☆☆ Sup3rjunior Giveaway ☆☆ Celebrating Siwon’s Korean drama comeback!

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Hello ELF!

To celebrate Siwon’s Korean drama comeback, Sup3rjunior is giving away 2 Devil albums!

sup3rjunior giveaway

First of all I’d like to THANK YOU all for participating!! Not gonna lie, if we could give you all the albums, we would’ve!!! Your answers brought smiles to my face!!

And so the winners are………


1st prize winner: Devil album + Siwon photocard + bonus of Siwon photocard from Sexy, Free and Single album – CONGRATULATIONS WijDen Dalhoumi from Tunisia!!

2nd prize winner: Devil album + Siwon photocard – CONGRATULATIONS Myta Laili from Indonesia!!

Congratulations!! Could the winners please mention me on Twitter @reneeei so I can grab your addresses!! 😀 (Hopefully you guys have Twitter, if not you could comment here and tell me your contacts and I’ll contact you!)



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  1. Anniefhel Amo
    I started loving Siwon when I first saw him. We (me and my sister) accidentally clicked Mr. Simple MV. And I saw him. It was love at first sight.
    I love Siwon because he is so down to earth and very religious. And he is rich lol
    My fave would be King of Dramas because the story is so nice and Siwon’s role is very derpy (so much him)

  2. Name : Eva Novita
    Country : Indonesia
    How did i love Super Junior :
    i know super junior on 2009 with their song sorry-sorry. but just playing their song and never watched their MV. i keep played sorry sorry on my phone. after that on 2010, i heard bonamana on radio and they mentioned super junior who sang that song. i love the rythm and the sound. i tried to search bonamana mv on utube. and finally i saw them, SUPER JUNIOR!!! 👏👏 i dont know why, i download bonamana mv and much more super junior mv from utube hehe. i rewatched all of their mv again and again. and yaa you know, i falling in love with them until now and forever hahaha ><
    Why i love siwon :
    bcos he always pay a lot attention to other member, such as : paying their meals, and others hahaha
    My fav Siwon drama :
    SKIP BEAT! bcos siwon and donghae as a roleplayer there 🙂

  3. *Name : Rizkya Mareta Saraswati
    *Country : Indonesia
    *How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior :
    I know super junior in 2011, the song was first heard is bonamana and I really like, I know super junior from my classmates, I am very happy because of my good friends like super junior as well, we always come to a concert together, i love super junior
    *Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words) :
    Choi siwon is a perfect man, he was very multitalented, I do not know why he was so mad when it comes to the variety show, he loved his job but he must be in love with his health, that made us fall in love with her is her smile and hospitality
    *What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why :
    I really like the film Athens he played, he was very cool and ah so handsome he is very suitable play its role in Athens, for the movie dragon blade her role very little but it was a good film, I was waiting for the latest drama it may satisfy the ELF before he went Military

  4. Farida putri f
    I think i am starting like SJ bcs there is Sushow in my country, and before i am become an ELF, i am have interesting with SNSD, and SNSD is close with SJ so i am start to search everything about SJ, and now i am become ELF 🙂
    One thing that i really like about Siwon is he is not arrogant even when he is rich and he is so kind to other SJ member, his attitude also so good, he is so honest and he always congrats my country when happy independent day to my country ( INA) and i am so respect about that
    My fav drama is king of drama because siwon just being himself hahaha, his acting like no diff with his attitude in real live, his expression is so funny, so interesting drama too 🙂

  5. Name: Angela Izzo
    Country: Italy~

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: Super Junior was my first kpop group. I see ‘Sorry Sorry’ at the end of 2009… but it was a little… traumatic. Do you know, a lot of people on the stage, a different type of music (In Italy there are a lot of ballad) and I saw SNSD’s Gee after Sorry Sorry. So I run away from Kpop AHHAAHHAAH
    in April 2010 I found out BONAMANA and.. I fell in love! I really loved and love that song and the first member that I noticed and I liked was Siwon! it was the more easy for me to recognize, or maybe I liked him so much that was very easy for me XD
    So I start to follow him more than Super Junior, but I always liked super junior’s comeback (Even if my favourite will be always Bonamana XD)

    Tell us why you love Siwon: This is a difficult question, I like Siwon in a ‘real mode’, how can explain… it’s not an idol/fan relationship. I feel some difference between us, some different way to think, some different way to approach to life, but I feel near to him in other things. I respect him like a person, more than an idol, and this is one of the reason about my love for him XD
    He is always so real, so near, so kind that he doesn’t seem far away, he doesn’t act like a super star (and HE IS) but he’s true, I can see the true Siwon, with his mind, his way to think and I love him for this reason.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: I will never forget how cute he was in 18 vs 29 (Yeah, I found out EVERY drama with him HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA), but if I have to think about a drama that let me without words (HAHAHAHA) it’s POSEIDON.
    I loved Siwon in that drama and I start it only for him, but the drama became like a intricate mystery that I wanted to soleve and I had to solve XD I watched 5 episode every night until 4 in the morning and it was amazing even if I was like a zombie.
    So yeah, I think that this is one of my favourite and Siwon in police (maritime police) it was REALLY amazing.
    Charm of the uniform… HERE I AM!

  6. Kyla Mhariz M. Vergara
    I started loving Super Junior not because of their songs or performances but because of their humors 😂. I first saw them on star friends which is EUHNYUK and Leeteuk is in there. Watching that makes me really laugh hard so I got interested with them and started stalking them. Then I discovered the other members. Siwon was my first bias on SuJu because his first photos that I saw was so freaking hot 😍😂. Then after knowing each of them I became so obsessed with them and always stalk them ever single day.
    I love SIWON because he is the kind of person that I can call a FRIEND. He is really open with his personal life and shares it to every elf. He Is also being a brother to other members and that makes me so proud of him. He is also the kind of person that doesnt broadcast or says to other person that he’s rich even though he is always being teased because of it. He’s just contented and thankful of what he has and shares what he has to others who need help. And with that I can really call him as a good man.
    My favorite drama of him is Dragon Blade because it was really amazing and he’s just so handsome there. He really plays his role there with a passionate personality. And that’s what an actor must have to completely act his role. The story of it is really good which makes me really interested 😄

  7. Name: Goriyang
    Country: Indonesia
    I started to like super junior during the mr.simple era. my friends can’t stop talking about them at school and i was like omg who is these guys. and i started to search for any information i could get from them. and bam! before i knew it im far up their butt.
    the reason why i like him ofc his good look ngl. but after knowing him better he’s just so funny and im a sucker for such guy. and also very kind and wise. ugh he’s just that perfect my body cannot resist.
    my favorite siwon’s drama is king of drama even tho he wasn’t the lead. he’s just so funny in it like the role was so very siwon.

  8. Name: Marian Jenn B. Principe
    Country: Philippines
    How did you start loving Siwon/ Super Junior?
    ~ Been an elf since the 5th grade(2011). I was introduced to this family by my friend. We would spazz whenever we have free time and would do fan chants.
    Tell us why you love Siwon
    ~Siwon is my ub in Sj.I love everything about that horse. I adore his love for Christ.I love the most about him is his wonderful and wide smile.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why
    ~My favorite drama of him is “Oh” My Lady”. Thought they don’t have that much chemistry, I still enjoyed it. Siwon is so cute (as always) and his acting skill is very impressing. I Find the drama very funny lolll.

  9. Name: Sweatcel Angela Arangel

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I Start Loving siwon when all the members keeps teasing him because of the bible, i still remember when Kangin do a house warming on WGM and he brought a bible for a gift then all of a sudden all members laugh hehehe…XD,
    It was 2009 when i start loving Super Junior until now,i start to knowing them by using internet and i discover how honest they are in Off-cam and on-Cam they’re also funny and Adorable .For me no one can compare our boys to other Group for me I still love them even they grow old, Just like The song “Grow Old with you” 🙂 ♥♥

    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words):
    I love siwon not because he was handsome i like him because,he doesn’t care about his image when he do a derp faces hihih…,A 100% “gentleman” i assure you :),He has faith in God,Sweet person,and still remember how he save a dog in the street such a kind person,that’s why i like siwon

    What’s your favorite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    For Drama “The King of Dramas” Because I love the why he act his role.It was fun and funny at the same time,when siwon doing her derp faces every scene i totally like it,and i like his role
    For the Movie I’ll choose “Attach Of The Pin-Up boys” because it was memorable for me it was the 1st SJ movie ever. ♥♥ and all the member did their best on the Movie

  10. Name: Diva Priscillia
    Country: Indonesia
    How did you start loving Siwon/
    Super Junior:
    I start to love Super Junior when I was in junior high. That was the first time I saw their mv & suddenly fall in love with their talents and their personalities. Siwon is one of my favorite. His handsome appearance & good personality has been captured my heart since then.
    Tell us why you love Siwon:
    There are a lot of reason. He is so charming with that face, height and everything. He is humble, kind and friendly. Also beside his cool appearance, he sometimes make me shock with his funny side, aegyo & skinships. He also a religious man that direct or indirectly, remind me to God. There’s no reason to hate this amazing guy.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s
    drama/movie and why:
    I like King of Drama the most.
    Siwon’s acting had a lot of improvement in King of Drama. He played a character that opposite from his charming image. But I think he did well, also with the kiss scene. The storyline is good even though the rating not did well. Wish he doing well with ‘She Was Pretty’ :^)

  11. • Name : Mutiara
    • Country : Indonesia

    • First time I heard SJ’s song (No Other) in the departement store, I was so confused, I thought, what the hell is this song, why the lyrics are so asdffgghhkl that I can’t understand it. But as the song continues, I started to enjoy the song. And I changed my mind. (this is so shame) I walked to a sales promotion girl near me, and I asked what’s the tittle of the song and who’s the singer, she said it’s Super Junior’s song called No Other, and my adventure was started, then go inside SJELF’s world until now, and forever.

    • I don’t have any reason to love him or SJ. Really, If you ask me to explain it to you, I don’t know what I have to explain. But the most important thing is, they are the most friendly idol I ever knew. Especially Siwon, I remember when Siwon gave a ‘free’ handshake with ELF INA in SS4 INA. That’s make me caring him so much. He even wasn’t feel embarrassed to do a weird things in front of the public, just to make ELF feel entertained. This is really make me proud to be an ELF.

    • My favourite is Oh My Lady, why? Oh I just love the way siwon carry Ye Eun, kkkk, so cute. But actually, I’ve watched almost all of Siwon’s drama and film, except To The Fore, I didn’t watched it yet kekekeke. But I’ll watch it as soon as possible

  12. Melinda
    How did I start loving SJ : at first I only knew their songs from online game, from there my friend told me that they’re from Korea and quite popular so I start searching about them myself and I found they has a lot of charm ><
    Also its like I can't get my eyes off from them

    Why I love Siwon : eventhough he look like he didn't care much about other members but actually he cares so much about them. Also he really didn't care about his image if its to make people smile, he will gladly do it ^^ and the last is his english ~ he make international fans feel close to him

    Fav movie/drama : Goddes of War : Athena
    Reason : because only after I watch the drama, I found out that Siwon prepared so much to make his arm muscles but the PD didn't let Siwon to pull up his sleeves to show it kkk ~

  13. Name : Susi Susilawati
    Country : Indonesia
    1st answer : I starting love siwon because i love korean drama.. (18 vs 29)
    2nd answer : i love siwon because he is handsome, gentleman, humble, care, and the most chessy person in the the world *lol
    3rd answer : 18 vs 29 is my favorit drama, because his act at that drama is the most natural act from all his drama.. Although his appearence at that drama so minimize but i can’t forget his impressive act and how is he so good looking..

  14. Name : Ummu Lathifa
    Country : Indonesia
    -I knew suju for the first time bcs Siwon~ i watched an interview of him on yt (uhm i forgot what interview) and i thought “wow, who is he?” then i searched up abt him and i found he’s a member of suju then bang! i discover them then love them right away~ it was when I love suju for the first time! until now ofc~ i have been spazzing about suju for 6 years already hahaha i love them so much<33333
    -they are my ultimate fav group ever! they are my first kpop group i stanned until now. suju's members are so talented, handsome, funny, etc. they always make me smile. esp when im sad. they are moodbooster!!! when they're crying i will crying too, but when they're smile i will smile too. we are meant to be loljk. eunsihae will enlist soon for 2 years, and i will always wait for them to comeback :" i have been doing this -i mean waiting for the members to come back from the enlistment- for years, waiting for 2 years with love is nothing. it feels like 1 week haha :") I’ve been an elf since 2009 but i cant buy every albums of them. I want this album with siwon pc in it i hope i can win this amen~ i love sj!!!
    – Actually my favorite movie of him is Attack on the Pin-Up Boys bcs it was so toucing for me omg my first movie of suju i've watched and full team<3 and it was so funny HAHAHA My another favorite siwon's drama is Oh! My Lady bcs i like his acting on this drama, his acting is sooo good (always haha) and i like Skip Beat too, bcs there's donghae hehehe
    Thank you for this giveaway :") i hope i can win this amen~

  15. Name: Tugce Ucar
    Country: Denmark
    How did you start Loving siwon/ super junior: it all stared when I watched the drama skip beat. I fell in love with both siwon and donghae, which lead me to watch all their dramas at the moments, and I didn’t know they were apart of a kpop group. After a year(2012) when Gangnam style became popular I accidentally saw sexy free single, and I have been an elf ever since. Both siwon and donghae introduced me to my beloved group❤️
    Tell us why you love siwon: I will give you a simple answer, because he is an idiot. Even though he is SJ’ visual he doesn’t even care about his image! #derpsiwonalltheway. He is handsome, funny, sweet and I love his American reactions. And his love towards his members is really admirable❤️
    Favorite siwon drama: skip beat, because it was the drama which introduced me to suju. It was the drama which basically ruined my life( kpop obsession)


    I never got the permission to buy an album, so if i get the chance to win this i would be the happiest girl in the world


  16. Name: Claire Lindsay
    Country: Australia
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior (max 150 words)
    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words)
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words)
    – I was watching Youtube when I saw kevjumba’s video on why he wasn’t cool (this was about the end of 2011), and I really liked the audio clip of him singing to this song. I looked at the comment section, and then searched up Super Junior’s Mr Simple. Then I watched Super Junior’s EHB and got instantly hooked, and Siwon became my first bias in K-pop cause he looked really hot and he had abs…
    – I love Siwon because despite the fact that he came from a wealthy background, he helps out within the community and is grateful towards others and is kind-hearted, especially to us ELFs, and he continuously works hard to give his personal best, whether it’s for SJ comeback on music shows or in his dramas and movies
    – My favourite role that Siwon was in is The King of Dramas cause Siwon really brought out his comedic side which was interesting to view, cause before his roles were more of action or romance-based, and I really loved the writing and cast (I’m sad that the ratings were low cause it was amazing!)

  17. Name:
    – Emma Zhang
    – Australia
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    – I started liking Super Junior through Eunhyuk back in 2011, when Mr Simple first came out that year. I rembemr being captivated by Eunhyuk’s blond hair and thinking, “hey, this song is pretty cool~” After that I started searching up the members of the group and started to like them for different reasons. Eunhyuk for his sense of humor and humble nature, Donghae for his shy yet manly personality (and those arm muscles ;D), Yesung for his capitvating voice and quirky charms, Ryeowook for his hidden (sometimes) sharp tongue (kekeke~), Shindong for his dancing and his ability to make people laugh, Leeteuk for his amazing leadership, Kangin for his goofiness, Heechul for his sass, Kyuhyun for his hilariously painful remarks, Sungmin for his manly yet cute charms, Kibum for his rapping (before he went on hiatus), Hangeng for his determination and will and finally Siwon for his perfect manly charm. Including SJM, Henry for his talent and happy-go-lucky personality and Zhoumi for his resilience,
    Tell us why you love Siwon:
    -He’s very humble despite being the son of a rich family. He also loves his members a lot and truly gives his all in everything he does, despite how tiring it is to keep up with his schedule. He is willing to share with his member (you know that incident where all of them used his lotion and he pretended not to notice?) and his goofy and funny personality that he sometimes shows brings me closer to him as I’m no longer intimidated by his “perfect” image.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    Skip Beat – the actual production itself was kinda meh, since I was a huge fan of the manga, but I feel like Siwon managed to bring a lot of potential to the set during the filming of Skip Beat. I feel that even though it wasn’t as good as some of his other dramas, he managed to bring to life Ren’s mysterious yet charming personailty and let it shine.

