150423 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript]

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RW: ytd I went to japan, now I’m back, SJ’s sub grp D&E it was so good, I ate delicious food! our KTR team went too~ now tired but fun

listener has very kiddy voice RW asked her how old is she, she say she’s 26 (?) wook thought some young girl, said ur voice very cute

RW: are you student- ah no (thinking abt the age) listener: preparing for some exams (?)

RW: oh it’s your birthday today is there any song you want to hear? listener: Kyuhyun oppa’s- RW:”DENG!” ok next

listeners didn’t succeed for the game, they were whining..how 😦 Rw: how? like that lor.. call in to play again next time. don’t cry

they didn’t win the game there’s not supposed to be present but it’s was one listener’s bday so RW said this time he’ll give her

RW gave the first word as kyu. All listeners answered as kyuhyun.. RW said actually you can answer as ryeowook too you’ll get it right

listeners said they wish to always hear RW on sukira.. RW asked what’s can its do to improve.. they didn’t know what to answer.. RW said ah you can go to our home page and take a look… Lol

sukira played a Sechs Kies song… RW said donghae really likes Sechs Kies lol

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  1. thanks for the transcript

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