130401 Ryeowook Twitter Updates: Today, we’re having a April Fool’s day BBQ party

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Today, we’re having a April Fool’s day BBQ party ~~~ ^^ !!! Right now, WonTongSun and the Kids are eating meat ^.~ Super Junior Manager, you’re ~ ♥

Park Hyoshin sunbaenim came to Super Junior’s Super Show 5 ~~ ^^ I love you hyungnim ~~ !!! Ryewookie, you’re ~ ♥

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130329 Leeteuk wishes the members wouldn’t work so hard?

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who is in the army at the moment, confessed his honest thoughts towards his members.

On the upcoming episode of tvN eNEWS- Most Viewed News, Blue Tower‘s Soldier Jung (Jung Jinwook) will interview Leeteuk and Sangchu who are serving in the army right now.

Leeteuk commented that the Super Junior members were doing perfectly fine without him. He also added that in some ways he thinks that they don’t have to do so well. He sent his members a message saying, “You guys are doing very well but don’t be so hard on yourselves and miss me a bit.”

Also, to Yesung, who will be joining the army soon, he said, “That’s too bad, Yesung. But once you get here, you will realize that it’s not as bad and scary as you think.”

The interview also included Sangchu’s message to his fellow member Shorry and am encouraging message from Leeteuk and Sangchu for the prospective youth that will be in the army.

This interview will be aired on the 29th at 11:30 AM as part of tvN eNEWS- Most Viewed News.

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130327 Eunhyuk offered to join Kang Hodong’s new show … nothing confirmed yet

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk may join Kang Hodong’s new SBS variety show.

On the 27th, Eunhyuk’s agency confirmed that Eunhyuk was offered a spot on the SBS show that will air after K-Pop Star 2 but nothing has been confirmed yet due to his busy schedule.

Kang Hodong’s new show will air for the first time on the 21st. It has gained much attention already because Hallyu star Kim Hyunjoong, Yoo Seyoon, Lee Soogeun, Kim Bumsoo, Yoon Jongshin, and Yoon Siyoon have already been confirmed to be on the show. There will also be one female member.

These members will leave for Laos for 4 days as soon as all the members have been confirmed.

Eunhyuk has already worked with Kang Hodong through shows such as SBS Strong Heart and SBS Star King. There is no doubt that Eunhyuk and Kang Hodong will show great teamwork if he were to be on the show.

Source: Star Today
Translated by Jee (@jeee54)

Kang Sora updates fans how Leeteuk’s doing recently – From 130325

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130327 Leeteuk at Military Manpower Office in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul

Actress Kang Sora updated the audience on how Leeteuk’s doing these days.

On the 26th, Kang Sora was on SBS Power FM ‘CulTwo Show’ and updated the audience on how Leeteuk’s been doing these days. The two became close while filming MBC We Got Married.

On this day she said, “I saw his musical ‘Promise’ recently and saw Leeteuk”.

She also added, “He is doing a lot better than during ‘We Got Married’ days. He has more muscles and is more tan. He has become more manly. I think he is fit to be in the army.”

Source: etoday
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120123 Yoo SulAh and Yesung Made a Secret Promise?

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Actress Yoo SulAh revealed her friendship with Super Junior’s Yesung.

Yoo SulAh appeared as a guest on SBS Strong Heart on the 22nd and disclosed how she kept her primise with Yesung 2 years ago.

She said, “Yesung and I are long friends. We both wondered if I could debut and if Yesung and Super Junior would do well.”

She then continuted, “I promised Yesung that I would ask him for an acceptance speech if I ever become an MC on a music show after I debut. 2 years later, I became an MC on SBS Inkigayo and Super Junior placed first with Sorry Sorry.”

She added,”I tried to find Yesung to ask for the speech, but there were too many members and I was not able to find him. Super Junior ranked 1st two weeks in a row but I could not ask Yesung for an acceptance speech. Thankfully, Super Junior placed first again with their mini album, and I ran like the wind to ask for his acceptance speech and was able to keep my promise.”

Source: Starnews
Translated by Jee (@jeee54)


130121 Donghae Weibo Update

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See you next time guys^^ I love you all!!