  18. Name: Jyoti Tuladhar
    Country: Nepal

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I got into Kpop in 2009 because of Super Junior & I got into Suju because of one of my close friend who was an ELF. One day when we were watching TV “Sorry Sorry” was on and my friend jumped all of a sudden and then told me, “They are my boys” pointing at the TV. That made me feel I HAD to watch that MV so I watched the MV carefully and as the music sounded really good I really liked it. And as I told my friend I liked the song, she immediately suggested me songs and shows they were in and to watch them soon. Few days later I started watching “Full house” show and then fell in love with the boys too. Since then I became a member of this wonderful fandom, ELF. The only thing I regret is not knowing them since the very beginning but now that I do, I plan on loving and supporting them till my last breath because no other idol groups have ever made me fall in love with them like these boys(Suju) did.

    Tell us why you love Siwon:
    Anyone would say Siwon is handsome with a good body if you show them his pictures. That is so obvious but I love him more for his derpness as I believe he is “The King of Derp”. Beside that, I love how he cares about his members or crew members(during drama shoot). Also, I love the American gestures he does that makes him a perfect gentleman. And above all, not to forget, he has a BIG HEART. Despite of all the fame he has gained by now, he hasn’t changed a bit of his attitude towards his members and us(ELFs). He is still the same Choi Siwon that I knew back then in 2009. This is what made me fall in love with him even more. He is such a sweetheart!

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why
    Siwon’s acting is really good and its getting even better with every new production of his. Among all the movies/dramas that I’ve watched of Siwon’s, I would say I love his drama “Oh! my lady”. I really loved his character in the drama. And his role with Ye-eun(Kim Yoo-bin) was really cute. This drama also made me feel he might as well be a perfect father in the future. How I wish to have him as my husband or at least a husband like him. *who wouldn’t though? LOL*

  19. Azheen saber
    Okay firts i entered to kpop was through tvxq mirotic i heard the song when i was changing the channel then i saw superjunior song sorry to be honest i didn’t like the song i was shocked by the number of the members but my friends were all crazy for superjunior in school and the kpop just started in my country i was fighting with my friends and asking them why the hell they like superjunior then one of my friend showed me its you and i got hocked and repeated that song for millions times my parents memorised the song and then i decided to give sorry sorry a chance and love it …then bonamana came out and i was officially An ELF
    My story with siwon is the same i hated him alot i thought he was arrogant especially he was called handsome and other member were called ugly (i didn’t understand korean culture back then) but then when i was watching superjunior variety shows
    I noticed how nice he is to other members my thoughts of him was the nice rich handsome guy but watching more videos of him made appreciate his humour … he is actually very nice funny gentle man

    I liked skip beat cuz it was the time when i hated siwon and watched it for donghee so i decided to SKIP siwon scene but when he had scenes with donghee my heart BEAT for him but i just didn’t admit it (see what i did there 😂😂)
    And skip beat made me search for siwon videos cuz left something on me i just wanted more of siwon (can you blame me ??lol)

  20. Name : Nusrat Jahan Lily
    Country : Bangladesh
    How did I start loving Siwon : well I am an elf ..when I first saw the music video of sorry sorry I instantly fell for the tall handsome guy.later I found out his name is Choi Siown,a brilliant dancer and fantastic human being.My love for him got an amazing turn when I saw the video of him surprising Han Geng oppa just after his leaving suju..I lost my count that how mane times i watched that video.Siwon and Han Geng cried.Siwon oppa’s love for his brother made me fall for him even more.

    Why I love Siwon : I love Siwon oppa for his laugh and sense of humor.The way he interact with other suju members and his fans make me fall for him even more.He can go sexy to dorky in a moment! I feel a inner connection whenever i saw him in suju fan-meetings. I feel like he is someone that can be in my neigbour hood and can tag along with me !
    Favourite Siwon’s drama/movie : My favorite Drama of Siwon oppa is definitely King of drama’s Kang Hyun Min character.the character itself protrayed his inner self..it was as humoous as him.. I loved him in that character

  21. Name:Maisa Smaily
    I fell for my baby when my my friend was showing me no other mv. He’s the first one to sing in it and boom my heart fell down i could swear i was like hey you ive been looking for you and ever since ive been an ELF siwonest!
    Why i love him: he is definetly one of the most beautiful faces to exist.his Perfect face structure.his beautiful laugh makes me feel tingly.Im so captivated at how religeous he is because i am too.i love his faith his principles his respect his morals.hes amazing and incredibly talented.. Hes just everything a girl could ever wish for.i love how perfect he is from every single angle.
    My fave drama: oh my lady is deffo my fave and the major reason is the ost and the solo in this drama! These songs made me even love him so much more bc i never knew his vocal abilities since he doesnt get much in sj songs i was like dayum boy where u been. Plus he never fails to deliver in terms of beauty and husband material.THIS BOY WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.

  22. Name: Yola Handayani

    Country: Indonesia

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior?: I love super junior since 2013. I do not know why I love super junior. it happens suddenly. I never knew them before and just knowing the name alone, but eventually I felt wanted to know them more closely. it looks like it is already doomed.
    I ELF is fairly new, but I really do not want to lose them. siwon also once said “you do not need to be an ELF from the beginning, you just have to be ELF until the end” and I will always remember it.

    Tell us why you love Siwon?: I really liked his smile. crescent smile. and also I love nature. in Indonesia we call it “ALAY” or “excessive” because it is really funny. although no one is perfect in this world, but I consider it absolutely perfect. he is very talented in any field.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why?: i like siwon as s Dun He Lian in drama Skip Beat, because thats character suits him. a man who is kind and gentle and also the role of such action in drama’s Poseidon or Athena. Ohh~ I’m very confused decisive, everything is good. and hopefully this time successful drama.

    wish me luck, if I win it will be the first SJ album that I have:) Thank you^^

  23. Name. Ines Bordon
    Country. Argentina

    My start with super junior went through the Barefooted friends program where I met Eunhyuk, who seemed like a nice person and knowing that belonged to a group of idols me interested in them, to see the video of “A cha” and “No other “was amazed and love Siwon smile, so I became interested more and more by the group without realizing every song I fell in love over Siwon and of the other members. They are the first Korean group that love and I love with all my heart.

    I like siwon for his big smile, was what won me over him, the great personality, sweet and friendly with all, more with members of Suju, also his love for dogs, their respect towards others, all speaking gesture with his hands and funny faces. Trying to make known or preaching about God through his little messages on social networks. The truth that makes me happy Siwon any things that do.

    My favorite drama Siwon is the king of drama, but not plays the main character, the interpretation did was excellent, you could tell he enjoyed, was very funny to see him play at being a cocky actor, all gesture that always criticism in that drama he was created to help me understand what the character. Siwon is Siwon and wherever you go or whatever you do I will continue to suppor

  24. • Name: Katarzyna Madej
    • Country: Poland
    • How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: I don’t know how I came to love Super Junior. It just happened before I even realized it. I remember, however, how I came to love Siwon. Once, when the members shared their memories, they talked about how Siwon always had good and expensive cosmetics when they debuted. They would secretly take a little just to try it. They thought Siwon didn’t know, but then he said he knew all along and that’s why he started buying bigger bottles. His kindness and thoughtfulness, also how he considerately didn’t let others notice, swept me of my feet.
    • Tell us why you love Siwon: I honestly feel like expressing love for Siwon in 150 words is impossible, so I will focus on what I think he is distinguished by. He takes care of other members very well. No matter how much they joke about him, his American reaction or ideal type (with clothes on, lol), he doesn’t really get angry. He’s such a cute and handsome bear, who’s always first to show some skinship to his beloved friends. Just typing about him on my keyboard makes my heart race, ahhh.
    • What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: My favorite Siwon movie is obviously ‘Attack on The Pin’Up Boys’. This movie is very nostalgic to me and all of the members are starring in it. The movie is so much fun and Siwon as the student body president is hilarious, levitating books and all. But mostly I adore it, because Super Junior members seem to be very happy in it and I’m the happiest when they are. What’s better than spending time with friends?

  25. *Name: WijDen Dalhoumi
    *Country: Tunisia

    *How did I start loving Siwon/SuperJunior : I’ve been an ELF since 2007 back then I was 10 years old, I knew SUPER JUNIOR when I first watched the mv of “U” It was different from any other song and mvs, I literally fell deeply in love with them, with all of the members as well as Siwon, I then wanted to learn more about the members and their idol lives as I’m growing up my love for them was growing even more.. I was trapped in a blue fantastc safe trap.. I just loved them more than anything/one else because they gave me an opportunity to escape from the world and to feel music, love, to learn how to share and trust.. they gave me strengh.. and everything!

    *Why I love Siwon: 1st of all I love him because he’s a SUPERJUNIOR member, 2nd I love him for his talents for his personality, yes he’s so caring, I love how he cares about the members and about us his fans, I love how he calls us “Friends” becuz we’re actually are the “EverLasting Friends”, I love how he works hard without complaining, I love how treat people gently, I love him becuz no matter how handsome and looking he is, he draws werid grimaces for wry amusement on his face, I love when he becomes emotional ( especially when ELFs surprise the members or when he went to surprise Hangeng in happy camp..) I love him because he’s humble and always want to help others! I love him because when you see him you can feel secure.. I love him because he’s simple CHO SIWON!

    *My favorite Siwon’s drama/movie : Honestly, I don’t watch alot of dramas, yet I watched Siwon’s dramas and yeah I fell for his acting in each drama and movie I watch, How can I choose?? Athena: Goddess of war and I also like Helios I really like his strong personnality/Role.. All of his dramas and movies are great :DD

  26. Name : Neny
    Country : Indonesia
    I start love Super Junior when 2005, with their song “knock out. “first i love Heenim in that mv. But after i watch movie “attack on the pin-up boy” I change my bias. I really love Donghae in that movie and love him until now. Donghae oppa is my first bias in Super junior, the 2nd is Heenim, and Siwon oppa and all of Super Junior oppa. And in 2009 super junior have a song sorry and it make me really love super junior. i have a group name when iam in the collage, we live together in dorm, the name of our group is “Super Tulip” the 13 girls who love super junior. We always dance and sing all of super junior song. we always watch super junior mv, reality show, and perform together in our dorm. We always attend in super junior Super Show 4, 5, and 6 and always come when super junior come to Indonesia when Kimchi, SMTown Indonesia, Hut RCTI and Music Bank. I always come to see Super Junior. Until now I and my group Super Tulip always love and support our KING… SUPER JUNIOR…We falling in love with them until now and forever…
    Why love siwon : because he always playing and have a cute geasture.. and pay a lot attention to other member. even though he is so rich but he so humble^^
    Fav Siwon drama : SKIP BEAT, because he act with donghae oppa =) and Iike 18 vs 29 when siwon oppa so young and cool in that drama.

  27. Name: Qasdina

    Country: Malaysia

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: I start to know about Suju through the a variety show called Let’s Go Dream Team. When I first watch the show, Eunhyuk was one of their contestant. But after a few episodes, whole Suju appeared and they dance to Sorry Sorry. It was in 2006 I guess? I don’t really remember.

    Tell us why you love Siwon: Omg srsly why are you asking this? How can someone not love him? He’s like the funniest human being with the richest and most handsome face in this whole world! I love the way he interact with fans bc he’s so warm and friendly. I remember seeing him at airport once and I was standing quite far but he’s waving and smiling at me! Like how can I hate him with that angelic smile?

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: Although Siwon has been into lots of movies and dramas, I personally think that Suju’s first movie ‘Attack on The Pin-Up Boys’ was the best! That was the first movie for each Suju’s member and it’s my first movie I saw with them init (even though during the time I watch it, there’s several dramas and movies with Suju member in it). I like it when Siwon use his power to make Ryeowook shut his mouth bc he’s talking too much. I also like how Sm make Siwon as the head student. He looks so charismatic especially when clumsy Ryeowook being by his side all the time. I also love it on how Siwon try to be one of the pin up boys by throwing claiming that the shit was threw at him. Cutie lil liar, my siwon.

  28. Hi!My name is Fiyen,from Indonesia

    How did i love Siwon and Super Junior?
    -Hmm..i started to like Siwon first before Super Junior..I started to like him after i watched Skip Beat,he is so handsome and cute..since then i searching about Choi Siwon and found that he is a Super Junior member,and now im being an ELF..for me Super Junior the real idols,multitalented,funny,love their fans so much,humble,kind,and handsome

    Why i love Siwon?
    -This is difficult..There’s no reason,Siwon can make everyone fallin love with him with his smile..he is so perfect,handsome,cute,sexy,kind,humble,religious,rich and many more..
    For me,Siwon means more than an idol,he is a friend,boyfriend,and husband,ㅋㅋㅋ because he always understand what ELF feels..he worked hard for ELF..he loves ELF very very much

    My fav Siwon’s drama?
    -I love Skip Beat,because he is so handsome and cute,i love his hair and his smile,the story also can make me laughed in every episodes,plus there is Donghae too!!and i love King Of Drama,his role can make everyone laugh,his act is really good,i watched the drama with my family and we always laughed if Siwon appeared,hahaha

    And he will enlist soon,i feel sad because he will leave for 2 years,but i wish the best and health for him..we will wait for you Siwon!!keep loving Siwon and Super Junior!!

    Thank you!!감사합니다!!:D

  29. Name: Jen Wong
    Country: United States
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: I started when I looking around the net for something to watch and landed on Skip Beat! Extravagant challenge- Taiwan version of Skip Beat! I became a huge fan of Siwon and Donghae. Siwon was great in it and so were all his expressions :D! After googling around, I found out about Super Junior and became an ELF.
    Tell us why you love Siwon: All his facial expression and his interactions with all his members, the way he can laugh at himself and be serious at the same time.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: Extravagant Challenge because that was the first one I saw with him in it and it was funny. I also liked him in The King of Drama- that laugh was amazing!

  30. Galya
    – Watched Extravagant Challenge and whoa who’s that cool guy and I googled “Siwon” and found suju. Felt in love in 2012
    – Bc he’s like, a perfect male human being? Plus the perfect eyebrows. Also he’s got that air of hardworking around him. He works so hard to improve. Tbh he’s an iconic “idol” – someone whom parents would love their child to look up to. I admire his attitude to everything he is in charge of, be it singing, acting – any public activity he does, or all the other behind the scene things.
    – KING OF DRAMA omg. His char’s so different from his (stage) image that it really impressed me. I love the plot and the main storyline, while Siwon’s stages were so refreshing. His acting has improved a lot. He was as good as prof actors.

  31. Aneeza Khaawa

    United States

    It was really spontaneous, I didn’t even know of kpop at that time, but i heard ‘it’s you’ by suju and I could never forget it, and a year after getting into kpop and all, I heard “it’s you” again and I fell in love with the song. Then I started listening to more songs and I was always curious as to why some members were missing in some MV’s and why some members were present in all but a few SJM MV’s and I got curious about the subgroups. All of this curiosity resulted in me researching thoroughly about Super Junior. Knowing so much of their past struggles and hardships really gave me hope because if they could get through their tough times, I would be able to do it too. I love them because at first I just liked their music, then I started falling in love with their personalities and finally, when I learned about the things they went through gave me hope.

    The thing I love most about Siwon is how he’s so dedicated to his fans, the way he updates us so often about his feelings or his whereabouts. It just creates a warm and fuzzy feeling in me like oh he cares you know.

    Oh my Lady is my favorite drama because it was the first drama I ever saw with Siwon and I absolutely loved his acting and everything.

