161124 OSEN Interview – Kim Heechul “What I gained from Ask Us Anything? Hyungs and Min Kyunghoon”

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“Duet with Min Kyunghoon, sounds like just one voice right?”

– The lyrics are so pretty.

Heechul: When I was writing the lyrics, I wondered whether to write lyrics that were easy to understand, but I wrote them the way I wanted to. Kyunghoon told me “Hyung, I like everything. Hyung, do it comfortably”. I originally like expressions like spring, flower, butterfly, mountain, moon, eternity, fallen leaves, but it seemed cheesy after writing (Laughs). I wanted to write about the friendships built up with the ‘Ask Us Anything’ members since we met, talk about having to say goodbye in future, and a message to meet again. I searched for pure Korean words and found the expression ‘Butterfly Dream’ very pretty. But my dongsaengs know my blunt personality so they asked if the lyrics were ghostwritten (Laughs).

– Weirdly, it sounds like it is sung by one person.

Heechul: What is funny is that I was not copying Kyunghoon’s vocals. Kyunghoon finished recording first so I harmonised to match the beat. I had no choice but to sing with vibration like Kyunghoon. We listened to the recording and could not distinguish between our voices, like which is my part? whose voice is this? (Laughs). We talked like “Did I harmonise?”, “This is hyung’s voice? Or mine?”. But anyone can tell it is my voice during the solo parts. Only the parts we sang together sound similar.

– Kim Heechul x Min Kyunghoon, many fans want to see a live stage.

Heechul: Both our schedules are too tight so there is no time. Still, out of courtesy for fans, I want to stand on a stage like at a year end award ceremony. Since fans want to see us singing together. It has been 6 years since I last stood on a year end award ceremony stage so if we receive an invitation I want to go on stage with Kyunghoon.

“Not having fear, is my biggest strength”

– What is the secret to Ask Us Anything’s popularity?

Heechul: Even when the guests are not variety-oriented, they can comfortably have fun on ‘Ask Us Anything’. Firstly, we address one another comfortably. On other variety shows, you may be unable to greet with ‘oppa’ or even ‘sunbaenim’, but we start off as friends. I controlled myself from using ‘smoking ad-libs’ on female guests for a while, but during break time they come to me and ask “Why didn’t you use that on me”. I asked “Can I really do that?”. They seem to like such ad-libs.

– Where do the ‘possessed ad-libs’ come from?

Heechul: Kang Hodong said to me. That my not having fear is my biggest strength. Even though I am not scared of broadcasts or hyungs, I fear losing what I have, so no matter what, I try to protect it. ‘Sweet Dream’ did well, and Lee Sooman chairman said to me “It’s Heechul’s era now”. Although I am happy, I feel I have to be more careful. These days I do not even go to clubs anymore.

– Is this your second prime?

Heechul: I am a TV mania originally. I have been since long ago. Even when I was ‘Youngstreet’ DJ, I got close to hyungs like Lee Juck, Lee Seunghwan and Leessang faster because I knew them well. This strength is exploding now. It matches the era well. It was more excessive in the past; my fans know that well (Laughs).

“I have gained a lot from ‘Ask Us Anything’”

– To Kim Heechul, Min Kyunghoon is?

Heechul: A new ‘chemistry’ partner after Super Junior members. Kyunghoon is a total homebody. He seems younger than other dongsaengs. I have never met such a pure friend. His pure and straightforward way of speaking is why female guests like him. He seems so pure, which makes his ‘Rated 19’ topics even funnier. It is a concept that cannot be done on other variety shows. To me, Kyunghoon is a new ‘chemistry’. An unexpected ‘chemistry’. He is a dongsaeng I met for the first time on ‘Ask Us Anything’. I have gained a lot from ‘Ask Us Anything’. I like the hyungs too, but gaining a person like Min Kyunghoon is the most meaningful. I really like that ‘Sweet Dream’ I did with Kyunghoon reached #1. It is a lucky song.

– To Kim Heechul, Super Junior is?

Heechul: In the past we were like family, but now we are like a married couple. Our relationship is one where we still sleep under the same blanket even when we fight. We have reached the point where we can still be together even as we age and have lesser activities. To be honest, I used to think of how to answer such questions in a cool way but now no descriptions are needed. I am not the type to be expressive towards dongsaengs but I occasionally go to support their stages. I only nonchalantly greet them and leave but they know my personality well. Next year, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae will be returning so Super Junior should comeback too. I am thinking a lot about that. Please support us. I praise all of you~

Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003437609
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