141006 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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Ryeowook: When the members DJed last week I did listen to them, even though I didn’t manage to listen to some… I heard Kangin’s and Eunhyuk’s, it was too lousy… so bad that when you think they’re the first generation DJs it’s really weird…

Ryeowook: [Talking about youthful times] The thing I’m most proud of is travelling with the members~ even though it’s only once a year, I’ve gone three times~ each time when we have a week’s break, I’ll think of going back to Incheon to be with my parents and friends… but members will say Ryeowook-ah let’s go overseas and walk around and experience other countries~~ so in my twenties the thing I will be most proud of will be travelling~

ah Ryeowook said he is planning to go overseas for travelling in November!!

Ryeowook: I rushed to Sukira directly from the airport, I was actually late by about 10 minutes… the planes kept being delayed… there’s a typhoon in Japan now, yesterday all SM artistes had to perform under pouring rain… it was four hours long but we still got to rest in the middle, but the audience was in the rain all that time and no one left, it gave us a lot of strength~ thank you everyone once again~

[Listener said she doesn’t have someone she likes, and is worried she’ll never be able to date] Ryeowook: Recently I’ve been thinking too, are things a little too bad for me… why don’t I have someone I like, it seems like I only like my work… but these things all have their right times, rather than force myself to date, it’s better to wait for a person I like and then start dating~ I want to be in love with Sukira~ if I say it this way there’ll be lots of news about a hot relationship ㅋㅋㅋ but no~ everyone please believe me~~

Ryeowook- I like the kind of girl, who will take care of even her toenails and do pedicures (maintain herself well)… I’ve had manicures before… because Heechul gets them done too… and this is one of those things where if you do it once you have to keep carrying on… so I did it for a period of time, but then I stopped… during the early days after debut I’ll follow Heechul-hyung to get manicures, now I don’t anymore~ it saves me money too~

Source: 金圣诞是理想型
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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. am I the only one who looked the her toenails to see how they look?! lol , Thanx for the transcript 🙂

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