  32. Aneeza Khaawa

    United States

    It was really spontaneous, I didn’t even know of kpop at that time, but i heard ‘it’s you’ by suju and I could never forget it, and a year after getting into kpop and all, I heard “it’s you” again and I fell in love with the song. Then I started listening to more songs and I was always curious as to why some members were missing in some MV’s and why some members were present in all but a few SJM MV’s and I got curious about the subgroups. All of this curiosity resulted in me researching thoroughly about Super Junior. So first I only liked their songs, then I fell in love with their personalities and then I was encouraged and given hope by the boys when I learned of their struggles.

    The thing I love most about Siwon is how he’s so dedicated to his fans, the way he updates us so often about his feelings or his whereabouts. It just creates a warm and fuzzy feeling in me like oh he cares you know. It feels like i’m one step closer to knowing him as a person (not as a superstar) when he updates

    Oh my Lady is my favorite drama because it was the first drama I ever saw with Siwon and I absolutely loved his acting and everything.

  33. Name : sumyati
    Country : indonesia
    BONAMANA is the first mv i watched and fall in in love with korean music esp SJ💕 siwon is the first member i know because he’s very handsome and charming.

    I like siwon because he’s handsome (everybody already knows it hehe) i like his charming smile, he was very religious and he good person👍in indonesia siwon was calling ‘visual alay’ because he’s funny behavior and that’s what make him different and i love it💋 he doesn’t act like a super star. greeting independence’s siwon for indonesia each years are touched me and he never forget it. Ah he really good person👍👍👍

    Skip beat, because he’s act so good and siwon very cool aaah😍😍

  34. Name: citra elvandari
    Country: Indonesia
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: back in 2007 I listening radio and I find korean song, it was Happiness from SJ. I started to know more about SJ n find them is a Boy Band with many member. for the first time little bit hard for me to remember them. and siwon is the first member got my attention. But evidently I already fall to Siwon at 2006 when drama 18 vs 29.at that time I don’t know the boy in that drama is Siwon until I read his bio as a Sj member I found he is a boy that I really love long ago.
    Tell us why you love Siwon: first, of course his cute and handsome. he is perfect in visual. but getting to know him more, I find many reason why I love him. he is humble, so care with his fans, with other people, and just him my bias who said ‘happy independent day’ to my country. a lovely person.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: 18 vs 29 of course. why i like him there because I watch that drama not because of him as SJ member (because at that time i still dont know SJ and dont know he is Siwon. search information about that in internet is not easy like now), but because I really like Siwon act is totally good. the character that he played really fit to him. he a like a prince there.. 😀

  35. →Camila Festari
    → How did I start loving Super Junior? I knew them cause I used to like another sm group and youtube recommended them. Then I realised I’ve already listened to Mr. Simple before so I got excited as I used to really like the song. I started to watch their programs, mvs, and following them on sns, and while doing that I just fell for them. Maybe cause I’m a cheesy person, but I just fell for all the love and good vibe they always share with everyone. Getting to know their story, I realised they weren’t just any singers or entertainers, they were a family and good people who now I feel really proud of loving ^^
    → This is so hard to explain xD how not to love him!? All this time I’ve realised every member loves Siwon, maybe his skinship can be burdensome for them, but what I see when they hug Siwon is that they feel secure, like Siwon will always protect them and will always be there no matter what, as Donghae said ♥ So I’m thankful, and that makes me love him every day more~
    → I think the one I enjoyed the most was The King of Dramas… his character was hilarious, and is also funny to watch Siwon doing a silly character while we know he is actually not like that at all. For example when he wanted to force the kid to eat the snot xDD

    Thank you for this opportunity,

    Camila ^^

  36. -Dela Judista
    -Super Junior is my fandom. I’m not multifandom person, when i started watching Super Junior Full House on 2007, i’m so interested with Siwon oppa.
    -I love Siwon oppa because i think he is multitalent, he’s not only can sing, but he always study hard to show great performance like dance, style and Siwon oppa is Down To Earth person.
    -I love to see Oh! My Lady drama, because i love to watch Siwon oppa acting to be superstar whenever in fact that he is really a superstar.

  37. Name : Rina Efiyana
    Country : Indonesia

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior :
    I don’t know how exactly start loving them, I’m still loving them just the way they are and time. as remember as me, siwon is my first favorite visual in super junior.

    Tell us why you love Siwon :
    he has really great manners, wherever and whenever he is. he has warm smile that can melt us all the time. he loves his god, family, members, us as elfs, and bugsy too. also, he is a western profile in super junior.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why :
    My favorite siwon’s drama is “Athena: Goddess of War”. however he is not as lead male in this drama but his acting skill is no words, really great!

  38. ⇨Name : Resti Hida
    ⇨Country : Indonesia
    ⇨How did i love Super Junior/Siwon
    I know SJ from Siwon. I think since 5/6 years ago, i watched “Oh! My Lady” drama. A Man with red coat. I look at him at first time, he is so sweetman. and I falling in love with him.
    ⇨why i love Siwon?
    I as a fan of him, feel so good. he is verry good looking. so handsome. Actually I love him because of his smile. I still remember how did he is smiling. omg, i am falling love. He so kindly to fan too. make me comfortable to love him.
    ⇨ My drama favorite
    Oh My Lady! why? the story so sweet. and When I falling in love at first time.

    Poseidon ! why? because not kissing scene and Siwon so cool in there.

  39. Name : Le Thi Hong Lai
    Country : Viet Nam
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior : I started loved hime for 6 years, when I saw Sorry Sorry MV. He looklike handsome and sociable.
    Tell us why you love Siwon : I love him because his character. Although he is a famous man, he is very kind of and generous. On the orther hand, His dog is very cute, Bugsy maybe the most ” beautifuk ” isin the world.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: My favourite Siwon’s movie is Poseidon because in this movie he is an excellent marine police , always accomplished his mission . Sometimes he still brings trouble to his teammates , but he actually he is very cute . Especially the conversation between him and the sea policewoman

  40. Hi there! My name is Alicia and in from Madrid (Spain).
    Well, Siwon is not my bias (but I also love him so so so much, believe me) but it’s my mom’s. She really really really loves him so much and if I win this giveaway I’ll give it to her as a surprise. She met Siwon in a dorama (Skip Beat) and after that she felt in love. My mommy loves the way Siwon moves, jokes and dances. She says that he’s so handsome and if she was young again marry him for sure hahaha.

  41. Name : anies
    Country : indonesia
    I loved super junior since 2011… They come back with unique concept, so I like superjunior as first boyband I know.. And then I follow the siwons quotes to “become the ELF until the end” cause day by day my love to super junior are growing up.. one regret now is, do not be ELF from the start, but I will be ELF to the

    I like siwon cause he is handsome is not fake.. Kkk.. Siwon is perfect guy I think, and cause it, I bored if like him cause he’is perfect guy… But,,, I undestand and proud with siwon’s habit.. He is a good motivator, not arogant, and funny boy for his fans… It make me love cause he not keep his good image and humble boyy.. Its kind and I loveeee

    I love skip beat cause in there, he become funny and cool in the same time… Siwon’s acting make me so touched… Hahaha

  42. – Nabaa Laith
    – Iraq
    – I knew Leeteuk and Eunhyuk firstly by star king then i knew Super Junior >< and then my fangirling life STARTED as pure ELF
    – I love Siwon because….. Because he is Choi Siwon!
    – I like Dragon blade Movie . I even watched it in the Cenima!! It was fabulous! And also Skip beat drama~

  43. Name: Hasti
    Country : Iran
    -How did i love Super Junior:i think it was in 2009. my friend showed me Rokkugo MV… and explained about SJ group. i didn’t know a music band like this till that time. so it was so weird and exciting for me..then i searched about them and find they are best boy band and i become one of their ever lasting friend.now im really proud of him and really happy that knew them.
    -How did you start loving Siwon:the time that i didn’t know SJ boys names still, said to my friend that i like that tall boy. he is really handsome.. she said that his name is choi siwon. first one who i knew from SJ group was siwon.then i know him more and more . he is so good manner ,kind hearted, polite and really manly . but i have another reason for loving this boy. most iranian siwonest know me as siwon mum . i really love him,pray for him and speak to him as my son.
    -What’s your favorite Siwon’s drama/movie :actually siwon is really good actor. he can play all roles good & truly..in comedy or serious roles.. of course i love his all drama and movie because im siwonest. first i love Oh My Lady … i think this drama is his best. because as a new actor he played his role soooo good. he was so good in King of Drama too… i want see him in more Comedy roles .he was attractive in Helios . i wish him all the best in his career . he will be a great actor.

  44. Name: Kimberly Co
    Country: Philippines

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: The first time I saw Super Junior was way back in 2006, when I was looking for an OST song. Siwon indeed caught my eye– for he is a very handsome, fair, young man. But as the time goes by, I fell in love with someone else, Kyuhyun, because of his talent, humor and bluntness.

    Tell us why you love Siwon: I have always thought that Siwon is just about the looks, not until I’ve watched him in different variety shows that showed his true self– MaSiwon, the hardworking, competitive, funny, God-fearing, gesture man that we all came to love. Super Junior’s visual Choi Siwon is more than just a face, he is a very caring, ‘obsessive’ type of hyung that would annoy the members but make us, ELF, happy. I love him for he doesn’t fear to show his true self, making him one of my top biases once again. :^)

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: My favourite drama of Siwon’s would be “Oh! My Lady” probably because I have always loved romantic comedy genre, and of course Siwon in it was a big plus. I also love Siwon’s character, Min Woo, for he is a very funny and arrogant type of celebrity, who is very nice and delicate when you get to know him. I also like Ye Eun, his baby in the drama, because she’s adorable and it showed how Min Woo/Siwon treats a baby (which we don’t often see–as for Siwon).

  45. Name- Khairunnisa Asepftr
    Country- Indonesia
    I started loving Super Junior when I saw my mom sang Kyuhyun’s ost on drama. And my mom loves Super Junior K.R.Y because their voice. When I heard K.R.Y’s songs too, I really really love it! And they are so talented👏 And then , I saw them on SNS, they are so adorable. They are so different with the other groups. I love the way they love E.L.F, I think SJ and E.L.F’s relationship is the strongest.

    Why I love Siwon? Firstly, when I watched Siwon’s drama, I think he’s so adorable and funny, his cool side too..👏 Then, he loves his members Soo much! The way he loves and cares his members, its adorable! I love his anti-mainstream side LOL😂 he is gentle but he has a feminine side too😂 and he cares for everyone. He is happy for E.L.F too. He always say thank you to E.L.Fs. And I remember He always congratulate Indonesia on Indonesia’s independent day~ love ya, Choi Siwon😂

    Fav.drama/movie- “The king of drama”! Because Siwon looks so funny there! And he looks stupid there LOL😂 His act makes me laughing so hard. I love watching Siwon’s drama with my family, so we can laugh together at Siwon’s act😂 We watched ‘Dragon Blade’ too in cinema. Lol I don’t knoe why I laughing when Siwon accidentally killed by someone and his face is too….lol!!😂 OK. That’s all😍

  46. HELLO~~~~
    *Name: Sana Hmouda
    *Country: Tunisia
    *How did I start loving siwon from Super junior:
    I didn’t listen to music, only on radio , it’s not like I didn’t love music, it’s just that I didn’t know MUCH about it my friends loved Anime, they were always talkin’ about it and I got really curious: is it really good? I asked them to give me some to watch they gave me: itazurana kiss, it was good, they told me that a korean version of it was out playfull kiss, In that drama there’s a scene where the actress mentioned superjunior & showed their picture..I was curious,who are these boys?I googled it I listened to NO OTHER and LOVED THE MUSIC, I only remembered siwon he was my first love in sj,from then till now, I’m ELF,I’m SO intoSJ’s music they are my only special love,siwon was my first love in sj,and he is still my very special member.
    *Why I love siwon:
    emmbecause he’s kind of perfect? haha siwon is a real gentleman,he’s a great actor and singer,I really respect him cz he’s responsible &he always remember to thank god and pray,he’s that kind of a person, he loves his fans and supports his friends, he loves his family and takes care of the members, he’s like a savior to me, he’s nice and well mannered, he’s cool, the fact that he does taekwando makes him seem cooler haha I can’t describe WHY and How much I love siwon, no words can describe my real feelings for him as an everlasting friend, he’s got a beautiful sister,I love her, she’s kind and lovely a great woman, he loves bugsy which is SO cute the pictures of him sleeping next to bugsy taken by jiwon unnie make me feel the warmth of this family, wish them the best.
    *My favourite siwon’s drama and why:
    MY FAVOURITE IS POSEIDON, I actually love action XDD and it was really a great drama, siwon did his role really well, it was his thing, ACTION, hahah he was perfect, good looking, good acting , it was really great, he’s a great actor, I hope I can see him in more action dramas, I will wait for all his works of art, he’s got the talent! let’s wait elfs for this new upcoming drama and support him ! fighting everyone! I hope it will be a great success!
    thankyu for reading this XD I hope that it wasn’t boring

  47. 1. Nur Afifah
    2. Indonesia
    3. When my friend and I walk in the mall, one of the electronic shops playing Bonamana mv. Mv is played repeatedly, we stand in front of the store nearly a half hour watching the mv. The song was always ringing in my head, I end up searching about the song, and then found out who is super junior. Initially, difficult to distinguish each member beacaue I think their face is same hahaha. But, two people I recognize first that Siwon and Shindong, from that I start loving Super Junior.
    4. Of course because Siwon handsome XDDD, then he also often smilling. His attitude is always concerned with other members, he also very kind.
    5. Poseidon, because his acting skill increase. His character in the drama very suited to him, the drama is also good.

    Thank you 🙂
    sorry for my grammar 😉

  48. MYTA LAILI (Indonesia)
    At first my classmate brought Don’t Fon MV. I thought I saw them as dancers , but after my friend told me I began to understand that they were a boyband. They can sing, dance, act, MC, and anything. Before she explained further abt member role, I knew that Siwon is the face of the group. He is the tallest and handsome, so it is veeeery noticable. He is very quiet and composed person to begin with maybe its bcoz his image.. But then, I began to love his quirky and dorky side after watching full house.
    Why I love Siwon?
    Well, at first of couse I love his appearance. He is tall, handsome, put at the beginning and end of MV. It is so impossible not to capture his handsomeness. Then, I find out that he is also can be so humorous, a bit quirky but care at his surroundings including his members. He is also a family man, the thing I’m always amazed from him. His simple and conservative mindset brings my awe into different level,bcoz in contrary to the spotlight and successful life he earns, he always being thankful to God and have a time for praying. And donating. He is just a complete set of human being. Idk anymore how to describe him.
    He also has so many flaws but I think those what makes him human. After all, Siwon is bae ( ˘ ³˘)♥

    My forever favorite Siwon drama will be “Oh!My Lady”. It is simply because I love his interactions with his daughter. I know he always loves kids so I think he really enjor filming this drama. I still use one of his bts picture with Yubin, the kid on the drama, as my lock screen because I am in lobe with the way Siwon took care of her. He even taught Yubin to call him appa for drama interview.
    I also love his exaggerating acting for his drama. He sometimes could be unpredictable , too. sometimes he could be so loving and care for the woman lead, but sometimes he could be so mean and annoying. I love his drama more bcoz he sang one ost for this also. Make me so thankful of the producer team for giving SiwoSiwon a chance to sing th ost.

