161015 Donghae Instagram Update: ELF you’ve been well right??!!

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생일&군입대 1년되는날 ELF에게…

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ELF you’ve been well right??!!
I’m Super Junior Donghae. Today, 10.15. is my birthday and it is also the day that I’ve enlisted for a year. I told ELF “I’ll come back well!!” and went in and looking back, one year has already passed!! As each day passed, there were a lot of times when my heart kept fluttered when I think about meeting everyone. When I first enlisted, as it was something that I’m experiencing for the first time so I thought a lot and was worried if I would be able to do well but now. I’ve become a third rank police and I seem to be doing really well!!^_^ with the love that ELF has sent me. I’m secure and is doing well so don’t worry!! We’ll meet soon so just wait for a little while more!! Don’t fall sick!!

I will return healthily.

I love you ELF.


To ELF on my birthday, 1 year after enlistment
Lee Donghae

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