Heechul Interview in Ize – M&D: “Currently putting in the final puzzle piece. We’re happy.” – From 150511

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1. You came back as M&D. And with an album too.

Heechul: This is a project whose journey both of us can go on for a very long time. Although I said in an interview that we’ll release up till 2jib then see how it goes and whether it needs to end, but I don’t want to mess up and cause this to disappear. I said it that way, but actually I want to continue doing this. If we say Super Junior shows performance, then M&D is a team that does music and also go on radio and talk shows. When doing Trax activities there is a certain expectation of Jungmo, but here, whatever he wants to try, even if it’s trot, we can give it a shot.

(Jungmo talks about music being work to him but M&D making it something done out of interest)

Heechul: So that’s why his music is done messily too. (Laughs). When Jungmo is composing M&D songs he will “Hyung, the girl I like doesn’t seem to like me back” and then anyhow play guitar. This is how we record. Our song “I Wish” came about while I was playing game and telling Jungmo I lost 5 rounds straight, what to do? like that. This is all possible because of Super Junior and Trax background. This is our playground.

2. This is why the lyrics are like that? Starting from the first track M&D you already go back to your pasts. In the MV there’s Heechul neglecting his girlfriend because of gaming.

Heechul: It’s a script written from my experiences. (Laughs). I’m very sorry to those I dated. So with the heart of repentance I’ll show myself well to the girls I date in future.

3. The lyrics to Close Ur Mouth are about dumping a girl you don’t like.

Heechul: At that time I was like “I have many girls!” But after 30 years old I wonder “Will I be unable to get married?”. No matter how close we are, I cannot marry Jungmo right. (Laughs). My life now of gaming everyday is quite good, but next time if all my friends have gotten married, I won’t be able to call them out to drink. Actually Donghae Ryeowook and I stayed together in dorm, but I moved out, partially for this reason. Both are going to army, how alone will I be. I don’t like the feeling of loneliess.

4. It’s not bad now; you’re just scared of the future.

Heechul: Actually I don’t want to marry, so annoying! (Laughs). I can’t even take care of the girls I liked. And it’s not because I had other girls, but because I played so many games I neglected them.

5. Has there been a change? As an idol, after hitting age 30, there should be a change in mindset right?

Heechul: While doing public service I met many people, I think I became better because of it. Whenever people came up to me at restaurant last time for sign while I’m eating I’d be…. But after interacting so much, I realised that to them, getting a sign or taking a photo becomes such a beautiful memory for them.

6. There seems to be a change on broadcast too. You used to run your mouth on Radio Star, but now on The Demand Of Luxurious Food you can handle well guests and behave in different ways and even aegyo to those much older.

Heechul: I used to be busy just talking about myself. But while living in public service, those 2 years without work was so stressful. Not a celebrity career, but just an average member of society, so I could listen to those around me. This is why nowadays on shows I keep saying “I get it”. Because I need to wrap up their comments. I used to be called Kim Moody because my moodiness was quite serious, and I’ll show it on my face. But now I can control to a certain extent, if I’m not happy about something I’ll wait for cameras to be off before I express it. Although sometimes I feel it’s a pity I can’t act up as much as last time. But last time such behaviour was forgivable because I was young, but now I’m no longer at that age.

7. If you have a girlfriend now can you treat her well? (Laughs)

Heechul: It’s because I felt that if my old self continues that way I won’t be able to date, that’s why I wrote I Wish. But suddenly I was very angry. Actually “So what if I don’t date?” was my last line but Jungmo changed it, saying, hyung, if you end it like this isn’t this acting out your previous nickname.

Jungmo: Heechul hyung is still not someone who wants to get married yet.

8. I Wish is a song that expresses you, what kind of feelings do you sing it with?

Heechul: Jungmo said to sing it casually. If I sing it relaxedly, it’ll be comfortable to listen to.

Jungmo: Because singers need to enjoy what they do. Cannot forget that they do it out of passion. So I hope Heechul hyung remembers this point.

9. Heechul sang all the songs in this album, do you acknowledge yourself as a singer?

Heechul: After I went offkey in U, I stopped having confidence in singing, but Jungmo kept saying I sing well. When I sang Soul and Moon Crystal, he kept praising me for singing it well. Actually I don’t know how I sound, because I don’t sing songs so long. When recording for Super Junior, I think of the listeners, so I tried a very pretty tone. So when recording with Jungmo I just continued using it, but Jungmo said it’ll be better to use my normal tone. Jungmo pointed out where I’m lacking. After 10 years I finally found my own voice. This is like getting the acknowledgement for singing. (Laughs). When the album came out, I cried. Ah! I now know how to sing! I had such thoughts.

10. The voice you found is similar to rock ballads from the 90s. Songs that have shouting, like Soul.

Heechul: My kind of music may be stuck in that period. Listening to many songs from then, the lyrics I all remember. That time I like j-rock. My written lyrics have that feel.

Heechul: My lyrics have influence from music of the 90’s, because songs of that time had very meaningful lyrics. Maybe because I tend to pay more attention, I prefer deeper to straightforward lyrics.

11. ‘Space Big Star’ makes one remember the superstars of the 90’s.

Heechul: Correct. So when those like Jinusean make a comeback, I will fly to them to greet them. Because I don’t want the sensitivity of the 90’s to end. Jungmo too.

12. The one who listened to music while playing games in the 90’s seems to have grown up without changing this side of him.

Heechul: Isn’t my MV setting like a 90’s drama too? (Laughs). Listening to j-rock at Gangwondo, then becoming an idol upon reaching SM. Although I’m very grateful for the popularity I earned there, but during our company’s talent show the song I sang was Hyde’s song. On music shows, I change style from dance song to rock.

13. You grew up experiencing those moments. Now at 30 you sing songs ‘where did the girls go~”. Do you think you grew up well?

Heechul: Whenever there’s many good people by my side, I feel I have grown quite well. For example, some of the manager hyungs I’m close to are on the board of directors, they help me a lot. Although I act big and give myself the Space Big Star name which is arrogant, but because of the people around me, I haven’t lived in vain.

14. What is happiness to you?

Heechul: When Super Junior first started I didn’t want to be an idol. It’s awkward to go “heart byeongbyeong” at people. But when I reached 30 I listened to ‘No Other’, I used to really hate it. My 30s was in sight, do I have to do this kind of song? But recently this is the Super Junior song I’m listening to most. I don’t want to leave the path of an idol. I am who I am now, because of Super Junior, and I can be proud of this. Because there is Super Junior, I am able to do what I want, and this understanding makes me happy. What makes celebrity Kim Heechul contented is Super Junior, and what I want to do is M&D. This is why recently I’m very happy. The song I wanted to do succeeded, I can even do songs that I want now. Of course, I can’t use M&D alone to achieve everything; I am past 30 now, I have conscience. (Laughs). Now it’s like putting in the final piece of the puzzle. I will work hard to not let this puzzle break.

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  1. “I am who I am now, because of Super Junior, and I can be proud of this. Because there is Super Junior, I am able to do what I want, and this understanding makes me happy”
    OMG Heenim…

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