  49. Name: Petrus Raluca Oana
    Country: Romania
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: Well, everything’s about my stepsister ❤ She was (and still is, of course) so in love with them, she had to make me watch some of their MVs on her visit 4 years ago. It actually brought us closer, even though she lives in other country (I kinda was a kid back then and Super Junior helped me grow up…they also made me learn and love English because I didn't like it at all…and here I am! ;-; ). Since then, I started to search more and more about the boys and it fascinated me how much I could fall in love with a bunch of derps xD I love every single 15 of them! PROM15CE TO 13ELIEVE
    Tell us why you love Siwon: Hahaha you kidding? It's HARD not to love him! He is funny/derpy, warm-harted, friendly, even though rich, he is generous, a gentleman, great singer, dancer and actor! He is everything you can ask for! It's kinda rare to find so many qualities in a man these days. Plus, he is religious~ And I respect that. I'll always will ❤

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: I love Skip beat! Not because there's a bonus, I mean bad guy Donghae, but it's the first drama I've ever seen. I had so much fun watching it. It is as awesome as every drama/movie he played in because he's got so much talent.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway~ Your team does a great with updating daily! Keep going! Good luck everyone! ^^

  50. Name: Aimee A
    Country: United States

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: I saw one of Siwon’s dramas, Skip Beat, last year when dramafever and hulu first got them, and I fell in love with not only him and Donghae in the drama, but the theme song, SOLO, which was done by Super Junior M. That song was stuck in my head for maybe two weeks when I gave in and listened to Swing. Then Breakdown. By the time I was an SJ-M fan, I learned it was a subunit, and that the original group was Super Junior. Three listens to Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and Sexy, Free, and Single, and I knew I had to watch more music videos, buy the albums, and try some variety shows. It’s been exactly one year and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a group this much.

    Tell us why you love Siwon: Siwon caught my eye in the Skip Beat drama because of his gorgeous dimple smile, and yeah, he’s damn attractive. But through my foray into Super Junior, with every show, with his twitter, with every fanaccount and bts, his beautiful heart is what stands out to me. The first thing I learned about him was how he saved a puppy while filming ToTheFore in the middle of a downpour. I read fanaccounts of how he constantly told people where he was and made time for fans at every event he did overseas. His love for SJ, how utterly kind and polite he is in general, how he loves Kyuhyun’s voice, will protect Donghae and Hyukjae no matter what, how he wants to help everyone, how he tries to attend every concert even when he can’t, how he’s a huge dork, how he always promotes his fellow members… He’s still beautiful and still smiles the brightest, but his very nature is what appeals to me most.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: Although Skip Beat was my first Siwon drama, and he was ridiculous and hilarious and honestly in King of Dramas, Oh! My Lady remains my favorite Siwon drama. I loved seeing him with children, and seeing him in a semi-romantic role, and and it was also really interesting seeing him in a role where he was such an adorable flower boy (he’s super intense in Skip Beat and more lol in KoD). I also like how his character was a lot like him in that people think he’s a big star for his looks, but he actually takes things seriously and does have personal goals for himself and is ridiculously hardworking, and eventually rises above and beyond what anyone expected of him. Mostly, I loved seeing his character sing and dance, but every scene with his character’s daughter was a highlight and really pulled at my heartstrings. I hope he works with children again soon (even though I don’t think my heart could take it).

  51. 1 Name : Vaishnavi
    2 country : India
    3 aagh where do i start ? i came to know about suju at first through Heechul oppa i really loved their music i began watching variety shows and i realized i fell for these dorks >_< siwon oppa really stood out for me because not only was he good looking and handsome but also reliable hardworking kind and his gestures & skin ship addiction are adorable ❤
    4 Apart from all these things i can really connect with Siwon oppa because of devout beliefs even though i am not a christian i always respected Christianity and admired Jesus i love the fact that Siwon oppa is so kind and despite being so rich he is a perfect gentle man ^_^
    5 uhmm tough question siwon oppa is such a divese actor his dramas range from rom com to action personally i enjoyed every role he played but i really like athena: godess of war drama even though oppa's character was not main character he really managed to shine

  52. 1-Name: Huzaima Zahid
    2-Country: Pakistan
    3-How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior
    I came across Bonamana while surfing channels and it instantly caught my attention. So I try really hard to remember the name “super junior” like keep repeating it in head over and over. So when I finally ‘got’ into kdramas the name super junior was still in my mind and then I start watching their music, variety programs, dramas etc and well for sj after watching few programs you fell so hard for sj that you can’t get out. And thats how a diehard ELF has formed 😀
    4-Tell us why you love Siwon
    Mmmmm I just really really love his facial expressions :D…. In variety shows when he seriously answer questions when they supposed to be answered in lighter mood.. His competitive nature… His humbleness.. the respect he gives other… the way he take care of his members.. his love for fans …..
    O come on I just love him because he is an adorable fluffball
    5-What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why
    I really like Athena because I think the character portration was excellent but come on in other projects he is also awesome (i seriously don’t know why you are making me chose a favourite 😦 ) i just love all his dramas and movies….
    PS: if someone has the link to Dragon Blade please share it … thank you

  53. Hello!
    – Carolina
    – Argentina
    – One of my best friends is ELF since ’09, in ’13 I watched Skip Beat! because of her, but last year she was promoting Mamacita MV and I thought help her with the views… then, I couldn’t stop, and here I am! =D (literally, you should have seen me). I went obsessed with their music, MV’s, and started to searched them in programs. I feel so blessed, I found that I enjoy to dance and they are my reason to learn korean too. I appreciate the way they make us feel close to them with little actions like buying coffee, ice cream, or just being grateful on Twitter.
    – He’s an amazing human being, so caring about everything, the guys, or people around; and always thankful. I love his carisma and the way to make fun of himself to make someone laugh. He’s determined, passionate, and I know he will be there to look for us.
    – Mmmm this is hard… I will say, King of Dramas. One word: Di-va. =P I loved to see that side in someone simple like he is. Siwon’s character is so easy to enjoy and the concept (drama) is really really good.

    Sorry my english (in advance), and thank you so soooo much for this opportunity. ^^

  54. Name: Emily Colina
    Country: Venezuela

    1) How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior?

    Why are there so many people in this group? I decided to download songs randomly in the group without hearing them, “U” its catchy style and very rhythmic can easily catch without you noticing, I began to obsess only that song, I was gradually learning their names and searching about them, confused Ryeowook with Sungmin? tell Heechul to Shindong? Leeteuk or Hangeng? It was difficult at the time to know who was who, seeing that all get along and warmly helped me understand that it was really good idea to put all persons in the same project, mourn and laugh at everything no matter who or what was behind camera, address the problems together, and show as they really are, a team, a family where you always have with who count on, was instant love, many groups do not inspire this with easily, not for nothing are Super Junior. *-*

    2) Tell us why you love Siwon? ❤

    Without Siwon I do not think I would have encouraged listen Super Junior, I began to see a drama called "18 vs 29" the boy with bright eyes really caught my attention, know that is part of Super Junior was my first surprise, whenever I saw images, SHAA! Search your face it was first! Being humble is a gift that he knows use, his heart always worries about all, I do not know him personally but we need it to say it's warm? He can inspire confidence and curiosity, although their safety is also a virtuoso point, calm, respectful and of course being able to control in any situation, more reasons? He worked tirelessly to achieve what is now is, untapped their good circumstances, got the talent and keep feet firmly on the ground, it is essential for the family as each of the members. how not love him?

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why?
    I think a good project for he was "Poseidon" demonstrated great skill and firmness in each of his scenes, which was confident and calm, It is a very important point to define talent ^^ an embarrassed child when should show affection, but nothing that did not control its sensitivity, Not to mention that it was accompanied by an excellent cast, there was a lot of him in that role, continues to rise in experience, it's our Siwon, all good things come to him, to experience and improve as a person.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english 😦 Thank your team for keeping informed of every event of our boys ^^ #LoveForSuperJunior

  55. Name: Ingrid Benigay
    Country: Philippines

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I started loving Super Junior 6 years ago =) i watched one of their MV and eventually watched their other vids too! they are just irresistible! but i fell deeper in love with them once i get to know them~~ their kind and humble heart is just so pure i cannot help but support them!

    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words)
    Siwon is rare! Masi is one of the richest idols out there but he is surely the most humble one, the God-fearing one, the most handsome and family oriented guy, the most generous and kind-heart-ed one! His richness doesn’t meddle with his super down-to-earth personality! His fame, he never boasted it even once! He is just a perfect namja!

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words)
    i think i will choose SKIP BEAT because Donghae is there too~ it’s rare to see SJ mems at one movie/series ^^ anyway, Siwon’s portrayal in that series is just so realistic =) his facial expressions are just too real sometimes i am forgetting that he is our Derp King lol

  56. Name: Marwah Widuri
    Country: Indonesia

    I started loving Siwon since 2010 when i first saw him in No Other MV, I fall in love in first sight with his magic-lovely-charming smile in that MV (i still remember his awesome smile until today)

    Why i love Siwon? because when i first saw him i know he is a good guy, gentleman, multitalented and absolutely the most handsome man alive. He become (almost) perfect man in this world.

    My favorite Siwon’s drama is Poseidon, i don’t know why but i feel he’s really cool and totally manly in that drama. I love his style in that drama, especially when i saw he is in navy uniform. Its really suit with him.

    It remember me he will going enlist soon in this year. But i will always support him and wait until he is comeback with super junior in new album after enlistment

  57. Name: Marwah Widuri
    Country: Indonesia

    I started loving Siwon since 2010 when i first saw him in No Other MV, I fall in love in first sight with his magic-lovely-charming smile when he is tying shoelaces of a girl in that MV (i still remember his awesome smile until today)

    I love Siwon because when i first saw him i know he is a good guy, gentleman, multitalented and absolutely the most handsome man alive. He become (almost) perfect man in this world.

    My favorite Siwon’s drama is Poseidon, i don’t know why but i feel he’s really cool and totally manly in that drama. I love his style in that drama, especially when i saw he is in navy uniform. Its really suit with him.
    It remember me he will enlistment soon in this year. But i will always support him and wait until he is comeback with super junior in new album after enlistment

  58. Name: Sophia Larracas
    Country: Philippines
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    One of my best friends is an ELF. She encouraged me to be one like her because at that time, I only focuses at EXO. When I had a free time, I searched on Super Junior and read about their articles. I started to watch their vids and their different activities. Then I realized that I fell in love with Super Junior already! Starting that day, I dedicated my spare time being an ELF~^^

    Tell us why you love Siwon:
    Siwon is an unique person. He has the gentlemen image and he also has the charms which girls fall in love with. Siwon is the person that has good personality. He respects all people who surrounds him especially his hyungs ^^ He is a God-fearing one which makes him being a perfect man on earth. Even though he is rich, still, he put down his pride/dignity to other people who needs his help.

    What’s your favorite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    Last summer, I dedicated myself watching Skip Beat huhu TT one of my favorite movies of Choi Siwon. I kept on repeating it everytime I turn on my computer. The first reason why I watched that movie because Donghae is in there kekeke. But when I’m on episode 2, I was amazed on how Siwon acted in the movie. Even though it’s a movie, still he acted it as if there’s another movie inside. He acted it based on the reality. Siwon being realistic~^^ His image fits perfectly to his role. One of the reasons why I love Siwon ❤

    Sorry for the bad grammar hehehe. Thank you for giving us ELFs a big opportunity ^^ Kamsahamnida! #HwaitingSuperJunior

  59. Name: Meana Rehman
    Country: Pakistan

    Super junior was my first kpop group. It was all accidental really, i was looking for cool dance videos and somehow i ended up with SUJU Bonamana in 2011. I became a fan. I watched their videos, learned their dance. Next thing i knew i was watching their variety show appearances, dramas and making instagram account just so i knew what they were doing. They made me an addict i craved for more eng subbed shows of theirs. Its their ability to make me laugh and how kind and loving they are to their fans that makes me love them the most no matter which other kgroup i like. They will always be No.1 in my heart no matter how long a hiatus they have due to military service.

    Siwon wasnt the first member i liked from the group like he is for most girls. For me he grew on me. After i made SNS accounts and followed all the super junior members i would read his posts and i realised how nice he was and how much he cared for his members. He is the most famous one out of all of them and he could have asked to leave like kibum to pursue acting but he didnt he workked it out somehow and that must have been hard juggling both the things together. it means a lot that he stayd with the members and that none of them treat him differently although he is more richa nd famous, it speaks volumes about his character.

    My favourite siwon drama is also the first one i saw of his, the chinese version of Skip Beat. I would always hear the members talk about his acting career and was always curious to know how good he was, He did not disappoint. It was a great drama and his acting was great he made me think of the manga character a lot and that made it more impressive for me. Loved to see his and Donghae’s interactions too ^^

  60. Name : HapsariRFebriathina
    Country : Indonesia

    Truly, Super Junior is the first kpop idol i know and now i’m still be their fans since 2011. Firstly i know Super Junior from an articel and know them from the photobook , i dont know really why now i’m one of their fans, when people ask me about this questions i cant really answer it, because i think i didn’t have a reason and i just like and love them since i read their fact from the members profile. First time i see them, i thought they’re just not an idol group. I addicted with their songs, dance and their personality. I’m always update with all the show that Super Junior were the guest. Second, my friend show Bonamana mv to me, the first man that i know is Siwon. After that i start to stalk all of their show and live performances. And also i read more about every members and their storys.
    Why i love Siwon? We all know Siwon is a handsome and famous man, beside it i fell to him because the way that he really care to the other member, his kind and warm heart, also he’s humble. Watching him make me learn, if we are a rich and famous person we always be humble. I totally respect his down to earth personality.
    Favorite Siwon’s drama/movie: Skipbeat, because Donghae also be the main cast. Its really happy to see them in one drama. Attack On The Pin Up Boys for the movie, because first time i saw Siwon act with the other members.

  61. Name : Devi Maharani
    Country : Indonesia

    -I love Super Junior since 2010. I know them from my teacher. I borrow my teacher’s flashdisk and i saw Sorry Sorry mv, i currios then i watch it.

    -The thing that i love siwon. He’s special, Amazing and he’s perfect to me. i can’t explain in words because he is him. He is the reason i love him.

    – My favorite siwon’s drama “The kings of drama” that drama as moodboster for me. Anyone who watches that drama will laughing because siwon expression.

  62. Name: Cindia Lu
    Country: New York, United States of America
    Super Junior was the very first band that got me into kpop. I started out by listening to their subgroup SJM U and when I found out about Super Junior, I fell even more in love. I started to become a real addict to SJ and checking blogs to see what they were doing constantly. I even got into a habit of making scrap books of SJ!! Even with all these new kpop boy groups like EXO and BTS, I will always only support SJ! I am a forever ELF!!!
    I love Siwon because he is so handsome!!! He is the flower of SJ and surely eye candy when watching SJ’s mv’s or seeing SJ photo shoots.
    I like Siwon’s drama Skip Beat the best. I have read that manga before and when I heard that Siwon and Donghae would be in the movie, I was so excited!! When I actually watched it, I thought that it was so hilarious and something that I’d definitely watch more than once and recommend to other people.

  63. Name : Nadia Oktafina Prayitno
    Country : Indonesia
    At first i only knew ‘super junior’ name through the magazine and i didn’t have any interest on them. before i knew kpop things, i did watch lots of korean drama. then i watched oh!my lady. i loved the story and the lead actor. after that i began to search the name of the actor and i found ‘choi siwon’. at that time, i thought that i’ve heard somehow his name, but i didn’t know that he is one of super junior member. then i started to look for him through the internet. finally i knew that he is one of super junior member. after that i began to search about super junior. the first mv that i watched was bonamana. after i watched it, i was not too impressed with the song. but my focus when i watched it, was only on siwon. and then i watched their other mvs. because of that, i began to like super junior. i’ve watched all the variety shows of them, started from full house, exploring human body, etc. fortunately, i had a friend that liked this kpop things. then she told me everything about kpop. after that i declare my self as an elf. i bought almost all of their albums. i like siwon, because beside he has a very handsome face, he has good faith to the god. although siwon and me don’t have the same religion, he showed me that we must think of god anywhere, anytime. he also has a very good manner, and the other reason is that simon has a good shaped body!hihi
    my favourite simon’s drama is oh!my lady, because as i told you, because it was the first drama that got me to like him and because he was the main role of the drama. i really love his character in this drama. it showed that siwon had a ‘father’ side on him.
    i think that’s all that i have to tell you. i’m sad lately because siwon is going to enter the army:( it means that i couldn’t see him on movie or show. i really can’t wait for his new drama:)

  64. Name: Sabrina Sadaoui
    Country: France

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I listen kpop only since january now.A french documentary talking about Nu’est, I kind like their song Face but not enough for getting into the fandom,and I swore to myself before never being in any fandom.I had a bad image of beliebers/directionners.Anyway,I started to watch what others group have to offer like big bang,SNSD,shinee….but none had a big impact on me…. and then come SJ. Sexy,Free and single is my first song of them and if it’s was an other group who sing it,that wouldn’t be a good song.I think the fact that SJ sang it made this so great.Their harmony and the fact that they put the good voice at the good time with so many different voices make me fell in love with them.1 mounth later,I figured out “OMG I become an ELF!”

