150518 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Eunhyuk [Transcripts] [13P]

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EH said he deliberately said, ‘Party In the UJA’ earlier, for joke since all knew his ‘sentence’ is so popular kkk~

150518 KTR trans2

150518 KTR trans3


150518 KTR trans4

1st session of Hello Kitchen, EH gave syllable ‘Hyuk’ for 2 listeners. Only 1 said ‘Hyukjae’,the other said nothing at first kkk~

150518 KTR trans5 150518 KTR trans6

*After playing ’20’-song* EH: “Oh i started to be Sukira DJ at 21-22 years old too…”

150424 Sukira trans7 150424 Sukira trans8 150424 Sukira trans9

150518 KTR trans10

Juniel said SJ-members asked her for AOA-members’ phone-call. EH: “Who? Me?” Juniel: “Well many of you kkk~”

150518 KTR trans11 150518 KTR trans12

150518 KTR trans13


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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. Thanks for the transcript. Appreciate it!

  3. thnxxxxx 🙂

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