Source: Donghae’s Weibo
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130121 Yesung Twitter Update: Going to Japan

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Compilation: 130121~25 Super Junior KRY Special Winter Concert at Budokan Yesterday at Mouse Rabbit Cafe^^ Shall I go to Japan now~~

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130121 Siwon Twitter Update: Congrats

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Congrats Siwonest on your 9th anniversary ^^ #SIWONEST9th Even though you are sometimes cold and chic but I am always thankful and love you ^^ ㅋㅋ

Source: @siwon407
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130121 Kangin Gives an Acceptance Speech

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Compilation: 130114~15 27th Golden Disk Award with Super Junior

Kangin could not hold his tears back during ‘The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur’ aired on the 19th as he began his acceptance speech while saying “This is the first time I have joined the group to receive an award…”

Kangin continued, “It is great that I can do two of my favorites things – music and stage, as I sing and dance on stage, but to even receive an award for that makes me very happy. From now on, we will become Super Junior that is not only used to receiving but also giving.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior received Disk Daesang, Bonsang, and MSN South East Asia award on this day.

Translated by @jeee54

121009 [TRANS] Interview with 10Asia: Eunhyuk, “Whether it is a variety show or dancing, nothing should be done excessively.”

October 9, 2012 at 2:11 am | Posted in Eunhyuk, Interviews, Wonderboys | 22 Comments

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121008 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: 10asia’s article is out!

He is not a leader nor a maknae. He does not act nor is he a main MC. And yet, he has succeeded to be one of most known members of Super Junior. On stage, he is the rapper that holds the center, and on variety shows, he interrupts like a ninja and shoots his sense of humor like a spy. The reason why others can listen to him when he says that he knows how to slowly and constantly improve in the fast-moving industry is not because that sentence is well worded but because he shows this through his slow, not exceptional, but calm and orderly steps that he took for the past 7 years since debut to get to where he is now. He has learned to give up to get to a higher place tomorrow. This is the conversation with Eunhyuk, who has transformed to a professional celebrity.

Q: You are very active in variety shows. You must feel the popularity yourself.
A: I think I was more comfortable because I was with my members. When I am by myself, I get shy but with members, the experience itself is very fun. When we were on JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast, hyungs were there and it was so much fun that I want to do like Suju Broadcast later.

Q: Especially on Radio Star, you weren’t very upfront and yet the timing was great.
A: I really wanted to be on Radio Star because Heechul hyung said that I should be prepared because I was going to be the MC next. (Laughs) I was preparing and thought that this would be my chance. But when I was actually on the show, the things I say and the stories that I tell are not the ones that I prepared. During our debut days, we planned everything for variety shows from the performances to the things that we were going to say. But, if we do things just as it is, it is more natural and we realized that unexpected things can happen as well. If I was funny on the show, that would mean that that was my… natural sense of humor? (Laughs)

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121009 Leeteuk to pitch for the Doosan Bears

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Compilation: 121009 Doosan Bears vs Lotte Giants Baseball Game – Leeteuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk will be stepping on the field to pitch.

Leeteuk will be pitching for the Doosan Bears during the opening of the game between Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants at Seoul Jamsil Baseball Field on 9th at 6PM.

Ahead of this, Leeteuk tweeted that he will be pitching and has gained much attention. It seems that he will be gaining much attention of the baseball fans as well as the baseball players themselves.

Super Junior has been active in many fields such as variety shows and in the music industry and apparently, Leeteuk has been practicing very hard.

Leeteuk said, “I will try my best for the victory of the Doosan Bears.”

Also, Super Junior’s Shindong, Eunhyuk and Sungmin will hold a surprise special stage on that day.

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120910 Eunhyuk reveals that Kyuhyun monitors himself while drunk

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Compilation: MBC Every1 ‘Weekly Idol’ – Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun

Group Super Junior’s Eunhyuk revealed something about Kyuhyun.

On the 12th on cable channel MBCEvery1 ‘Weekly Idol’, Super Junior will make an appearance and hold a session where they confirm the members’ profiles and specialities.

In this episode, Eunhyuk caused much laughter by imitating Kyuhyun’s behavior while he is in the dorm. Eunhyuk said, “In the dorm, Kyuhyun usually drinks wine and monitors himself in Radio Star and laughs very loudly.”

Eunhyuk also imitated Kyuhyun’s loud and rather annoying laugh.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun refused that he monitored himself drunk but the other members kept proving him wrong.

This episode will air on the 12th.

Translated by Jee (@jeee54)
Source: TVDaily

120807 Kyuhyun Twitter Update: It was fun

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Just for no reason… Bbyong ~ hh It was fun today! ^^

Source: @GaemKyu
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