160127-28 Kangin Twitter and Instagram Update: I’m not listening to other sounds except The Little Prince

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역시 클래스가 다르다 샵에서 우연히 마주친 한국의 저스틴비버 대단하다

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As expected, he’s of a different class. Korea’s Justin Bieber that I’ve bumped into by chance in the shop, he’s incredible

려욱아 끝내자~~~아자아자

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Ryeowook-ah awesome~~~ajaaja pict : Today 8pm Solo Debut Ryeowook On Air ‘The Little Prince’ Live Broadcast

려욱아 축하한다 춘향이도 전해달래~~~#어린왕자

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Ryeowook-ah, Chunyang also said she like it~~~#TheLittlePrince
pict : Ryeowook Oppa I like it

또 다시 출근 춥다…

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Setting off for work once again, its cold…

I recommending everyone not to buy but to adopt. I’ve nureongi simba and baekgu. Baekseolgi at our house. Please contact me if you’re interested ro adopt. They’re both females. Really preto Simba and Baekseolgi👍

For Ryeowook’s No 1, I’m not listening to other sounds except The Little Prince only, for today and tomorrow too…👍

Source: Kang in ‏@Himsenkanginkanginnim
Translated by: sjstagramtrans
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: uksujusid


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