150307 Super Junior D&E Recording for MBC Music Core [Fan Account]

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Lol Hyuk asked if we ate and after we said no he said that wook would buy us food and told us to say “Ryeowook oppa I will eat well”

Hyukjae was so adorable one part he was blabbin on the mike and he was like elf are so pretty like shyly assd cute

When Donghae tried to say his goodbye at the end his voice was like all weird and everyone laughed haha

Hyukjae thanked us for coming early and asked if we slept at all so we said no and then he was like aigo and you cannt sleep tomorrow also

Then Donghae said we should go home quickly so we can sleep but we were like we are going live

They also asked if our throat ached cause screaming haha


Hae: *says something with deep voice* Fans: oooooo~ sexy!!!! Hyuk: *imitates Hae* Fans: /laughs

After 2 rounds of recording Hyuk: Still couldn’t catch the chants? Fans: Yes.. HJ: o.o Fans: It changed ! HJ: oh.. Then just go by guts 😂

But after few rounds of practice we nailed the fanchants eventually hehehehe ^^bbbb

Hyuk trolls fans again today Fans on 1st floor: Have you eaten? Hyuk: what? Fans: *repeat Hyuk: what did you say?

Hyuk looks blank so Fans in front: They asked have you eaten? Eat. Eaaat. Food. Fooood. Have you eaten?

A fan said to donghae “don’t you want to shorten it (the mic stand) a bit” but he smiled and made the OK sign with his hand kkkkk

Hyuk was simply standing Fans: handsome~~ Hyuk: kamsahamnidang~~~ (whisper voice) Fans: /compliments Hyuk: kamsa kamsa (whisper voice)

After finished recording, Hyuk greeting the fan and almost forgetting the show they are doing so fans went “Music Core~ “Tomorrow Inki!”

So he flushed again hahaha

Hyuk asked “will you come tomorrow?” Fans: yes!! Hyuk: all of you? Fans: yes!!!

Hae told ELF to go home safely Fans: Cannot!! We’ll go live show later!! Hyuk: /looks proud/ good! See you later at live then!

Ah! After fans showered Hyuk with compliments and he thanking us with aegyos he also cutely said “ELF are pretty too~❤️” hahahhaha


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  1. thanks alot but feeling like heeeeeeeh

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