111216 Eunhyuk Twitter Updates:Boss Choi!!!!!!

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@AllRiseSilver: Oppa Has Risen will go out(,) Boss Choi!!!!!! http://pic.twitter.com/vIoUxNAe

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111204 Share a Coke with….. Siwon xD [3P]

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This is so random but I feel like sharing it xD

So~ at the moment in Australia there’s this Coke thing, they sell cokes with names on them. It says ‘Share a coke with… (Insert name)’

There’re around 150 names, common names like Matt, Amy, Mel, etc that you can just buy straight from supermarkets or shops etc but my name *my name is Irene btw* is not on their 150 names list ㅠㅠㅠ

Anyway, they have this booth to customize your own can, the locations and times are limited, not all malls have them and not everyday. The one near my place is having it today, and I was thinking to get myself a can with my name *and it’s free! the coke too!*

You can only get 1 card, cos its limited to one can per person.

I wanted to make one for my mom, dad, and sister so I queued once for me~ queued again for each of them, pretended that it wasn’t me that queued previously ㅋㅋ The guy there was like “I think I’ve seen this person before..” haha

Anyway after I got all the cans for my family I was thinking wouldn’t it be so cool if I can make cans for SJ names on them ㅋㅋ Let’s hope someday I can meet them and give it to them? xD

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111117 Beatburgerkorea Twitter Update :Super Jr.

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@beatburgerkorea :If it’s Super Jr., it’s definitely going to be (color) Blue~~!! Rehearsal start!!! yfrog.com/gy81625103j

Source: @beatburgerkorea
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[Random] 111026 Getting Mr. Simple Album from Sid!! Fanaccount? LOL xD

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This is soooooo random sorry lol, but just want to share my experience of getting Mr. Simple album from the awesome SID!!! ♥

Soo~~ the album was sent few weeks ago.. I was sooo excited but when Sid told me she wrote “Renee Choi Siwon” on the package instead of my real name I was a bit worried!!!

First to explain, packages in here usually got delivered to post office *due to some weird reasons* and then the postman will leave a notice on my mailbox saying that this person got a package at the post office etc. And sooo to claim that package I will need to show my ID..

So.. when I knew Sid was sending me a package with “Renee Choi Siwon” written, I was like, HOW AM I GONNA PROOF MY NAME AS RENEE CHOI SIWON!! LOL

And yesterday I got the notice xD *too bad I forgot to take a pic!! >//<*

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Random…and it’s not SuJu dancing…but the dance is funny ^_^

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Happy birthday myuchullie!!!!!!!! ^______^

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Hi! Today, September 26th, is one of our SUP3RTEAM myuchullie‘s birthday!!!

From all the staff of sup3rjunior.wordpress.com, we wish you a year filled with the same joy you bring to many ELFs by spreading SuJu’s Love. FIGHTING ♥

Presents for you: Kim Janghoon’s duet with Heechul will be released today right? ^^ and KATC blog mentioned they’ll upload a video of Heechul in military today too!! And here is just some Heechul pics for you! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!! ♥♥

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110912 [INFO] Youtube Blocks Korea as a Result of Using Tools to Promote KPOP

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Sorry for making all of you panic! But I condemn everyone who told this rumour the first time! errrrr! 
This what I’ve got when go to the source of this news.

[TRANS] Youtube blocks Korea as a result of using tools to promote KPOP

Youtube announced that they will be blocking access from Korea. Users with the country setting “Korea” will not be able to upload videos, their views numbers will be monitored which means that they won’t be able to affect the number of views.

What is the reason that forced them to take this step? The truth is, Korea in order to support it’s own Kpop, manipulate the number of views into becoming more than 100,000 views. Normally Youtube will count one view for each user, but in Korea they have tools and use multiple accounts that allow them to fake increase the number of views.

Because of that, Girls Generation has more views than world stars like Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. The ban is the measures taken to prevent such attacks.

T/N: I didn’t translate the other example in the article nor the authors comment at the end~


Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20110912-00000012-scn-ent
Translated by: @As0or83
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ILove these songs. & HAPPY CHUSEOK

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HAPPY CHUSEOUK..  Everyone ~~! Thought I’d share another random, candid non sj post.

