150721 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

July 21, 2015 at 4:04 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 2 Comments

RW: My cough is still not cured until now. I had recording today too and it was hard

RW: Dyed today. Donghae told me to, said bright hair doesnt suit me. I think this not bad. Maybe it’ll fade to red?

RW: Next next week? There’s schedule @ Sokcho. Members are very excited. Makes us happy having Sokcho schedule!

RW: Donghae since I dyed my hair “Ryeowook ah, it’s weird! Dye your hair!” But I spent $. And ppl say it’s pretty.

RW: Who said promos are short? It’s the start! Who said ended? Keep quiet. Who said it among members? We’ll continue. We have overseas schedules; tho it’ll be hard to do broadcast promos, we will if we can, since Devil is a good song.

Source: 58fabiola58

RW: Kyuhyun watches dramas seriously, if they have the OSTs he sing

Source: 金_圣诞是理想型

RW: Today members gathered to talk, they said they want to come Sukira, especially Heechul

Source: 火焰_FlamingELF团站

RW: Ah I didn’t know (KRY ticketing) is tomorrow. Prepare well. No matter what, I hope many people will watch our concert

Source: 銘儀

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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. Thanx 4 the transcript❤️💙💖

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