160126-27 Ryeowook Twitter and Instagram Update: sleep well~ goodnight ♡

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★☆★☆ RYEOWOOK @ryeong9 – THE LITTLE PRINCE ☆★☆★ Compilation Post

Jiyoung noona thanks ~^^ Desert fox thank youㅋㅋ Ultimate MC ~ Noona breathing is awesome ~ I was able to showcase comfortably thanks ! 😄

Our handsome Kingking hyung~~ Thanks I live because of the reliable SJ hyungs ! ㅠ In the waiting room while waiting to recording Sketchbook yesterday~ 😄

https://t.co/oZoxDFbYqG Follow ->@loudforearth
Let’s get #LoudForEarth #climatechange#weatherchange Julian cool~^^ Julian made this compendium!!!!! Genius Julian ! ~~Have a nice day ♡

NCT ! The kind guys who even came to watch my play ~ They came to my musical in the past and whenever our SuJu a do concert, they will come and great us! They’re finally debuting and I’ll be great if it turns out really well ! You’ll get good results as much as you’ve waited~ Congrats~ ^^ NCT fighting!

It’s a historical day ^^ Thank you to the people who had a hard time while preparing for my first solo album and everyone who listened to it ! I’ll work hard on my activities and repay everyone ~ Our members, ELF, I love you ~ It’s now the start!!! The Little Prince fighting ♡

The Little Prince Music Video~^^ https://t.co/g1JbwC0ObR Wonki hyung thank you ~ Son Yong hyung who captured the consep thank you too ~ Director, all the staff, it was really cold day.. Everyone had really suffered~ Thank you~ㅠ

Watching RS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I gained strength from the support text message from Shin this morning ^^!!!! Cross Gene fighting noona too~!!!!!!

I didn’t know .. Because I don’t have an instagram but Chanyeol-ah thankssss~~~ I gained strength from your support messageㅋㅋ Be careful not catch a cold ! ♡ You’re really a princeㅋㅋ

It’s cold right~~ Our fans!!! Thanks ~♡ See you in a little while~~^^

Team leader Yoo Shin Hye and PD Yoo Jina whom I did Super Idol Chart Show with gave me their support~ Thank you ~~~^^ I miss Super Idol Chart Show~ Entered Mcountdown! Oh yeah♡ The Little Prince daebak!

Fighting Cross-Jean! ^^

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLCflL2hsx4 … all my schedules today have been completed ! Everyone, watch this video & sleep well~ goodnight ♡

Source: Ever Lasting St ‏@ryeong9
Translated by: sjstagramtransYoojin ♡ ‏@teukables
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: uksujusid


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