Super Junior’s Heechul Teases Past Romance With A K-Pop Girl Group Member, Who Is He Really Dating

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Super Junior member Heechul has once again unintentionally revealed a bit of information about a female member of a K-pop group that he dated in the past. However, the Korean star did not divulge any names.

During an episode of tvN’s Life Bar, Defconn, Lee Yu Bi, and Lee Chae Young joined Heechul in the guest panel. They played the “Truth Game” wherein Heechul inadvertently shared his past relationship.

He said he hung out with Jung Hyung Don and Defconn in the past. During one of their outings a girl he knew wanted to join them, so he invited her to come over. When the Weekly Idol hosts teased him and the girl, his lady friend revealed Heechul’s secret.

“The hyungs kept on teasing, saying we look good together so then the hoobae said, ‘No, we can’t. He’s dating my fellow member,” Heechul said as reported by AllKPop.

Defconn quickly commented that Heechul couldn’t say “a member.” He pointed out how the Super Junior member just confessed to his romantic relationship. The report indicated that Heechul has since been reacting worriedly.

Who Is The K-Pop Idol That Super Junior Heechul Dated?
Heechul has been rumored to have dated some Korean celebrities throughout his career. He has teased about these ladies from his past, but he never mentions any names.

In January 2017, he accidentally revealed information about a celebrity ex-girlfriend. He told the MCs of Channel A’s Singderella that he once appeared in a broadcast with a former lover.

“When I have a girlfriend, I don’t contact other girls at all. I can’t even take care of my own girlfriend, of course, I wouldn’t be interested in other girls. I uphold this strictly. That’s why even if I meet an ex-girlfriend at a broadcasting station, we can still do the broadcast together well,” he said at the time.

Heechul also mentioned in an interview late last year about how hard it is to have a celebrity ex-girlfriend. He said every time his ex appears on TV, his current girlfriend would call him. The worst is when she keeps on calling him whenever he attends an awards night where the former girlfriend is also in attendance.

It appears that Heechul dated one or more Korean celebrities in the past. However, he never admitted to any of them and remained focused on his career. There was no official confirmation regarding his romantic relationships with his agency either.

Heechul was linked to Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon in 2013 after he shared a photo of her on his Instagram account. There were also speculations that he dated Yunho of DBSK after they were spotted shopping together.

He was also previously linked to a model named IVY. In 2015, he was rumored to be with a certain Yerin of Coex. The latter and Heechul were spotted holding hands. It was later revealed that the two were just friends and co-actors in a film. Moreover, Heechul has also been rumored to have been in a relationship with a special someone for years now, but the identity of the girl has never been confirmed by Heechul or his agency.


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