141014 ‘Super Junior’ Sungmin’s Letter, “I’m Getting Married”

October 14, 2014 at 11:09 am | Posted in News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 14 Comments

141014 sungmin

Sungmin wrote a letter to his fans on his blog after deciding to marry Kim Sa-Eun.

On October 14, Sungmin released the letter, titled “To Everyone who let me be who I am”, on SM Entertainment’s official website and his own blog.

Sungmin said, “I thought dozens of times about how I can start this letter and what to say first. I will get married with a special person on December 13.”

Sungmin continued saying, “It breaks my heart when I think of the fans who must be so surprised and embarrassed by the news. I am really sorry for making you hear it from reports.”

He also promised to return his fans’ love, saying “I really appreciate all the people who have helped me and Super Junior members and the agency who respect my decision and have trust in me.”

Sungmin and Kim Sa-eun started dating after starring in musical <The Three Musketeers> together. The private wedding ceremony will be held at The Raum in Yeoksamdong on December 13.

< The following is Sungmin’s letter >

To Everyone who let me be who I am. <Dear. E.L.F>

Hello, this is Sungmin.

I thought dozens of times about how I can start this letter and what to say first.

As I was writing and erasing the letter multiple times, it reminded me of the people who helped me a lot and their faces and voices…

I am writing this letter with a heavy and cautious heart.

I will get married with a special person on December 13.

It breaks my heart when I think of the fans who must be so surprised and embarrassed by the news. I am really sorry for making you hear it from reports.

I was worried about how I can tell E.L.F, my best friend who has loved me so much, about this because I wished they would be the first to hear the news from me. I am really sorry for making you hear it from a news report.

I spent much time struggling and thinking alone about my decision and the people I have been with… It was not because of the fear for my own decision but because I was afraid that my precious people would be so surprised as they have never experienced this kind of thing before and get hurt so much. It may seem late, but your love and trust for me helped me to gather the courage to tell you about my future plan.

I was nothing before I met you and you helped me to grow so much by always standing by my side and caring and supporting. I really appreciate your love and I love you so much.

I really appreciate all the people who have helped me and Super Junior members and the agency who respect my decision and have trust in me. I will do my best to keep performing and return your love.

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  1. i hope you’ll never leaving this fandom guys

  2. how can? haha, but congrats haha

  3. We still support him,no matter what.I hope there wouldn’t be any problem with the band though..SJ Fighting!

  4. Im sorry can you share this;

    Hello, i’m E.L.F from Indonesia.
    I don’t know about your fight to be E.L.F in Korea, and another world but i know your love SUPER JUNIOR like me
    I really hope E.L.F not just nick name but….
    Even in times like this we should support, whatever happened to them. If not Leeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun + Zhoumi and Henry
    We not may be E.LF

    Without them there would be no SUPER JUNIOR, without them there would be E.LF
    We still remember the problems about Hangeng, what we also want to regret Sungmin produced from Super Junior? We always say Super Junior is 13+2. And now we are forced Sungmin to get out from Super Junior? Same time we betray what we say.
    Honestly, I didn’t bias Sungmin, but I realize that Sungmin is part of Super Junior. Really I’m not feeling the most right, but we have to think about it. If there is not Sungmin that’s not Super Junior, we will not always be clouded them? Shouldn’t we be there when their hardest. I know many people’s (E.L.F) hurt because this news, but please think carefully. We love oppadeul right? We want to be who stands beside them. Many people’s (E.L.F) hurt I understand, but please think with a cool head this is a hindrance to us. Are we really become an E.L.F or we just those who bore that name without knowing is meaning.
    I know Sungmin didn’t say anything and just say when the news of the marriage speread. Many feel disappointed, I know. I also expect Sungmin say someting about the relationship, but we should know that no man is perfect for a quiet. We demand oppadeul to perfect? But do we ever think about their feelings of being human. They need someone beside them, they need someone special in their beside. We should know, we also need someone to love, sory once again if anyone felt I was becoming too pretentious people know. But we think, by leaving them we leave those we love.
    We want to leave them at a time like this situation, we are not including a bad person for leaving them in time of need. Indeed, I’m sorry for my words. But don’t we want to see them again, five years again? Ten years from now right? Perhaps many don’t like what I say but what we want to be ones that leave them? Disappoint them? Really think carefully we don’t want to be like that right?
    E.L.F is a part of SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR is part of US.
    I’m not going to say anything else, please think about that. I don’t want us all to regret later.

  5. all the best in new life. Elf’s… I mean real Elf’s will support You. No matter what happened.

  6. I am an ELF and Sungmin is one of the reasons that I got interested in SuJu. He is quite interesting when I started watching SuJu’s old vids before I came to appreciate the group. I became a fan of all of them eventually. But I also support their individuality and personal lives. I am a fan of their artistic works but I don’t idolize them to the point of becoming disillusioned and get mad when they enter into relationships/marriage. Come on guys, they are humans before they became your idols! Let them live freely like we do, they deserve it! That is why I don’t like calling them idols, for me they are artists whose works we admire. This is the reality that all fans should learn.

  7. #BeHappySungmin

  8. Eo? 😮

  9. I was read another article that owner of LIVSM written about her feeling for this news. Finally, she meet Sungmin mom to ask (after meet Sungmin to confirm this news), why Sungmin make this decision?? And Sungmin’s mom said that Sungmin’s determinance on this, even his parents, members and company couldn’t block his way. At first, everyone didn’t approve, but talked again and again with parents, members and company, slowly changing their opinions. Now, everyone respects his decision.
    why this woman?? Sungmin’s Mom said like his Son said, among the girls he dated, there’s girls who are more luxurious, there’s those who are very introverted and quiet, many kinds of girls, but Kim Saeun is very very outgoing, when she talks she is straightforward, although she has rich family background but she never had the arrogance of a rich girl, when together with her there’s no stress only happiness, any hardships after talking to her will disappear, so he feels very comfortable, feels that she is the right one.
    We are friends of him, friends is for support him whatever he does, why we have to obsessed?
    Happy for Sungmin, the gentle man who struggling for his true love!!

    anyway, the mistery Why Sungmin’s and Kyuhyun’s mom not join in Kona beans anymore,,, aaah Kyu, you know it,,, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  10. They’re getting married on my birthday :’) Sungmin’s happiness is the greatest gift I could ask for as an ELF ❤ All those who are disappointed, hurt or whatever, think if you really deserve to call yourselves SuJu's fans, because fans are there to support the idols, not turn their backs to them when they move on with their personal lives :/ I understand why he didn't tell us earlier – he's been trying to avoid exactly this kind of reaction, but now "fans" are proving his worst worries true. It's his personal life, we have no right to demand that he had told us immediately after they agreed to get married. No matter how much time we dedicate to SuJu, I thought we had learned to respect the boundaries of our affection… I am really disappointed and angry with K-ELF 😦
    I am wishing Sungmin and his future wife happiness 🙂

  11. I will support you sungmin oppa no matter what happen. just do whatever you think is best for you. but, please never lived suju or forget that you are one of members Super Junior. I and maybe we ELF in the world will always to support you and love you forever and ever. ~~(^_^)//

  12. I promise to love you what ever happened he have the right to love as everyone els ya it break my heart somehow but i will support him for ever

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