    Tell us why you love Siwon:
    Siwon was my first bias(now is 2woon,but still love him so much),he’s not the best dancer he’s not the best singer,but super junior would be not there without him(like the others members).He really do well as visual to promote his group,do his best on the stage to entertains us and at the same time do his career of actor;He is one of the most hardworking member.And I will not lie,he’s sexy…when he didn’t make his dork face with his dog but at least he made laugh 🙂

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    I watched only two dramas with siwon(and they’re the only dramas I watched in fact because I’m not a really a fan of drama) so between “Fall in love with you again” and “the king of dramas” the second is my favorite.Seriously,his character is so funny,I love the fact that he makes fun of his idol image,that was a good drama(with epic music by the way)

  65. Name: Marwah Widuri
    Country: Indonesia

    I started loving Siwon since 2010 when i first saw him in No Other MV, I fall in love in first sight with his magic-lovely-charming smile when he is tying shoelaces of a girl in that MV (i still remember his awesome smile until today)

    I love Siwon because when i first saw him i know he is a good guy, gentleman, multitalented and absolutely the most handsome man alive. He become (almost) perfect man in this world.

    My favorite Siwon’s drama is Poseidon, i don’t know why but i feel he’s really cool and totally manly in that drama. I love his style in that drama, especially when i saw he is in navy uniform. Its really suit with him.
    It remember me he will enlistment soon in this year. But i will always support him and wait until he is comeback with super junior in new album

  66. name : Faeze
    country : Iran
    how did I start loving super junior ? well in Iran it’s illegal to watch other countries TV but most of us do ! we got kbsworld channel and I saw Kyuhyun in ‘Trapped’ and I fell in love with his voice I search for him and I ended up loving Super Junior it didn’t take much time to love them because their music was sooooooo great ❤ I never loved any kpop music before then and till now I've never find another group. but how I fell in love with Siwon ? well I started loving them one by one but my reason for Siwon was ' Who am I ' song he performed in super show 2 I like him since then I found such a modesty and humanity in him I love him ❤
    what drama I like ? I watch anything they do I feel happy when they act perfectly. Siwon is so graet I liked ' oh my lady ' 'Athena' and ' king of drama' but I always wish for a drama which shows his talent and charm more and more a great drama like 'Jumong' 😀 drama with more than 60 percent viewers so in movies I choose 'Dragon Blade' though I didn't watch it but it's international and it opens lots of new ways to Siwon and in dramas :/ I choose 'She was beautiful' cause I'm sure with this Siwon it's ganna be greeeeeeeat ❤

  67. –> Sarah

    –> Iran

    –> I was just a kppoper 4yrs ago and then I found SJ =)) My angels :)) by seeing Bonamana I became an ELF and I felt in love with them!They’re adorable 😐

    –>He’s such a gentleman with unbelieveble voice!Completly Mr. Perfect..and I love his character and the way he cares about sj members..He always supports SJ actually EunHyuk and DongHae..He’s like a father for them :)) I should say he’s the best..his face his body ( 😀 ) hs character his smile his everything 😐 so..who can’t love him?

    –> all of them are perfect but I really enjoyed Athena:goddes of war and Poseidon more than the others..cause of their perfect actors and siwonnie’s act!♥and perfect story..
    and in king of drama his skill improved =)

  68. ☻=> Neda

    ☻=> Iran

    ☻=> My cousin made me ELF =| They’re my Oxygen now..

    ☻=> He’s Mr perfect!What should I say more?His manly manner impresses everyone!His perfect character kills everyone!His skills in singing and dancing of course are awesome!☻

    ☻=> I love Poseidon..He acts awesome!♥♥♥

  69. Name: Wendy Ng

    Country: Singapore

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior (max 150 words) : I started loving him when I happened to see an episode of Skip Beat. It was naturally his looks that caught my attention first. After finding out who he was, I also found out about Super Junior and got hooked on Sorry Sorry and the rest of the group.

    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words): He is very humble and well-mannered. He’s always thinking about the fans and goes out of the way with fan service. He also uses twitter a lot to give updates about his life, activities and feelings etc which is what fans would like, to know more about their idols’ lives. He’s also not afraid to take up new roles and show different aspects of himself. Lastly he manages to break into the Chinese market quite well and speaks Mandarin quite fluently–I always admire people who can learn a foreign language very well.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words): It’s a toss-up between King of Drama and To The Fore. Both were breakthroughs for him in different areas. He was so comical in King of Drama and showed that he could totally toss aside his usual handsome image. As for To The Fore, it was the first time he shot a Chinese movie without being dubbed. Totally daebak!

  70. Name: Shirley Li
    Country: Canada
    I first heard about super junior from my friend in 2010, since then i have been a ELF. When I first saw siwon i thought damnnnn how can one guy look so hot! How can there be so much hotness in one group?
    I started to love super junior because of the fan service the provide to ELF. They are one of the few groups that actually treasures and takes care of their fans. I also really love EUNSIHAE!!!<33 how can you not?!?!?!

    The reason why i Love siwon is that he hasnt changed a bit since he was a baby. When i first saw his baby picture i was like omg that is soooo siwon! I love how he isnt afraid to make fun of himself. I love that he respects himself, super junior members and ELF.

    My favourite drama is oh my lady. He is soo funny and hot in it. it shows both cool and sweet and caring side. I also love skip beat with donghae <33 i love when he plays the cool chill roles but also showing his sweet caring side =)

    Siwon and super junior and ELF fighting!

  71. *wulandari puji
    *first i heard sorry sorry, and my respond was ‘what the’ the music is soooo weird…then a year later i saw bonamana mv on tv, and my eyes immadiatelly fix on him, it’s siwon!!!!! .
    *overall sj member are so talented. i like people who’s good at music, and also entertaining. and why i love siwon, because the more i know about him, the more i find him charming. handsome, gentle, funny, religious, witty, sincere,good at acting, singing, dancing, and rich(?) 😀
    *poseidon, i like the drama because he was in it ^^ the story is my taste, a little bit action, the actress was good too


  72. Siti Asiah


    I know choi siwon first than super junior, because i love to watch kdrama. After knowing him from long years ago not making me to fall in love with super junior, because i’m not interested kpop before. But few years ago after westlife my idol decide to split up, my best friend always poisoning me about super junior. When we on chat she is always talking about superjunior activity, how their join with SM, how hard their can be popular like now, how good their song and choreo. We always chat until midnight when talking about super junior, during the conversation usually I just to be a good listener. Then afterwards I usually searching articles about them , or watch some of their earlier variety show and music video. every day is always like that until I realized that I ‘ve been trapped for love super junior . I never regret too late to know them and I will never cease to love them

    Why i love choi siwon ? off course because he is handsome and tall (*dont tell me you not agree) hahahaha. He is good in acting, singing and dancing, but other than that I like because he is a man who loves his god , loving parents and siblings . concerned with others, friendly , and everyone can be friends with ease . He’s a good person

    My favourite drama Athena: Goddess of War because so manly in there love his acting as Kim Jun-ho. he looks dashing and handsome there , great acting. and i love oh my lady too hehehe cute daddy, i want have daddy like him wohooo.

  73. Name; Juliana Ree
    Country- USA (originally Thailand)
    I fall in love with their song “NO other” and “Daydream”. The lyrics are very sweet and catchy. The very most thing I like about SUJU is that they take care of their fans(not saying others idol aren’t), they always give out something to their fan. Recently, they treated fans with coffee on a chilly night. It too sweet of them. They give out chocolate on their concert. (who give out chocolate to thousands of fans?)They are so charming. I’m just so HONOR to be an ELF.
    My favorite is “attack on the pin-up boys”LOL freaking hilarious. It not cuz it was super junior but come on nobody can’t resist this movie. It was a long time ago but I still watched it. 🙂 ❤

  74. #Name : Irma Rusmawati
    #Country : Indonesia
    #How did u start loving Siwon/Super Junior :
    Actually I like Super Junior the first time when I watch Sorry2’s MV but I dunno them one by one.. I just know that their name are Super Junior. And One day I met a new friend. She was very fond of Super Junior, even I can called her with CRAZY!? She showed me some magazines, books, note, and their albums. I was shown one by one. And I knew right then and there was Kim Kibum.
    Unfortunately, when I start to like Super Junior, my friend said that Kibum is not active in Super Junior and I apparently feel sad about it. Then I followed Mr.Simple and I always heard my friend considers some nember of SJ is her husband. Lol.
    I understood about reality show in korea. My friends has a lot of DVDs on reality shows about SJ and she asked me to watch it together. At that time, we were watching SJ on Inkigayo. My eyes fixed on a member who has a different aura face. I appoint someone was telling about his past. He ever had an accident and coma in the hospital. The man was almost dead. but the miracle of God’s help. I think that person must be very good and religious to God would help him. His name was Kyuhyun!!!
    After I love Kyuhyun, I also started to like Sungmin. And so on until the feeling of love develops for all members. I realized that all of the members of SJ is one. If any part of missing, then it’s not counted. SJ is wholly, not SJ to kyuhyun or SJ only for siwon.
    Btw Siwon really handsome and multitalented when he act on SKIP BEAT with Donghae and Ivy Chen. I had to buy magazines
    and dvd about the drama. I
    watched it many times and
    never get bored.

  75. Name: Susana Andrade
    Country: USA
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: I originally took an interest in Siwon when I first watched Skip Beat. Mind you, I started watching that drama because it’s still one of my favorite manga to date. I was really entranced and overcome by how perfectly he had one his role for the character there. So to a T! He was (and still is) the best embodiment for that character in my eyes. I even got my best friend to watch the drama because he and Hae are in it and she TOTALLY sees why I fell so hard over him and why he was the first Suju bias way before I even knew of Super Junior XD
    Tell us why you love Siwon: Siwon is VERY hard working. The kid needs to make sure to take breaks and take care of himself (especially as of late) but he’s very admirable. I’m really glad that because of him, when I started to get into K-Pop, I immediately noticed that he was in Super Junior and I was like “OMFG IT’S HIM!” My story of how I got into Super Junior was another just random thing altogether (involving being at an anime convention, seeing the MV for Mr. Simple, watching a guy dancing along to it and finding that cool and finding that the song had a nice beat -it took me months to fully get into K-Pop and Suju in general tho-) but I’m pretty sure that I had noticed the fact that he was in it and my cousin had told me that he WAS in the group since she knew SJ more back then than I did. Hi! I am now rambling XD
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie: Skip Beat/Extravagant Challenge. Have I rambled enough about him? XD I’m still super bummed that they were dubbed over but he did such an excellent job in that roll. I seriously do find myself more attracted to that drama because of him;;;; Anyways~ Thanks for reading my spam 😀 <3333

  76. Name: Islam
    Country: Lebanon
    – I fell for SJ when i first watched “No Other” i liked Siwon specifically because of his handsomeness and the way he acts like a gentleman stole my heart! And i still remember watching them in Mr. Simple MV i thought damn they look like kings and Siwon is so good looking! Of course after i got to know them more i realized they actually are the real kings!!
    – I like Siwon so much honestly because he’s always nice and humble even though he pretty much has it all. Good looks, he’s rich, he’s popular but still he’s never boastful. He has so much faith and his smile is always bright. Makes me smile every single time. And i think he really is very talented and he has different talents. He also loves ELF a lot.
    – King Of Dramas is my favorite because i really liked the personality and character and him being unbelievebly handsome just added up to his perfectness. Also i saw a side of him that i liked a lot.

  77. Name: Poornima

    Country: Sri Lanka

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior?
    I got to know about Super Junior during their Bonamana era, when the phenomenal success of Sorry Sorry was still clearly evident on social media. I checked out their songs and I liked them all, so I decided to get to know them better by watching a few of their shows. And that was obviously when it all started 😛 Aside from the songs and MVs, Siwon first caught my eye with the comically uptight and genius class president role that he played for Attack on the Pin-Up Boys. This followed by his exaggerated gestures and unforgettable facial expressions on Explorers of the Human Body XD

    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words)
    I would honestly call Siwon one of the most “unique” and interesting celebrities in the Koreal idol music industry XD He has such a fresh sense of humour which clearly shows on his social media posts and interviews. Be it going crazy with his “buddy” Bugsy, overusage of his own trademark emoticons :^) or wishing people on their birthdays with the same cartoon clipart birthday cake, he knows how to keep everyone entertained. In addition to all that, it is the fact that he is a genuinely down-to-earth and humble person, despite his wealth and celebrity status. Despite being brought up from a very different social background, he is no different (and no less-crazy) than any of the SJ dorks and he truly loves them like his own brothers (or perhaps even more at times *cough*) XD Overall, he is just a beautiful person – both inside and out!

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words)
    King of Dramas is not only my favourite piece of work by Siwon, but it is also my all-time favourite k-drama. In addition to the main storyline played by Kim Myungmin and Jung Ryeowon which I loved, the character of Kang Hyunmin absolutely perfected the drama! The character of Kang Hyunmin is simply a legend and Siwon successfully delivered one of the best comedic acting performances I’ve ever seen from any Korean actor.

  78. ♥Name : Dian Novita
    ♥Country : Indonesia
    ♥ How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior : Truly i know Super Junior on 2009 when i watching mv Sorry Sorry and the first im hearing the song im so like it after that im searching all about super junior who the member, how about their attitude, how about their skill, etc. After im knowing all about them finally im declare as ELF in 2011 until now kkk 😀 im very proud have idol like them because they learn about care, dont give up and fighting
    ♥ Tell us why you love Siwon : When im the fisrt looking him the one word im saying hes handsome and then i think hes kind, very humble, he have many achievement not only as member of Super Junior but as actor too. One im like he’s crazy really different with other visual in BB
    ♥ What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why : Oh My Lady. I cant describe very much but one i like when hes role as daddy altought look dont care but a different side hes very loving him daughter. This drama so funny and entertain me.

  79. Name: Oressa
    Country: United States

    This is a true story! When I was 10, I had my first crush. There was a boy in my class, Mark(Minjae), from South Korea. He was living here with his aunt for a few years. We grew closer over time. Eventually we got paired to work on a school project together and he came over my house. Mark was supposed to go back to Korea at the end of that school year and it was already May- so it was bittersweet. He said he wanted to show me something and played the “It’s you” Super Junior music video for me. I had never hear of the group before, but I really liked it and the song has always reminded me of that first love. Since then, I’ve tried my best to keep up with their music, I really love their stuff! 🙂

    I first noticed Siwon in the “No Other” music video. I’m not really a person who “fangirls” but god when he popped up I was like holy- who is that?! I’ve had a crush on him every since. I think he’s a very honorable guy; he’s respectful, humble despite his fame, kind, the ultimate gentleman, brotherly to his fellow Super Junior members and intelligent! Also… quite adorable and handsome (and tall<3)! He's an awesome person, I have a lot of respect for him.

    Skip Beat! I read the manga a couple years ago then I watched the drama with Siwon. It completely blew past my expectations! I think I ended up loving the live action show more than reading the manga. Siwon is amazing in the drama, he completely pulls off playing that Ren Tsuruga/Dun Helian strong but kind at the core type guy. The show made me laugh, cry- I genuinely enjoyed it. It was my first Siwon drama too, I’ve seen a couple other dramas with him since then but this one is definitely my favorite!

