances. This decision was made as we place our artists’ health above all else, so we ask for your understanding. Therefore, ‘Lo Siento’ will be performed by Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Choi Siwon.”

Last October, Kim Heechul took to social media to personally open up about his health ahead of Super Junior’s November comeback. He has been receiving continued treatment for chronic pain since 2006, when he underwent surgery after fracturing his leg in a car accident.

Super Junior Releases Animated Video for ‘Super Duper’

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Super Junior attend 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards at Asia World-Expo on Dec. 1, 2017 in Hong Kong.
K-pop boy band Super Junior released the vibrant hype track “Super Duper” on Friday (March 23) as the 50th song released through SM Entertainment’s weekly SM Station project.

With its hectic EDM styling, “Super Duper” is notably different in tone from the group’s other recent singles — including November’s “Black Suit” — which have veered Super Junior toward a smooth, jazz-infused electro-pop sound. Overflowing with exuberance, the new song puts forth frenetic bass and squeaking synths to create a lively atmosphere. “Super Duper” was co-written by member Leeteuk with frequent Super Junior songwriters Team One Sound and IMLAY, who has worked often with SM Entertainment acts and has featured on other SM Station songs.

Rather than a traditional music video, “Super Duper” was released through an animated short, similar to several other SM releases, most notably Luna’s “Free Somebody.” It features vibrant graphics straight out of an acid trip — multi-colored gummy bears, rainbow flowers and all. The members of Super Junior also get turned into cartoon characters and can be seen dancing, and dabbing, in time to the lyrics while partying it up in a club and with a table filled with liquor. The video also makes references to the song lyrics, including a shout-out to the boy band’s 2011 album and single “Mr. Simple.”

The new song was released ahead of Replay, the extended reissue of Play, the band’s eighth LP released last November. The new version will be released on April 16 and is the second alternate edition of Play following November’s Pause, which added an extra song, “Shadowless,” by the subunit KRY — Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung — to the original. Upon its release, Play went to No. 3 on the World Albums chart.

The music video for “Super Duper” was taken down and then re-uploaded to YouTube shortly after its release with minor alterations to the animation.

180329 Naver News Update with Yesung and Eunhyuk [1P]

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