150128 Heechul Twitter and Instagram Update: Gaon Chart Awards (With Epik High)

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Gaon Chart Awards (With Epik High) Gathering of our memories ㅋㅋㅋㅋMy same-aged friend Bear-thra Choi Jin #Heenim #EpikHigh I was writing this and Epik High won an award. Congrats congrats


Super Junior received triple crown today. We’ve received many awards for the past 10 years so I thought I wouldn’t feel too excited but since we got the last award my mood is so good that it kills!! Hahahaha. Our members and ELF who have worked hard, thank you and love.. Love…Guest in the guest room* and mum #SuperJunior #Gaonchart

*Tn: Guest room in Korean literally translates to “love room”.

Source: HeeZZinPang; kimheenim
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