  80. Name: Jeannette Arce
    Country: Argentina
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior (max 150 words): I knew about Super Junior because of a friend of mine. It was during “No Other” promotions. Even knowing so little about them, watching their performances made me feel very happy. After watching some of their shows I got to know them better and I couldn’t help but love them, because they were fun, nice and interesting. All of the members have their unique points and I love all of them. I loved Siwon’s funny expressions and his tweets full of good messages (and his cute drawings), he always made me smile!
    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words): I think he surprised me when I got to know him better because first you could think he was conceited because of his popularity. But his personality is so warm and I love the way he cares for his family, the members and the fans. I like how he tries to be close to us, even if he is a celebrity, he’s a simple person too. I love that he’s really professional on stage and when filming but he’s actually dorky and fun. He also works really hard to achieve all this popularity that he’s enjoying, but he always stays humble.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words): I love The King of Dramas so much, it’s my favourite drama, and Siwon’s work was outstanding. He showed that he can pull off very different characters and add a lot of fun to what he does. With Kang Hyunmin being such a funny character I think he did a great job and I hope to see him take more roles like that one.

  81. Name: Leon Volde
    Country: India

    1.How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior?

    I first heard of SJ in kdrama “You are Beautiful”. It had a small part of “Sorry Sorry” and all members names being told. I realized it was a popular group, so decided to check them out. I liked Sorry Sorry, but then I stopped with it. Later, I came across a video on Reaction to KPop by Non-Kpopper’s. They played brief portion (of three songs by different groups) and one of them was Bonamana. I simply fell in love with it! I knew it was an SJ song from the video but didn’t know title. So I searched youtube day and night, listened to many SJ songs, and landed on Bonamana!!! Omg.. the feeling when I finally listened to it – felt like I conquered the world! Later I realized that actually, SJ conquered MY WORLD!! Became Siwon biased because I could recognize only him back then! LOL

    2.Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words)

    Why? It was because of his handsome features at first. Then got attracted to his caring and kindhearted nature. Later, was amused by his unique gestures and expressions!! Whatever he does is classy! Siwon is the perfect gentleman–every girl’s ideal type. And when he uses that handsome gentlemanly face to make a derp – OMG! Soo hilarious! He is the TRUE DERP KING in KPOP!
    He is a very generous and God fearing person. He is very down to Earth, even though he is so wealthy and famous. I admire his determination, which made him pursue his dreams and join SJ.I love his unique awkward traits, like his love for skinship that he even asked heenim to slap him again, his less sensitive ears that hear everything wrongly and his weird expressions with Bugsy…LOL!!
    Another reason? He updates sns frequently and can communicate well with foreign fans!!

    3.What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words)

    My favourite Siwon drama/movie is Dragon Blade. It is normal for making fans by being the hero of the movie, but seriously, how many actors can make others fall for them with a negative role? That too being not even the main villain! Our Siwon was able to do that!! Even my non Kpop friends (obviously, didn’t know about him) who watched Dragon Blade asked me who “that HANDSOME GUY’ was!! They were surprised that such a handsome guy ended up getting negative role! And now they listen to SJ, because of Siwon! LOL, Uri Siwon is really DAEBAK!
    The movie is special to me. I could support Siwon by going to theatre to watch it on second day of release in India. Also it is his major step into the Hollywood industry. Hope he flourishes in his career and become a really popular figure worldwide!

  82. Name: Flora
    Country: Greece

    How I start loving Siwon/Super Junior :

    2 years ago my friend Alex told me to hear a song from a korean boygroup . At first I was skeptical because I had never heard about kpop till that day but when I listened to their song (Sexy Free and Single) ,I felt that I was addicted to this song for many days and I started to search for them on the Internet.So I watched the mv and the first and only person that I could recognise from the very start it was Siwon. So my love for super junior started from this song, this person and until now he is my ultimate bias ❤ This day I think that I watched all their MVs and facts about them. I never had any interest for a band in my whole life until I met Super Junior and their amazing music :')

    Why I love Siwon :

    It's difficult to describe why I love him ,maybe because he is a part of my daily life these 2 years. I think that I love him because he is always himself. I love his personality and his humor. At first ,as a new ELF, it was more like I was loving him because I was thinking that he was a handsome and sweet person but now I love him more about his funny and dorky side 😀 I could say that I like him more as a person than an idol .Also he is funny,generous, a hardworking person , very talented both in singing and acting and always care about ELF (for example through his Twitter an Instagram he is always encouraging and sending love to ELFs around the world)

    What's my favorite Siwon's drama,movie :

    My favorite and also my first k-drama was "Oh! My lady" because the role suits him very much. I believe that through this role he had a funny and childish side but at the same time he was so caring and manly. Furthermore I loved the all concept because it was different from other kdramas that I watched later.
    *P.S I'm looking forward to watch his new drama so much I believe that it'll be awesome ^.^

  83. I’m sorry there is a mistake ._.
    Name : Cica Alya Putri
    Country : Indonesia
    I loved Super Junior since April 2012 when I was 13 years old it’s because two my friends who always talk about SJ to me. At first I was bored with their chatter, but I became curious. Once I saw a book about Super Junior that book is hers (my friend), I look bio and photos. Initially it was foreign to me, but raised curiosity and then I look for biographical data and photos of them again at google. Evidently I have started to love them at the time. The first MV that I see is Mr. Simple ^^ I also watch the Super Show 4 INA on television, I saw Siwon, he was very handsome 😍, that’s the first time I liked Siwon. :^) until now I still be an EverLastingFriend 😊
    Why I love Siwon? That’s because since the first time I saw him, he was awesome, he was tall, handsome, he had a sweet smile and have a dimple. Siwon is not arrogant even though he was born from wealthy family, he is also humorous, I often laugh when I saw the his funny expression 😃 Siwon also very kind with woman, he is care with other members. The most memorable for me when he uttered in Indonesia’s independence day, already 4 times he uttered via social media accounts. I am very happy with it :^) that’s why I can’t forget him. I love you Siwon oppa ❤
    One of my favorite drama is Skip Beat. Because there he was very handsome, and it also first Siwon’s drama that I watch, Donghae also plays in that drama😁 In Skip Beat, there are also some funny expressions of Siwon. I like the story. Always be the good actor Siwon oppa ^^

  84. Name: Misang Santos
    Country: Philippines
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior (max 150 words): actually i dint know how. it just came one day during january2013 when im starting to know them that i have started to love this oldies more than how i gave my love to the first korean group that i had stan for 2 years. maybe because i saw to them how they treat their fans, not just “fans” but as part of the family. and them, being so true people that they know their own flaws.

    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words): i love him because he’s so dedicated to his religion that he even sings christians songs during concert. and how he managed to be so down to earth even if he and his family are so well off.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words): skip beat! this is where i first saw his acting skills and he’s superb! i’m being OA but he’s a pro for doing that “finger” thing even if he’s a devoted christian that says doing “that” is sinful.

  85. Name: Fadia Bouazza

    Country: Morocco

    How did I start loving Super Junior/Siwon:
    Well… It was two years and a half ago, through my bestfriend. She was a fan of them, and especially Siwon (she was originally a manga/anime fan). She was talking all day about them, and all I was hearing was Siwon Siwon Siwon Siwon, though I didn’t exactly heard it like that. Anyway, one day I just grew frustrated and curious, and asked about what is she talking about. She showed me some of their pictures, made me hear Mr Simple, gave me like 4 MVs I had to watch, then BOOM! I’ve already fell in love. (Before even watching their variety shows, but after I did, I was q
    addicted) What is funny is that one day she made remember the name Choi Siwon, and I kept repeating it so I don’t forget, but in the afternoon I eventually forgot. Now I can say all Suju’s names at once without even thinking about it…

    Why I love Siwon :
    Can you not love him ? I mean, is it even humanly possible ? Once you know him, you’re hooked (same goes for all SJ members, though). I love him because he’s down to earth, easygoing, hardworking, affectionate and funny. I love him because every face he makes is meme material. I love him because he can joke about himself (Iron Man, Fortune cookie, his appearance in Gag Concert…). I love him because he is such a gentleman. I love him because he is in Super Junior. I love him because he is Choi Siwon.

    The drama I love the most:
    King Of Dramas. Definitely. It may not be an amazing drama, but Siwon’s character, and his outstanding and hilarious acting got me. Actually, this drama made me love him even more. …  But I have a feeling this won’t be my favourite one soon.. Because I’m soooo looking forward to “She Was Pretty”, I can’t wait, It looks amazing !!

    Sorry for any mistake, English is my third language.

  86. Name : Nindi Ayu Pravitasari
    Country : Indonesia

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior : if i didn’t wrong maybe 2009 was the first time i saw super junior video and that was super junior feat DBSk- Show me your love MV and oh my god i still remember how handsome siwon when he wear that white coat and smiling he is just too sweet, cute handsome at the same time. and after that i start to find more about him and i knew that he is from a group name super junior and so i download all their MV and variety show, etc. and after that i can’t stay away from them 😀

    Tell us why you love Siwon? ok this is maybe the most hard question bcs actually many people even my parents asked me why i love someone who even didn’t know i was here watching and loving him every single day haha i don’t really know how to asnwer this bcs siwon is just the way he is, he is so charming that everybody would definitely love and adore him, he is so gentleman and always care to everyone and nobody can’t denied his handsome face and HOT BODY!! hahaha and so many things he has that you will find him the best idol that u can idolized. and if everyone say that prince is actually a fairy tale than maybe in my world siwon is definitely a person that u can call him a real prince is this earth. ^_^

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why the best drama that i like the most Athena,Poseidon and Oh my lady and the king of dramas but the other dramas are good too but in my opinion those 4 drama that i like are the best acting that siwon played and for movie the most i like is a battle of wits and dragon blade, he is really a good actor in those movies 🙂

  87. Name:Komal Chauhan
    Country India
    How did I start loving super junior/Siwon?
    It happened in May 2010 while watching drama you’re beautiful, ‘sorry sorry’ song was played in some episode n it immediately caught my attention.Got to know that the song’s by a group called super junior so I Searched for them on YouTube and watched the MV.. Gosh it was the best thing ever.The guys looked like diva n true superstars.From their dance to their costumes,from their looks to their faces,I just fell fr everything.Just one song made me fall for them and admire their awesomeness and from that day I’m an ELF till death
    Why I love Siwon?
    There are so many reasons.He was the first guy who caught my attention in sorry sorry video.. A tall,hot and handsome guy who immediately fulfilled my ideal type. Not only his looks but it’s his mannerisms that made me love him. Despite coming from such a rich family, he is so humble and respects people. His love for religion makes me idolise him because I’m deeply religious myself.I see my ideal type in him. Love his hand gestures.
    My favourite Siwon drama?
    It’s oh my lady!I love it since it showed various shades of Siwon as an actor. From an arrogant guy to a caring father, he was able to brilliantly portray his character Beautifully.Loved his role. He acted so well that everything looked so real.Not to mention the ost he sang in that drama was beautiful too.

  88. Name:Szilvia Bagonyai

    Country: Hungary

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior

    I saw Siwon in the drama ’Oh, my lady’ in 2014 and I was loving him very much. Then I saw the drama ’Panda and the Hedgehog with Donghae. I loved him too. I started to search who are this boys and I found the ‘Mamacita’ MV. 😀 It was great. 😀 Then I saw ‘No other’ MV and this boys totally kidnapped my heart. I fell in love with them. Siwon was very cute and handsome. So I discovered the Super Junior. I love them very very much.

    Tell us why you love Siwon

    Because Siwon is a very loveable guy. This is so simple. He’s so handsome and he has beautiful eyes . I love his deep, brown eyes. And his smile… I love that. He totally take off me from my feet with his smile. Oh, I love it when he is unshaven. Oh, it’s so sexy. Siwon is a perfect man.
    But Siwon is more. He has very deep thoughts, he is very mature man. It is likeable for me, that he isn’t uppity because he or his father is rich. I adore his love for Christ. He’s a very good man. I can’t imagine my days without him. I’m listening Super Junior and Siwon every day.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why

    I love the drama ‘Oh, my lady’. It showed a bit what could be the idols’s life. That they must safe their personal life very much and all of their actions are serious consequences. But the drama was very romantic too. I was excited through the whole drama.
    Oh, and I love ’We are in love’ with Liu Wen. They were very cute and very nice together. Liu Wen is a beautiful woman and she is very kind and innocent. Siwon is a real gentleman. His song in the sunset absolutely enchanted me. I hope that they are together in the real life too. 😀

  89. name: khouloud hakim
    country: TUNISIA

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: i started loving all super junior’s team at first in ” idol show” also in sorry sorry then bonnamana, they are the reason to be kpoper and a fan of korean culture. but siwonnie look so handsome and charismatic i just feeled in love with him and start serching all his news and updates and i watched alllll his dramas and movies. ^_^

    Tell us why you love Siwon: this is really to many reasons at first because he’s handsome and rich and he have a sexy body ,so charismatic and he have a magic smile who make me happy anytime, also he’s so cute for me sometimes i think that he’s a kid. he’s a type of persone who love from all his heart and he really love all super junior members and he cryed when they was joking to leave up(crying baby), he’s peasfull, faithfull, , enjoy his time and do what he want, respect the others and help them, he’s just perfect someone who make care of every things sport fun god fans(he update always) friends family and he take care of them……

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: king of drama
    because he played a role like him he really enjoy it and did it well like usually ❤

  90. Name: Chelyn Garnica
    Country :Philippines
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior (max 150 words)
    When my friend show me Super Junior’s Haengbok video i laughed when i saw the bunch of gays, i was into western boybands that time so that was really my impression. and fangirling over Korean will not gonna happened after few months i got to watch their MV U and i was like oh these are the bunch of gays already? lol omg! they’re so freakin hot and the first captured my heart is their hairstyle. they are so freaking handsome. all of them. so when i came back look at Haengbok MV, my impression has never been the same. they are so adorable so i started getting to know every members and that day i promise my self that i will gonna love these boys like forever. until now i dont have a bf because i can’t find any another guy like my super junior. And to be honest siwon was the most attractive but I told myself I won’t stan he, he’s just gonna break my heart lol.. I love watching every Super Junior’s show, I laugh and cry with them. Super Junior means a lot to me, they did the most amazing thing in my life. Having them is a blessing and I will love super junior till the end.
    Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words)
    “it doesn’t matter if you weren’t and elf at first what matters is, you were an elf till the end” that’s always the things in mind I always bearing. i love Siwon because despite of his real status in life. He dedicated his life to his profession, to his company, to the members and to us. He’s the most humble wealthy man I ever knew. He is professional and with a golden heart towards everyone. Siwon is an ideal man. He is perfect. I love how he find and manage time to stay in the dorm with members just to bond with them eventhough he got a lot of house in every corner of korea hahahah. He never disappoints us. He may not be there always on some music shows for their comebacks but he made sure he made it if fans really need him. He is a good example of a good son, a good brother, a boyfriend, a God’s shepherd and a good friend. He have a honey voice who can melt anyone’s heart. I love Siwon for that. And I am so proud of him.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words)
    My favorite drama of Siwonie is SKIP BEAT with of course our very own Lee Donghae, I love these drama because it challenged Siwon how to act as a celebrity but with hidden emotional needs of caring and appreciation. He shows his both serious and cute sides. If I were the girl in the drama. I’ll pick him too. He is perfect and caring. I love how he shows bond with his co-actors and most of all to his manager. So I wont wonder why he so close with prince manager because he is really down to earth and very considerate to everyone. He is true to everyone. He deserve to have someone that would take care and love him back. That drama got a chance to be aired here in Philippines so maybe that’s one thing that made people knows Siwon of Super Junior. And I know lots of people who never know him before and got to love him and started to stan Super Junior.

  91. Nombre: Jacqueline cano
    pais: mexico

    ¿como empezaste a amar a siwon?




  92. I did not know anything about Korea. EHB program of super junior sudden I saw. The program siwon very beautiful laughing. I was a Depressed. But laughter siwon I started laughing. From that point on became my teacher super junior. Siwon laughter changed my life. And I am a happy person and a strong right now….

