150319 Super Junior D&E at Mnet M! Countdown Recording [Fan Account]

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Gosh this record was so short…

I was facing where eunhae was watching their rehearsal so I could see donghae pretty well

DongHae spotted me immediately and waved woth energy before starting to play hide and seek xD seriously how old are you

Then finally eunhae came out in front of fans. EunHyuk was really gorgeous in that black outfit that I shouted “oh my god”

EunHyuk heard my “oh my god” and repeated 2 or 3 times… don’t make fun of me yah!

Then they started filming the ment for tv and they said their fans was here and showed us to the camera

Then hyuk explained difference between asian fans (hidding their face) and western fans (waving) in front of camera

Then hyuk made the camera filmed us one more time

Then eunhae went on stage for record. We had only one this morning ㅠㅠ

At the end of the record, eunhae went to check their performance and went back to tell us it was over

Then they said thx and good bye to us, waved a lot (I love the thank you frol donghae and goodbye from eunhyuk looking straight in my eyes)

Hyuk hidding his face to imitate asian fans was so cute ♡♡♡

Always so thankful to sj boys for those memories they give

Cause we were complaining the record was short, they made us do chouki dance and sent is outside kkk


There was only one recording ;ㅅ; but eunhae was so cute and happg ahhhhh

Donghae said in english “don’t skip ur lunch..or dinner” SO CUTE

Hahaha hyuk asked if we ate or slept well and we’re like noo 😦 and he’s like ok ok haha

At the end hyuk said “let’s say bye!! Together” and kept saying bye even as we kept leaving♡

When hyuk and hae first came out they were filming ment? so camera was in front of their faces and hyuk made it put to us fans too


Boys were wearing the clothes from mv, the part on the rooftop :D. They looked so handsome 😍

A fan screamed ‘Donghae you’re handsome’ & Donghae just made a face like ‘nah’ and then Hyukjae turned around all serious and said ‘me too’

After the recording EunHae went back to the stage and just walked around and after while they said it was done. And fans went nooooo

Hyukjae asked we he slept well and we all screamed that no, cos stayed up all night and he just cut us like ‘ok ok i know i know’

Then Hyukjae asked if he ate so we were again ‘nooooo’ and he cut us again with a ‘ok, ok, i know i know’

He said ‘알았어’ and i understand it as ‘i get it, i get it’ but just in case i put it like ‘ok, ok, i know’ LOL

EunHae was still on stage saying goodbye when staff started telling us to leave but noone moved lmao they tried so many times but nothing

So they gave up and let us stayed until EunHae was gone. Lmao the security guy was kinda facepalming cos noone moved

Donghae sent a flying kiss when he was saying goodbye OuO 😙😙😙😙😙


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