141105 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

November 5, 2014 at 4:07 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, RadioShow Updates, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 1 Comment

Ryeowook: Today is my 10000th day since birth… hahaha I didn’t know it myself~~ Thanks for everyone’s blessings~~~ (ate cake during song time)

Listener: I am a beauty who is attending high school year 2 soon.. need healing..
Ryeowook: Yes. Your condition seems pretty serious.. calling yourself beauty… ah I can’t (do this)! I may make others cry again saying such stuff… it’s ok~ you are very pretty~ anyway it is said that if you say “you are pretty” while looking into the mirror you will become pretty~ you just keep doing that~

Source: 金圣诞是理想型

Listener: Ryeowook DJ, happy 8th anniversary to KRY!! And happy 9th anniversary to SJ!!!
Ryeowook: oh? 9th anniversary? Oh? Ah… tomorrow right? Haha shocked me just 20 min away. Today many people messaged me to congratulate me~

Source: 銘仪__
Translated By: @elf_ninida

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  1. thanks for the transcript

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