    I,m so happy to knowing siwon and super junior

  93. Name: shi
    Country: singapore
    How did I start lovng sj: I started loving sj since I watched their variety show EHB. Their outgoing and fun loving character made the show very enjoyable and made me want to see more of them. I then started to follow their news on twitter and went to their concerts. It is their love and appreciation to fans that kept me loving them.
    Why I love siwon: He is very gentleman and has good manners. He always greets his fan when he sees them and is not a proud celebrity. I am really amazed by how he can communicate in korean, english and chinese! I also love his countless derp expressions that never fails to surprise me!
    My favourite siwon movie: My favourite siwon movie is his latest movie to the fore. This is a very movie, I get to see siwon acting and at the same time understand more on the cycling competitions, the different roles of each and every cyclist in such competition. I am happy for him to make very precious friendship with other actors in the movie.

  94. Julie.T
    I start loving Super Junior when I found out about Henry and SJM.
    I love Siwon because he is cool and funny. Also very handsome.
    My favorite Siwon’s drama is Skip Beat with Donghae.

  95. Name : Sri Putri Puspa Ayu
    Country : Indonesia
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior : Honestly i knew Siwon earlier than Super Junior. I know him at 2007, when Siwon & Hangeng appeared on a local tabloid, was attending an event in China. I love his charisma, smile and his charming gaze. From that time i only know Siwon & Hangeng is popular idol in Korea and also members of group Super Junior. I was keeping Siwon in my mind and become my 1st bias in Super Junior. And when Sorry Sorry era, i was totally fall in love with Super Junior, and still going strong until now 🙂
    Tell us why you love Siwon: the reason? Actually i believe in words “Love is no need a reason”, cos actually i don’t really know why i love him. But if i have to mention it, i think it bcs Siwon has really good personality. He’s humble, lovable to members, ELF and everyone around him. That’s the most important point from an idol like him. He’s also always looks charismatic on his own ways.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: I love “Oh My Lady” so much! I love his character on the drama. He’s so lovable and fatherly, and made me to dreaming of if i could has a husband like him hahaha 😀

  96. Kanthi ,
    How did i star loving superjunior ? : Well hi its an memorable day for me , the best day when i came to know about superjunior . It was during 2010 when i was having really hard time , due to some problems i couldnt give my final exam and had to return home , in severe depression state was searching for interesting Kshows on youtube , My eyes caught over Oh my lady poster ,and ended up watching the drama , And that time it was ongoing , and in the opening shot itself i fell for siwon oppa , to the twist in the story when i was totally in love with drama enjoying in between i had to go back to attend my classes , just imagine i stopped the drama in between 5-6 episode , and had to wait for another 6 months to complete the drama , all those days were hell for me for not able to complete drama and siwon oppa .

    Why i love siwon ? After 6 months when i cameback home , i started googling about the drama cast and found out siwon and that he was the member of SUPERJUNIOR and i ended up watching their MV’S and other variety shows , like to tell SuperJunior and siwon are like my anti depressions. Though siwon oppa belong to well settled family with good background i really like the way he became indivudally popular without using his fathers background ,making his parents proud at this age . Though being so popular and handsome he is such a down to earth person .

    My favorite siwon’s drama is Oh my lady ! as i told before thanks to that drama i came to know about oppa , and saved myself and made myself happy . Loved the way he managed two angles in a drama ,. He is born artist ,

    Thanks to super junior , Thanks to siwon oppa for making us happy , and thanks for inspiring us , Am sorry i was not ELF from ur debute stage but i promise that i will die as an ELF ., and will be with you during you happy and bad moments PROMISE . Hope to see you some day in INDIA and atleast let you know about Indian ELF’S.

  97. Name ; Lata
    Country ; INDIA

    Iam sorry that i may not be ELF from the begining but i’am a die hard ELF since 2012 . The 1st member i came to know among superjunior is EUnhyuk oppa through Barefoot friends show , and i was shocked to see the craze for superjunior during that show m the fans gathering to welcome him at airport was so shocking and made curios about him , the through that i start following superjunior , Bonamana was my 1st ever favorite album , i watched almost 100 times on that day . .
    I became siwon oppa fan when i watched his Oh my lady drama omo the scenes where he comes out from shower waah what an abs , i think at that moment i was like totally into siwon , apart from his looks his acting was too lovely in that drama .

    Favorite movie was Dragonblade as i got a chance to see siwon on Indian screens . And king of drama was another best drama of siwon oppa , just love everything about super junior and siwon oppa.

    Dreaming of what if siwon oppa works in a Bollywood too , waah that would be visual feast to all Indian ELF.

  98. Name: Vidi Tasya
    Country: Indonesia
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I like suju during sorry, sorry era and took 1 year to knew all members, and I fall in love with Siwon, his charms and damn the good looking because just one photo (Incheon airport 2010 taken by siwonzone) and makes me melted.
    (max 150 words)
    Tell us why you love Siwon: Despite his handsomeness and his father wealthy, he is a generous man and he likes everything low profile, like he always hidden the charity he had done and not showing off his wealthy. I also like his acting which is getting better every year.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    I watch all his dramas, but i love Athena Goddess war (his acting is improved since his last drama) I think Athena is start of Siwon acting^^ although he’s not get much enough shoot. But him as agent, is so cool!!

  99. Name: Annes Prima Dianti
    Country: Indonesia
    How did I start loving Siwon:
    “ I know Siwon first in K-drama 18vs29, in 2006 or 2007 maybe, i dont like him in first time i see him, his just like flower boy in my eyes and i dont like boy like that, i like guy with manly posture. In 2008 i hear song ‘marry you’ for the first time in radio and i dont know why my heart beat so faster when i hear that song, i just know meaning of the title not the all song but i just like it. Marry you it’s Super Junior’s Song
    When i start searching about that song and know Super Junior, i just know Siwon part of the member, He’s just look so different than in 2006, in that MV his looks mature, gentle and manly, WOW so different, i falling in love to him when first time i see Marry You MV and Don’t don’t MV. Huwaaaa so manly,looks he’s sixpack body”
    • Tell us why I love Siwon:
    “ For the first time maybe I like him couse he’s handsome, but as time passed i began to fall in love couse his manner, his kind heart and how he’s treat me so well, okay his treat all his fans so well but Siwon have a meaning can i describe for my life. He’s just teach me how always be kind person, have kind and warm heart and how we must be so close with God, maybe if i dont know siwon i just be a naugthy and bad person couse life for me fell so hard for that time #PersonalProblem. So why i so thankful to God for make me exist in my life’s scenario, for make me know someone like him.”
    • My favourite Siwon’s drama/movie
    “I like Skip Beat movie, i dont know why but that drama have good meaning for life,how we just dont be hopeless couse life feel so hard and how we must so working hard for the life”

  100. Name: Margaretha Nurina Sutanto (Rina)
    Country: Indonesia

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I started loving Siwon and Super Junior about four years ago when I saw them in a variety show. They were hilarious and charming at the same time. Unlike other idol groups that tried to look cool, they didn’t hesitate in giving their all to entertain people to the point of humiliating themselves. After that I started to notice their songs as well and fell deeply in love with them. I was also amazed when I first watched their Super Show. When I watched other idols’ concerts, I felt that they were cool. However, when I watched Super Show, I felt they were cool, fun, hilarious and crazy at the same time. Super Junior is definitely super. Super Junior is my sunshine after a day of hard work. Watching them gives me joy and laughter. They are my precious boys.

    Tell us why you love Siwon:
    I love all about Siwon, except his mustache. Haha.. Most importantly, I love Siwon because he is a devout Christian just like me. His humbleness and kindness also amaze me. He actively donates and helps others who need his help. I am an animal lover and I will never forget the day when Siwon saved a stray dog in the middle of the street. I was deeply touched by that video. I love his derp faces and actions. How someone with such face and body can be so derpy still amazes me. Despite being the face of the group, like other SuJu members, he doesn’t care much about the so called image. I love the way he interacts with the members and his family. Siwon is perfect even when he is not.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    My favorite Siwon’s drama is Oh! My Lady as it is the first Siwon’s drama that I have ever watched. Although his acting was still awkward at that time, I still loved it. I love once again his derpy face even when he is acting. He only appeared for a short time in Masked Prosecutor but he left a deep impression with his hilarious acting. Siwon is a much better actor now and I cannot wait to watch She was Pretty.

  101. Name: Kajal Dev
    Country: India
    1.How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior?
    I was what people call an ANTIFAN of whole Korean craze! One day, I was on my way back home from hostel. It was a long journey (takes about 2 days). I became friends with the girl next to me. Then she got a call and I couldn’t recognise the language of her ringtone. So I asked her, and she told it was Korean and that she was a Kpopper. I pitied those who fell head over heels for kpop and its idols, I felt the same for her. But later, I got bored, and since my phone was dead, I requested her to share earphones with me. It was Kpop, but I had no choice. Then I started listening.. OMO!!! I really loved it, especially the SJ songs! Exactly my taste! From then on, I became a pure Kpopper. Liked Siwon because of his character and looks.
    2.Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words)
    Siwon is my UB! I am the kind that values character over visuals. In Siwon’s case, well, Visual is a BONUS! Keke! Most of the time, he is the perfect gentleman with the perfect unique gestures. He shows his funny side seldom in shows, but when he does no one can resist themselves from laughing loud – fortune cookie, awkward dances, selfies with bugsy are just mere examples. I like how he cares for SJ members and support them in every possible way. I also like that he shows his affection out through skinships, rather than bottling them up. He respects us ELFs and always tries to make us comfortable. He not only respects humans, but all living things. Though he is rich, he is so humble and spends money on charity, most times secretly. Overall, he never hides his real personality and thats why I love him. ❤
    3.What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words)
    My favourite is Oh! My Lady. Because it really do justice to Siwonnie's acting skills. The character he was playing was the complete opposite of who he is in real life & the emotions he conveyed through his eyes was amazing. It also portrays the caring side of Siwon so well.. also his amazing dad like nature. I especially loved the Won – child interactions. So cute!! It was heartwarming watching the drama. The plot too is unique and I really loved the ending too. It was the first drama I saw of Siwon. Also the songs are daebak… not to mention the one Siwonnie sang (Aren't I Stupid)!! That song has been my ringtone for more than an year now… keke! The drama made me love him even more, and now, nothing can replace him in my heart!! ^^

  102. Name: Vanita Nair
    Country: India

    How did i start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I happened to come across an award show performance of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and was shocked to see so many people on stage. It was the response of other celebrities dancing along that peaked my interest. It took me two weeks to learn their names and tell each member apart. That was my first foray in Kpop and Super Junior, it took me at least a year to designate myself as an ELF as I was afraid to get too attached. But I realized too late that I was already bleeding sapphire blue by then.

    Why I love Siwon
    Near the end of th:e ‘Happiness’ video, siwon has this genuine dimpled smile that totally captivated me. It was his personality that attracted me more than his looks. When I see him work hard to achieve his dreams with so much love, passion and most of all a positive attitude it spurs me forward too. I am undergoing a tough time in my life and as much as it pains me, I have to say that his thoughts act as a pillar of hope for me. His faith in the divine and humility is what makes him a person of impeccable character and my ideal to

    Favorite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    Since I became his fan, I have almost religiously followed every single appearance siwon has had in the past 10 years. And though his acting is a work in progress as he is bogged by stereotypical roles, his first main lead in ‘Oh! My Lady’ remains my favorite. It was really cute to see his interaction with his daughter along with his skills in singing and dancing. I could see his earnestness and passion in the way he played the role of a top star and closeted dad to the best of his ability. Looking back to the fresh-faced siwon in the drama, his growth as an actor has been really visible in his current projects.

  103. hi in eika from Malaysia
    im start loving siwon when i first saw super junior in kbs world with their dont dont performance..
    i did think super junior was and always a unique group. i love them to the max!
    i love siwon because he has his own way of expressing his personality.he is also charming!
    the drama that i like most is “skip beat” cause he is so funny and again charming..

  104. Ok i’m arin
    from iran…
    First i met him in a drama(i cant remember it name) so in that time i told my sister( she was beside me)
    Oh my god look at him he is soooooooo cute…!his face was realy adorable…
    After a year…i saw him in oh my lady drama…and it wa so exiting!
    So from then i started to follow suju mvs and shows so after a while i got that his personality is az adorable az his face…
    Now…in this time…i feel the feeling wich i have for him is like…i dont know maby love?!cause every time i see him my heart gets beating like crazys and i feel excited…
    Even tonight i uploded a post for him(and i knowed he never see it) and told him to be strong…cause it doesn’t matters waht the other say…i love him and i’ll protect him with whole my power …he can just carry on az much az he has such a crazy fan like me!
    At the end…be healthy my mr nice guy…thank you for comming to my life and thank you for making it brighter like a beautiful real star…

  105. Name: Vanita Nair
    Country: India

    How did i start loving Siwon/Super Junior
    I happened to come across an award show performance of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and was shocked to see so many people on stage. It was the response of other celebrities dancing along that peaked my interest. It took me two weeks to learn their names and tell each member apart. That was my first foray in Kpop and Super Junior, it took me at least a year to designate myself as an ELF as I was afraid to get too attached. But I realized too late that I was already bleeding sapphire blue by then.

    Why I love Siwon
    Near the end of the ‘Happiness’ video, siwon has this genuine dimpled smile that totally captivated me. It was his personality that attracted me more than his looks. When I see him work hard to achieve his dreams with so much love, passion and most of all a positive attitude it spurs me forward too. I am undergoing a tough time in my life and as much as it pains me, I have to say that his thoughts act as a pillar of hope for me. His faith in the divine and humility is what makes him a person of impeccable character and my ideal to

    Favorite Siwon’s drama/movie and why
    Since I became his fan, I have almost religiously followed every single appearance siwon has had in the past 10 years. And though his acting is a work in progress as he is bogged by stereotypical roles, his first main lead in ‘Oh! My Lady’ remains my favorite. It was really cute to see his interaction with his daughter along with his skills in singing and dancing. I could see his earnestness and passion in the way he played the role of a top star and closeted dad to the best of his ability. Looking back to the fresh-faced siwon in the drama, his growth as an actor has been really visible in his current projects.

  106. ☆☆☆☆
    Name : shin (송보은)
    Country : Indonesia
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior:
    I’m fall in love Choi Siwon since I watch him in Korean Drama “18 vs 29”, when He play as young Kang Bong-man, a role as a student and idol prince at school. His eyes and smile make me speechless. I would like her character in the play. I started looking for news about him & Picture of him, activity all about Choi Si Won.And I Found he is one of Member SUPER JUNIOR. It is a DESTINY, I’m make decision to be ELF.☆☆

    Tell us why you love Siwon :
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: “fall in love at first sight” I’m still love him when he plays as Kang Bo-Man in “18 vs 29”.His character i loved. when he smile make me speechless. Hope someday i can found one man like him. And now, i can’t wait when he will play as Kim Shin Hyuk in Upcoming K-Drama “She Was Pretty”. He so good man and Lovely him.☆☆

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    He has special talent. in addition to being a singer, she is also a talented actor. He easily have new friend, good sociality, friendly to the fans, have a LOVELY smile (with dimples), good performance, good singer , and one thing that makes me proud, he faithfully shared and Love ELF. He always remind ELF and greeting ELFs around the world. this is what make me fall in love with him and SUPER JUNIOR. ☆☆


  107. Name: Emily Brockman
    Country: USA

    How did I start loving Super Junior/Siwon: Siwon is the reason I discovered Super Junior! I discovered him (and Donghae) after watching Skip Beat and loved his representation of Dun Helian. I read the Japanese manga and was beyond impressed by his characterization and emotion. I am thankful that I was able to see his acting and discover Super Junior. He is an amazing actor and I’m super excited to see more of his work!

