150305 Eunhyuk Twitter and Instagram Update: huh?? Wait, what time is it now?

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huh?? Wait, what time is it now?

so what time did they say that they will release the MV and the song??


Thank you once afain to our fans and reporters who came today’s D&E showcase and wrote lots of good reports ㅜ I hope that the activities this time would become a good present for everyone. I hope that this becomes a valuable experience for us too!!! We’ve prepare this for a long time so please give us lots of support and listen to the song a lot too 💙 #howmuchtimelefttilltwelve

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헐 40분 남았음🙊

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heol 40 minutes left

heol!!!!!!!!!!! 30 minutes left!!!!!!!!

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다들 뭐해요? 20분만 기다려봐요 여러분😛

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what is everyone doing? Just wait for 20 minutes everyone

10 minutes!!!!!!!!Mom!!!!!10 minutes 10 minutes!!! Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 minutes!!!!!! #growingpains

9 minutes…..

8 minutes its almost here everyone

7 minutes!!!!!! Lucky7!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its 6 minutes, i said 6 minutes. 6 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

that last 5 minutes OMG……

4 minutes!!!!!!!!four four four four four minutes crazy!!!!! Im listening to ‘crazy’ right now im really crazy…

is it real that theres only 3 minutes left????

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2분 #너는나만큼

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2 minutes


please listen to super junior D&E’s growing pains a lot. I love you everyone


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