★☆★☆ RYEOWOOK @ryeong9 – THE LITTLE PRINCE ☆★☆★

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Music Video

160127 RYEOWOOK 려욱_어린왕자 (The Little Prince)_Music Video

Teaser Video

 160125 RYEOWOOK 려욱_어린왕자 (The Little Prince)_Music Video Teaser

Highlight Medley

160126 RYEOWOOK 려욱_The 1st Mini Album ‘The Little Prince’_Highlight Medley

Teaser Images

160119 Ryeowook The Little Prince – Teaser Images [3P]

1601120 Ryeowook The Little Prince – Teaser Images [3P]

160121 Ryeowook The Little Prince – Teaser Images [3P]

160122 Ryeowook The Little Prince – Teaser Images [3P]

160125 Ryeowook The Little Prince – Teaser Images [2P]


160125 Official, ‘The Little Prince’ Showcase with Ryeowook [142P]

Twitter Updates

160119 @SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter Update: #SuperJunior RYEOWOOK(@ryeong9) to release his FIRST ever solo digital album #TheLittlePrince on Jan 28th 0AM (KST)

160120 @SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter Update: #RYEOWOOK(@ryeong9) #어린왕자 #TheLittlePrince

160124 redgod26 Instagram Updates with Ryeowook [2P]

160125 phs1116 Instagram Update with Ryeowook [1P]

160125 Ryeowook Twitter Update: The Little Prince MV teaser ^^

160126-26 @SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter Update: #RYEOWOOK(@ryeong9) #어린왕자 #TheLittlePrince Music Video https://youtu.be/Js_Tf4nPilc

160126 Ryeowook Twitter Update: I’ll participate ^^

160127 rie81 Instagram Update with Ryeowook [1P]

160127 Kyuhyun Twitter Update: Ryeonggu is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

160126-27 Ryeowook Twitter and Instagram Update: sleep well~ goodnight ♡

160127-28 Kangin Twitter and Instagram Update: I’m not listening to other sounds except The Little Prince

160127-28 Yesung Twitter and Instagram Updates: Everyone has worked hard today too 

160127-28 Heechul Instagram Update: Very pretty girls in Spain Plaza have danced with me! !! #MAMACITA #SPAIN

160127-28 Leeteuk Twitter and Instagram Update: #TeukSora #Sora-yah, are you doing well?^^..I miss WGM..

160129 kisstheradio Instagram Update: The Little Prince

160129 Ryeowook Twitter Update: I am Ryeowook ^^

160129 @KBSKISSTHERADIO Twitter Update with Ryeowook [5P]

160130 Ryeowook Twitter Update: Thank you Sukira production crew ^^!!!!!!

160129-30 Leeteuk Twitter and Instagram Updates: Hoah..daebak!!!I’ll work hard!!!^^.

160131 @officialSTELLAR Twitter Update with Ryeowook [1P]

160131 Ryeowook Twitter Update: Manor legs ! I’ll meet you later in Inkigayo ♡


160125 Showbiz Korea _ RYEO-WOOK(려욱) TO HOLD HIS 1ST SOLO CONCERT [Video]

Music Shows 

160121 Mnet M Countdown ‘The Little Prince’ Ryeowook [Preview Video]

160125 SBS Inkigayo ‘The Little Prince’ Ryeowook [Preview Video]

160128 M COUNTDOWN Hangout Chat with RYEOWOOK [Video]

160128 Ryeowook(려욱) – The Little Prince M COUNTDOWN 160128 EP.458 [Video] #DEBUT

160129 Ryeowook(려욱) – The Little Prince KBS Music Bank [Video] #DEBUT

160130 Ryeowook(려욱) – The Little Prince MBC Show Music Core [Video] #DEBUT

160131 Ryeowook(려욱) – The Little Prince SBS Inkigayo [Video] #DEBUT



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  1. His album is so good ! the MV is nice too and his voice is killing it !! 🙂
    but honestly i’m so disappointed with ELFs, there is almost no support from non-Ryeosomnias.
    that’s what i don’t like about our fandom, it’s always about biases.
    we already lost a lot of fans during the 2 years of hiatus but now that Eunhyuk and Donghae are gone, the remaining ELFs don’t even bother anymore.
    let’s be honest, a big part of our fandom is made of Eunhae’s shippers.
    that’s funny, all these years we kept blaming the non-fans for ignoring Super Junior’s talents and SM for giving them crappy concepts but since This Is Love they came back with more artistic MVs and music and they had the lowest sales and MV’s views or likes.
    at the end i’m not sure ELFs were fans because of their music like they pretended to be all these years but rather fans of Super Junior the clowns.
    I’m done with this fandom.

    aka : very pissed-off ex-ELF.

    • I……kinda agree with you.. It’s sad but somehow true.. I don’t know, I’m sad and I don’t know..

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