160129-30 Leeteuk Twitter and Instagram Updates: Hoah..daebak!!!I’ll work hard!!!^^.

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★☆★☆ RYEOWOOK @ryeong9 – THE LITTLE PRINCE ☆★☆★ Compilation Post

..Ryeowook see you in a little while at the radio~^^..I know what #TheLittlePrincesaid..ㅋㅋBut did you eat the cd and sang?Because it was really perfect..Do a little bit of mistake..That way, people will know that it’s live..ㅋㅋ


A photo posted by Lee teuk (@special_js1004) on

..The Little Prince!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..려욱이가 더 잘될수있는 길이라면..!!!여러분 놀때가 아닙니다 다같이 뛰어봐요!!!^^..

A photo posted by Lee teuk (@special_js1004) on

..If this can make Ryeowook to be even more successful..!!! It’s not time to play, everybody let’s run together!!!^^..

..추운데 고생했어요 사진 찾아가요~^^..

A photo posted by Lee teuk (@special_js1004) on

..You had a hard time being in the cold, find yourself in the photo~^^..

..I love you our magnae Ryeowookie!!^^The Little Prince~~!!Avoid having back tears now~^^ㅋㅋ..You were, as expected, perfect today too!!!^^..

..Hoah~~~I want to eat dumplings..Cute Panda ㅠㅠ..A Saturday like this is gold!!!Next week I’ll be caught in a hurry with a crazy schedule but I’ve to do something like wash, sauna and drink ginseng..And in the end a late night movie..Oh cuteㅠㅠ..I’d like to rise a puppy but I’m not sure yet..ㅋㅋI’m feeling so sleepy that I’m rambling..

There are really a lot of interesting articles recently..ㅋㅋI saw a tarot accidentally..I wondered about love and I saw a love story..I did read the cards..He sighed heavily and said..”Leeteuk-ssi this year can be just work, 2016 is an important year..There is no one to date then you can’t meet someone..ㅋㅋLeeteuk-ssi feel lonely but after all he’ve an important work” Hoah..daebak!!!I’ll work hard!!!^^..

Picture : If you don’t receive a reply on Kakaotalk within 9 minutes, it means that person isn’t interested in you.

Source: Lee Teuk ‏@special1004special_js1004
Translated by: sjstagramtrans
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: uksujusid


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