IF YOUR NOT INTERESTED skip this post =D

ILove these songs.. ~! I’ve only chosen songs by female solo artists, from the EAST SIDE. With a simple basic explanation as to why..

^^IU – HAS an amazing voice. No one can deny,  she is really beautiful. I love the MV,  it reminds of something like a musical, something from the West End of London ~~! Good Day (^__^).. the awkward moment you discover a random guitarist in your bathroom :O

KANA NISHINO – My favourite Japanese female solo artist.  I love every song by Kana Nishino,  & I’m actually not just saying that. I came across her so randomly, this artist is definitely worth the time.. Majority of he songs, I can relate to.. I can relate to the lyrics.

MiCHi – MICHI MADNESS ~~! the artist is underrated, I really think so!  Her songs consist of a combination of English & Japanese lyrics, it’s perfect. It represents MiChi.. as she is mixed race, (Japanese & English!) The lyrics truly come from the heart, alot of her songs are unlike any I have heard.. Kiss Kiss Kiss ~!

MELODY – When you want to feel content, happy, good about yourself.. Melody has created songs that are beautiful, her album Lei Aloha wow. It makes me think, appreciate.. “Stay together, hand in… hand”

MAKI GOTO – She was one of the lead singers of Morning Musume, tbh, I don’t know much about Maki Goto.. But I really love this song. It lifts my spirits up & gets me motivated!

What about you? What songs do you love, by eastern female artists? & Why?

[CandidRandomPost] Dramas I love ! WBU?

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— ALSO what are YOUR FAVOURITES.. do comment!!

Happy Monday has changed to .. CandidRandomPost.. don’t even ask lol.. Oh actually it’s because I missed this weeks Monday lol.. anyway dramas that I LOVE (asian dramas) ..  I’m going to do a top 5 ~! too lazy to do a top 10/20 (I’ve watched ALOT of dramas!)  these are the dramas I thought of straight, no order whatsoever..

  • HANA YORI DANGO (By far the best F4 version, totally pawns BOF!) You have to love Matsumoto Jun! His dorky antics, for a tough guy ROFL! Who doesn’t love a love story, especially when the rich guy falls for the average girl! & the way it comes about is absolutely HILARIOUS! A must watch, I really think if you haven’t watched this then you haven’t seen anything!
  • It STARTED with a kiss.. ~~! Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng ❤ this is so sweet, I feel as though I can relate to her. She’s so persistent about her love, & in the end she gets him! Love is a journey don’t you think? You might get put off by the fact that this drama is quite long, but I am TELLING you it’s worth it. Thee best Taiwanese drama!!
  • Absolute Boyfriend – Basically this girl Riko, gets herself a customised boyfriend, YES CUSTOMISED.. as in he is actually a robot!! I was so suprised & taken by this drama, it’s really funny.. & adorable! Mokomichi Hayami is amazing, when acting as Nighto..
  • Full House — One name RAIN ~~!  my shisus is rain sekshii in the drama, his character ahh ~~! Someone who is unable to confront their feelings, ! I think this is DEFO one of the most FAMOUS Korean dramas.. it sometimes makes me cry I really feel Han Ji-Euns pain, somtimes makes me laugh, & somtimes (Rains other love) annoys the crap out of me!
  • 9 Ends & 2 outs ~~ about a boy & girl best friends, both in their 30 ~~! haha she gets kicked out of her house xD & ends up living with her best MALE friend. It is WAR at first (well because they never spent 24hrs a day together before) .. & the comes LOVE.. ~ this drama makes me happy, it makes me feel optimistic about love!!

OTHER dramas ~! Secret Garden, Buzzer Beat, Oh My Lady,  1 litre of tears, Last Friends, Hana Kimi, Goong S, Mr Girl, Shining Inheritence, Why Why love, Devil Beside You, Down With Love, Hi My Sweetheart, Shining Inheritence… all of them are AWESOME 🙂

I LOVE JERRY YAN.. (especially after watching Down With Love)

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