140917 Yesung and Zhoumi at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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Yesung is wearing same clothes as shown on Jongjin’s IG. Few days ago he wasn’t wearing a belt, but today he is wearing it (few days ago, fan saw him been lifting his pants up).
When he came, there were a group of fans going to order. Yesung passed behind the fans quietly, and they got shocked. Yesung half squinted at the counter next to them XD
Now Jongjin, Yesung & his friends sat at the balcony.

Zhoumi came to Mouse Rabbit. He is wearing a red plaid shirt, black pants, wearing his cap turned way around. Yesung and Jongjin are sitting with Zhoumi, YS other friends might leave already.
Just now, Yesung went to the counter and took a drink then gave it to Zhoumi.
Fan gave Yesung a candy and he said “Thank you~”. Seems like he is in a good mood.

Yesung, Zhoumi & Jongjin have been chatting for a long time. They keep laughing all the time, and still laughing, quite loud. Just now, the fried chicken restaurant next Mobit played MAMACITA. Yesung was singing along a bit. Jongjin cleaned up the table and went back to the counter, meanwhile Zhoumi and Yesung continued chatting at the balcony.

Yesung was talking about something that they (JJ & ZM?) don’t know, He seems imitated the sound, it was like “Wu! Wu! Wu!” (?? lol)
Just now, Yesung, Zhoumi & Jongjin took a pic with self-timer. These people really chat a lot tonight and often laughed out loud.

Source: China_In_Yesung
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  1. Ijou, Eiri


  2. Really miss you…
    what date he release from army?
    eat well yeye… ~T_T~

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