160512 K Force Website Update – Soldier Eunhyuk and Shindong [Interview + 6P]

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EH: As a man of the Republic of Korea, all of us have this duty to fulfill, all have this responsibility to protect the country. I have continuously worked for 10 years and I consider it now as a  short rest for me and I should make use of the time wisely, upgrade myself and restart again. I hope that I can enjoy my army life, make use of the time properly and to think how to comeback with a new and improve self after discharge to pay back to the society. My words to them is “hope you can use the time properly

Q:  How is the life recently?
EH: There’s a lot of activities in the Military Band. Since March, the band has performed in many places. In the Military Band, we are the same as the other soldiers, we do our duties,we practice and work hard all the time.

Q: Any new junior joined?
EH: In my squad there were two new members so now altogether we are around 7-8,All of the Juniors are very cute, I am very happy.

Q:May is a family month, please say something to your fans and friends
EH: Because May is a family month we should take a good care of out family and pay more attention to our parents, but I feel this is something we should always be doing. Though I have always been  living in the dorm and not spending a lot of time with my parents, now that I have enlisted, as I wasn’t able to live with them, the feeling is yet so different. I can deeply feel the importance of the family, my parents and the people around me. When you can be together with  them, even it is very tiny things just hope you can do all of them well, I hope everyone can have a blessed and happy life with their family together.

Q: What is the last thing you want to say?
EH: After I have come to GOP, I can feel that all the soldiers in our  country are full of energy and power. We are very full of ambition to protect the country so I hope all citizens can have a faith in us and give us support.

Q: How do you feel after participating in the Special Performance?
EH: For the first performance started from the 9th and altogether 8 performance in 5 days, last week we climbed our way to the most frontier of GOP, the first thought that came to my mind was the fellow soldiers who were serving here must have a very difficult life here. I always keep in my mind  and always prepared myself to meet our hard working fellow soldiers. When I first started, I had thought if this kind of event would be very difficult to do but then I have come here with the thought of giving these fellow soldiers the power and support and it has shown to me that they have well received all our support and their feedback were very good.

Q:In this kind of stage , is  there anything that you think is not good enough?
EH: I actually think this is very good experience. Before enlistment, I always perform on well built and designed stages now performing in these kind of ‘a little less perfect” stage , I can actually feel the stage is even more valuable  and i appreciate more the audience who came. No matter where we are, we still have people who love us and love to listen to us sing is truly a blessing.

Q:You are in different units and met after a long time, it because of working together fro a long time? I couldn’t find any gaps in your performance.
SD: Thank you for watching it well. Actually while preparing for the concert, we were worried about whether we would do well and there was some burden, It was  because of thinking whether the fellow soldiers would anticipate” Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Shindong stages. There fore we prepared the MR and recording of choruses for the songs that soldiers like in advance.Thankfully, they really enjoyed our stages lot, to our relief.

Q: Recently in the entertainment industry, reservist like Song Joongki, Yoon Shiyoon, Yoo Seungho etc are the trend. What do you think about it?
SD: Something I objected to, was that when Corporal Lee Sungmin and I enlisted Super Junior did another round of promotion without us. While looking at members who were promoting the album, I felt regretful, but when I saw Private First Class Lee Hyukjae enter as Private Second Class, I felt “ Ah, he will be out later than me, Relatively speaking, I will have more time to prepare”. Now I don’t have any worried.

Q: Are there any girl group you want to see?
SD: In the army these days Red Velvet, Twice, IOI are the trend. I want to see them too. Gfriend too, Lovelyz…. Come to think of it, there are a lot.

Q: May is a family month, Say something to your fans and fellow soldiers.
SD: I have something to say to soldiers’ family and friends, Please pick up your collect calls. And when we are on vacation, please don’t say “ You’re out again?” It’s what soldiers hear the most, and it’s disappointing to be honest. Also thanks to Descendats of the Sun drama, the image of soldiers improved a lot. We soldiers will work hard to continue improving such image. I hope our families give us a lot of love too.

Source: kokbang.dema.mil.kr
Translated by: 령 ‏@ryeongbb
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: uksujusid

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