    Why I love Siwon: I love Siwon because he is very talented at many things (singing, acting, modeling, ect.). I also love him because of his positive and friendly attitude. Whenever I see another member of Super Junior who is feeling down or unhappy, I see Siwon try and make his day better. With the combination of Siwon’s amazing personality, beautiful looks, and talented skills, he is an outstanding person that should be remembered throughout history.

    My favorite of Siwon’s dramas/movies: My all time favorite show is Skip Beat! At first I was worried about the representation of Dun Helian, but Siwon was outstanding! I was overwhelmed by the romantic scenes and impressed by his natural chemistry. Siwon also was able to impersonate the subtle details making the drama much more enjoyable. He is now my favorite actor!

  108. Name: Supriya Lanjewar
    Country: India
    How did I start loving Super Junior/Siwon:
    Truthfully he is the person who introduced me to SuperJunior. I watched his drama ‘Oh my lady’ and there begins the fondness for him. So I literally searched everything about him on internet and also came to know about super junior. Thereafter I watched their MVs,variety programs etc and became ELF and started following them.I love super junior for their strong bonding with each other and their fun loving,witty side which never fails to make me laugh and light hearted.
    Tell us why you love Siwon:
    There are many aspects in his personality that made me love him more and more.He is handsome,sings exceptionally good,dance and acts very well.Even though he is rich but at the same time very humble,religious,down to earth and a perfect gentleman and because of these qualities I respect him a lot since it is rare to see a person like him who is at the peak of popularity but not influenced by it in bad way.And I love his hand and face gestures,his skinship loving side and it is hilarious to watch when he tries to be funny.
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why:
    I have followed him with loyalty and watched his nearly every appearances.I like ‘Oh my lady’ because it really made me love him.Even though he was not much experienced in acting that time but he acted so well and looked so very handsome.Now my favorite is ‘dragon blade’ because it is the movie I watched in Indian theater and it was debak..he seriously stand out amongst all other characters.

  109. Nabaa Laith
    I knew firstly Leeteuk and Eunhyuk in Star King show… Then i knew SJ and also Siwon!!
    I love Siwon because… He is Choi Siwon! The amazing man~ with charming smile and behaviour as a real gentle man (rare to be found)
    My favourite drama is Skip beat! 😀

  110. Name: Aishath Meesha Azeem (call me Meesha)
    Country: Maldives
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: Discovered Suju back in 2009 with sorry sorry. The answer version had me loving them with those amazing vocals. And then I watched EHB. 😛 Had to love all of them after that.
    Tell us why you love Siwon: Because hes so kind and caring and derpy at the same time. He’s so real and down to earth. Its hard to not love him honestly. And he’s always there for concerts no matter how busy he is. :’)
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: Athena. Its just really my style. 😛 Watched it for him, ended up liking it a lot.

  111. Name. Cheryl
    Country. Singapore
    I start to fall in love with Siwon since starting to watch No other mv…

    He really a Handsome, Nice, Friendly, Talent Guy, He a Wonderful Guy.

    I love his dramra the most is Oh my Lady. Give me lot of memories when I recall back… And of course all dramra, moive will support him all the way no Matter wat he do…

  112. Eunice Alipio

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior
    It was July 2010 when I accidentally watched No Other MV and got mesmerized by Super Junior especially that curly brunette singing high notes named Cho Kyuhyun whom I thought the leader of the band. Since then I became an ELF!

    Tell us why you love Siwon
    I love Siwon as much a love my first bias Kyuhyun.. I love him the way he is, the handsome, kind, religious, gentleman, rich and yet the most humble person I know in Kpop. And the mere fact that he treasures kyuhyun the most in the group.. Proof? Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnXQM885A7k I love him because he is Choi Siwon!

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why
    King of Dramas! Well because Siwon is all derp with Super Junior and so does in King of Dramas! Derpy with class choi siwon for us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zstWyJefssE See? I told ya!

    Movie? DRAGON BLADE! I dont know but when I watched that movie it made me cry not because of the beautiful production/plot but because CHOI SIWON IS FREAKING PART OF THE MOVIE AND IM PROUD!

    Thank you 💗💗💗

  113. Name: Alnabila Fasya Dwijayadi
    Country: Indonesia
    How did i start liking Super Junior:
    To be honest, i was a huge hater of them in the past… Yeah.. It was when i was still in high school. My friends were obsessed with them.. I was like “hell, they all look same!” And my friends were like “oh honey one day you’ll eat your own words. You’ll head over heels in love with SJ..” But then when i was going to graduate fro high school, i saw them on tv. And i saw siwon for the first time and i was like “hmmm he’s handsome…” And i started googling for their names.. And bammm, when i told my friends i started loving SJ, they were like “WE TOLD YOU” xD. Since then, i keept following their comeback, bought their albums, and i went to smtown concert after 3 months liking SJ… And in 2013, i went to ss5…
    Tell us why you love siwon:
    I love siwon because, when i first saw him on tv, i was head over heels in love with him because he’s deadly gorgeous… My past obsession was western boyband, like Jonas Brothers, then when i looked at him, he was like a western look alike but stuck in Korean face… Lol. And then i watched Strong Heart, and i thought he’s not only handsome but can act too… He has good body, good personality, he’s so likable, and he’s so charming..
    What’s your favorite siwon drama/movie and why:
    My fav drama would be The King of Dramas. His acting was so good.. He’s a cocky actor but in the end every backlash just like slapped him in the face and he realized he was wrong.. And finally he stopped being cocky.. It was so awesome.. Despite not being the lead role, but he was totally into his character. I just loveeeee that drama.. Too bad the ratings was not that good..

  114. – Francheska Pedrozo
    – Philippines

    ~How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior (max 150 words)
    I saw him first
    -The first time I saw Siwon was when I watch sorry sorry mv whe I was 12 yrs old. I thought that I will only have crush on him because he’s so handsome. But almost 6 years have passed, he becomes derper and derper XD And the other super junior members became more handsome. He’s so weird following girly quotes page on twitter, tweeting with “lol” and the smiley :^). Tweeting sweetly then the other day he’ll post something intriguing that will make you bother and many more. I gues he’s different from my first impression But I still stayed as a siwonest because when you love someone you wont matter all of his imperfections instead these imperfections will make you love even more :”>

    ~Tell us why you love Siwon (at least 20 words, max 150 words)
    -Before, I love him because of his looks but I guess that was really not accepted. What makes me love him even more is his fortune cookie xD He’s not the typical handsome guy who is boring and besides that he’s the type of man that makes himself ugly just to make other people happy. He’s such a sweet man to his hyungs and his dongsaeng, doing high fives more than 3 times a day? Isn’t that sweet? High five hajima! Hahaha. And the big deal on him is that he is a religious man and a gentleman. What more could I ask for?

    ~What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why (max 150 words)
    – Oh! My Lady. The drama shows siwon taking care of the kid. And i find it sweet :”> Usually siwon acts as a handsome cool guy in action dramas or whatsoever but in this drama he showed his sweet daddy image 🙂

  115. Viehira Flores
    I started to love Super Junior when they released their mr.Simple album and loved them since they introduced me to kpop and their music was unique as well as comforting when in bad times. As a whole group they still let the public know there’s just no regrets even though they have every reason too. They have a close relationship with the 3 members who have gone and pursued their careers with another label for their own reasons and health. As ELFs we have gone through a lot of accidents, enlistments, hate and well just tragedies but they always show us we aren’t alone and as our Teukie leader said “it’s not an end but a AND”

    I love Siwon because although he really good looking and has money 😂 .He is just a total gentleman and reminds us God is there and.looks after us. Also that Siwon tried to take Heechul to. church for such a long time 😂😂. As a Super Junior member he gives so much love to ELFs around the world the world even though he isn’t fluent in many other languages he ties the best with a thankful heart
    My favorite drama he has done just has to be the Taiwanese version of Skip Beat .His role is just to swoon over and well there’s always Donghae too😃. For Movie I have to go with Wonder Boys because our boys,more like men, are just too funny and adorable and the plot is just hilarious!!

  116. Name : Shella
    Country : Indonesia
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior : I saw siwon at korean drama 19 vs 29 (2005) he is so cute and still loving him until now (2015)
    Tell us why you love Siwon : gentle man, devoted christian, good manner, nice personality, hard worker.
    What’s your favorite Siwon’s drama/movie and why : Oh! My Lady, because he must act the opposite of his own character and the result nice. And i like Helios, as the police (or someone who handle great responsibility) he can do it until last breath, such an honor become like hero.

  117. Marion Paguio
    United States of America
    I began loving Siwon around 2006-2007 when Super Junior started showing up in variety shows. I believe it was Full House. I thought Siwon would be a little arrogant and mannerless but when Full House showed up, I saw a different side to him. He was humble, kind, sincere, and very polite. I really admire him and have a lot of respect for him.

    I love Siwon because despite his status as the visual and as the rich boy, he’s very humble and works hard no matter what task is given to him. He’s very ambitious and would always put his members first, no matter what.

    My favorite Siwon movie would have to be Helios. We saw a completely different and charismatic side to Siwon we don’t see in his dramas. We can really see that he worked hard to portray his character to the best of his ability and he succeeded. It was a great cast as well and I was honored, as a fan to love a guy who can hold his own.

  118. Name: Toh Wei Qi
    Country: Singapore

    How did I start loving Super Junior/Siwon:
    Back in the beginning of 2011, I was uninterested in Kpop. But my friends were Cassiopeia and for some reason, they were watching EHB on the phone. I was curious and peeked over their shoulders to watch, and happened to catch their hidden camera prank in the tears episode. With just those few mere minutes, I was captivated by Super Junior’s close brotherhood when members cried so much at the thought of separating. I then watched the rest of EHB and all their variety shows only to fall for their unique sense of humour, intriguing personalities, their teamwork and how well they complement each other as not only bandmates but as best friends in real life. By then I have already learnt their names and have went through their entire discography. By then realized that I had fallen for Super Junior hook, line and sinker.

    Why I love Siwon:
    I love how Siwon is always modest, humble and hardworking. Although he could easily relax and bask in his popularity, he continues seeking new opportunities and trying his best in everything he does, be it in schedules with the group or in his individual dramas and variety. He strikes me as somebody who is very friendly and polite. He has good relationships with all of the members of Super Junior whom he treats as brothers, and with co-workers who praise him for his hardworking and friendly attitude. He is also helpful, always taking the initiative to reach out to help others. For example, in SJ’s secret cameras, we can always see how he does not hesitate to step up and comfort others, meditate fights, etc. His personality is hence the main reason that I like him. It helps too that he is talented and blessed with such a beautiful dimple-smile.

    My favorite of Siwon’s dramas/movies:
    King of Dramas. I liked the drama’s plot, as well as its sense of satirical humour. (The drama is also the source of many nice gifs !). Siwon’s character in the show was also HILARIOUS and oh so likable. I loved the focus on character development in the drama, where everybody matured and learnt lessons along the way. I especially liked how Siwon’s character, Kang Hyun-min, was willing to overcome his ego to take initiative in improving his acting and was not afraid of putting in hard work. The drama also highlighted Siwon’s acting talent, where he brought out the character’s arrogant and egoistic personality so well with his exaggerated gestures and facial expressions. I was also impressed by how Siwon was able to convey the subtle nuances in his character’s personality as Kang Hyun-min matured through the course of the drama.

  119. Diandra Rizky

    It was 2011. Yea, I know I don’t love them from the start, but I promise myself to be with them ‘till the end. I always want to hold Super Junior’s hands and walk together for another 10 years and 10 years. Out of nowhere there was one moment when I accidentally browsed youtube and typed “Super Junior Bonamana” on the search bar, and tadaa~~ That was the first I felt like they were cool with their amazing dance moves and good quality of the songs! And yes, the one who caught my attention at the first time was Siwon Choi, who else? I mean, with his sweet dimples and great look, who wont fall in love with him? xD

    I love Siwon because he is loyal to SJ and he really is a professional actor. He can manage his time for SJ and dramas. There may be times when he doesn’t join the comeback stages, but he was never absent in all the albums. #1 is his good look ofc, and #2 is his loyalty to Super Junior, and #3 he is a visual of the group but he doesnt feel embarrassed to show his real image whenever he’s with SJ Look when Ryeowook and he plays the high note battle when filming This is Love & Evanesce.

    My favorite drama is SKIP BEAT because it shows me that Siwon is a real professional actor. He keeps the dialogue in Korean but his partners speak Taiwanese. Can you imagine how hard it is? That drama makes me fall in love with him even more! I hope he’ll shine always in the showbiz world with his great acting skill.

  120. Name: Gladys

    Country: Indonesia

    How did you start loving siwon/sj: i start loving siwon its when 2011 when i see him on his drama 🙂

    Tell us why you love siwon: haha i love siwon bcs he is funny and religious 🙂

    What’s your favorite siwon’s drama and why: “Oh! My Lady” he is cute handsome and young there bcs of this drama i know super junior too, first time i watching and see siwon i’m like woah this guy is so handsome *-* and i starting search his profile on internet and i found that he is a member of sj, i found bonamana mv and staring at all the members they are all so handsome and sexy there *-* i search their info and from that time until now and forever i will become an elf, just wanna say thank you siwon bcs of make me know super junior ❤ Gbu O:)

  121. Name: Jacque Del Rosario(pumpkinjacque)
    Country: Philippines

    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior: He’s known as the resident derp king and Shisus and well, everybody loves Siwon. He’s so in love with each SJ member that you can’t help but love him endlessly too.

    Tell us why you love Siwon: If there’s one thing I could describe him as, it’s being compassionate. Siwon is very much loved, all around the world regardless of race or status, that’s because he never forgets to show how much he cares about the people around him. His love for his brothers(SJ) is very much adamant since ’05. And he remains humble despite his countless achievements, and that’s enough reason to love Siwonnie.

    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why: When I watched Oh My Lady, I really fell into his charms. Seeing his BTS interactions with all the cast, especially with Yoobin, ugh my heart was trapped. I felt he really enjoyed acting in that series, everything felt so natural and he was very much at ease that’s why I loved it.

  122. Name: Juan Ping
    Country: Singapore
    How did you start loving Siwon/Super Junior
    -In 2011 I was flying to Korea & during the flight, there was this group of very good looking boys. I asked the stewardess if they’re from a kpop group. sadly she had no idea. So I glanced at their faces during the whole flight. Wasn’t a kpop fan then so I really don’t know who they were. When I touched down I went CD shop & told my parents I saw SJ? But still I’ve no idea. Years later, I noticed siwon again. I didn’t know he’s from SJ! So I started checking info or what dramas he acted in, from there I started liking him. I went to check on SJ too and wow they’re really talented! It was also because of their MVs which attracted me the most! Like Sorry Sorry and Mr Simple! Those are really classic.
    Tell us why you love Siwon
    -Being typical here but cause he’s very good looking&funny!:p I love the way how he loves all his members so much & his skinships towards them. He also treat the people/fans around him with a lot of care, so gentlemen! Even tho he is really rich, he stay very humble about it & don’t like to boast about it, even tho sometimes the boys will mention about his wealth. haha. But I could also see that he work really hard even tho there’s hardship, like giving out all his best while performing even tho he was sick. sad:( but that’s really touching! and he doesn’t complain! To me he is really perfect. He can act, sing, dance, play musical instruments and many more *.* SJ work really hard to achieve what they are today! Besides that he really shines out whenever he is 🙂
    What’s your favourite Siwon’s drama/movie and why
    -My favourite on has to be Oh My Lady! He is really cute inside, especially acting with that tiny lil girl! I know its only a drama but there’s this scene where he got so worried about YeEun even tho he didn’t really like her. But when he found her, the way how he acted out & expressed his feelings really touched me. Ep 15! Recently I watched the making of TTF, it wasn’t easy at all. It was really tiring for the cast! There was this part I watched where Siwon asked the director to reshoot a scene again because he wants it to be perfect. Even tho he was really tired, he doesn’t want to disappoint/ let anyone down and produce the best he could for the people around him and his fans. Salute! His down to earth personalities/characters is what I love about him the most.

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