140910 Sukira (KTR) with Super Junior [Transcripts]

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RW: They’re(SJ) reading the script right now, and are preparing. They’re talking with script writers to make the show funny today

RW: We will listen to one more song, and will bring in Super Junior … I’m also Super Junior ㅋㅋ

KI: Sungmin-ssi isn’t feeling good at all today, so he wasn’t included in the radio schedule, but he heard members will go so he came too

RW: Someone is missing today DH: Yesung-ssi? RW: Kyuhyun-ssi ㅋㅋㅋ KI: It’s okay, he went to talk sharply about other people anyways

RW: (To Siwon) Why do you think you are famous in China? (SD? not sure): Wealth?

HC: Personally, I like guys with mustache. So I recommended it to Siwon-ssi, “grow it out”


SW: and other members have ### followers.. KI: So all the other members are in the ‘others’? Siwon and others?

EH: I’m fine just being ‘others’ if I can be in a group with Siwon-ssi LT: I don’t know if I can say it this way, but I am ‘trash’

KI: no no, I think we’ve gone too far LT: I-  KI: Leeteuk-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi, how long has it been since you came on radio? ㅋㅋㅋ


EH: Whenever I hid my eyes, the album did well. I thought, why don’t I cover it up overall?

EH: But I think the original picture is prettier. I think they edited it weirdly. I’ll send you guys the original photo later

DH: how can I talk about it myself? I can’t even talk well


SD: Do you like Mamacita or Shirt more?  DH: I-  HC: I like mamacita more, or ‘I don’t know why we did Mamacita, shirt is definitely better’

DH: Don’t go that far~ LT: If Mamacita and Shirt were to fall in water KI: Wait wait. Leeteuk-ssi that’s too 2 years ago

SD: So 2 years ago~ HC: Don’t be so mean to my friend~

HJ: it’ll be big trouble if Donghae’s movie is released. Everyone will fall in love with his charms. I watched the edited version that was on his computer 

RW: I wasn’t able to do the ‘thank you’ ment after winning first place  SD: Right, he went after prerecording for another schedule

LT: I’d also like to thank Teddy Riley. Members: Is he your friend?  HC: Isn’t Teddy YG?

There was a ‘Su-Per-Ju-Nior’ part in MAMACITA, but they edited it out in mastering.

They measured the size of members’ back~

They wanted to do a segment where Leeteuk and Eunhyuk would sit in the DJ seat again, but now they said they won’t have time for it

SD: many people wanted to know why Heechul-ssi is wearing eye makeup in MAMACITA stage  HC: Ah, Elsa makeup?

HC: The song is ‘MAMACITA’, a pretty lady, but a pretty lady doesn’t appear in the lyrics(?) so I decided to become MAMACITA myself

LT: Do you like sons better or daughters?
KI: In past, I liked sons more, because they would be like me, but then I thought ‘ah, he can’t become like me’ so I like daughters more now

From those who got the body size ranking right, 5 will be selected and they will win SJ selcas~

HC: Ho script writer keeps touching my butt!

How does it feel like, being back?
LT: Being able to wake up when I want, being able to eat what I want.. I realized that it’s a small happiness..
HC: How do you feel about going on Real Man?
LT: No. There are two shows I would never go on, Real Man and Law of the Jungle.

RW: You (Eunhyuk) look like a garlic~

RW: There is also a question for Sungmin-ssi~ SM: Oh, I’m talking now? RW: Talking after 40 minutes~ ㅋㅋ

Do you like Super Junior more or Musical? EH: If Super Junior and Musical were to fall in water ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Sungmin got the idea for his hairstyle from a webtoon~

Leeteuk: Yeaaa (gets up) Kangin: Hyung, sit down. Really Heechul: Don’t be like that to my friend!

The loser for this segment(phone call with friend) has to sexy dance while showing abs

Eunhyuk called gag man Lee JinHo~

EH: Who is the SM staff that I collaborated with recently? LT: JYP JYP

Jinho: That was Kangin-ssi right? His ‘diction’ is bad. KI: Jinho-ssi, hey Jinho-ssi, spell ‘diction’ ㅡ,ㅡ

KI: Jinho-ssi, aren’t you closest with me? Jinho: I will go learn more about Eunhyuk-ssi from now on

RW: Now it’s Donghae-ssi’s turn Members: who will he call? Donghwa hyung?

The person Donghae called got all the questions wrong, except for one about Donghae’s age. Donghae called CNBlue’s MinHyuk

RW: Have you listened to our new song? Minhyuk: Yes Members: Then sing a line~ 1 2 3 4 Minhyuk: What?ll

Members: 1 2 3 4~ Minhyuk: …. I’m dancing it now!

Minhyuk said he heard Mamacita before it was out (from Donghae), and members said “He!! leaking songs like that!”

Heechul called Lee Yoobin she got many questions right, and members asked: who is she? is she your girlfriend?

When members asked Minhyuk earlier, “what are you doing?” minhyuk said he was talking a stroll around his house. Members said ‘be careful of cameras~’ and when they asked YooBi what she’s doing, she also said “talking a stroll~” so members were like “OHHHH” Members told her “See you on the news article tomorrow~~ have a nice stroll~”

Shindong called Jung Joonyung. He got 2 questions right. They asked him to sing one line, and he said “yayayaya!!! ya!!”

 LT called Jung Joonil and he got 7 questions right. LT said they met each other through radio, and that JoonIl visited him 7 times when he was in army

Siwon called DBSK Changmin

Siwon: what is my (jae) height (ki) ? Members: Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan!

Members: What are you doing? Changmin: I just took a shower Members: are you not going on a stroll?? Changmin: I will go on it too . Members: ooooooooh~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

LT: You are close with KH-ssi, who do you like more, Siwon-ssi or Kyuhyun-ssi? Changmin: ah… Siwon-ee hyung? ah…. Members: ah kyuhyun-ee

Changmin: I like Siwon-ee hyung because he has lots of money~

Kangin’s call now, and Kangin said : I’m not really calling someone famous.. LT: It’s okay, it can even be your dad Kangin: It’s not my dad

Sungmin tried his call but he got ‘The customer is on the phone right now..’ and members were like ‘done!! finished!!’

They let Sungmin have another chance ~ Sungmin called Jung Juri~

Donghae is the loser of this segment! they will release the sexy dance+abs video via SNS~

Back Size : 8th place. Eunhyuk , Kangin #1.

Leeteuk got a present for winning the phone call segment and he got to choose the song. He chose Only U

They have another quiz segment now, with quiz from members

Q1: “I Eunhyuk, felt (the member is) insane when ____ member did ___”

LT: When Donghae talked like bbbbppffffttt? EH: No no, that’s him being sane. If he talked well, then he wouldn’t be sane

Answer is: When Sungmin said he wouldn’t eat jajangmyeon. Members said Sungmin really loves jajangmyeon

Q2 “Shindong feels ‘why is he saying that?’ when ___ member said other people look like celebrities” –A: Ryeowook

Kangin said Donghae pretends to be a foreigner, and that it’s not funny DH: What, are you done? talk more about me!

An audio message from Leeteuk, to members

Leeteuk said “why did they make me do this? I said I don’t want to!ㅋㅋ” while walking back in after the letter


From Leeteuk, to beloved Members,
It might be embarrassing but I hope you listen
Our members should be really worn out from the busy schedules these days
But I am thankful about you guys, who work without showing (your tiredness), and also proud
I never imagined that we would receive so much love in the 10 years we’ve ran together
and that we would become this close
Thank you for being together like this
It is true that I am having many thoughts these days
‘Is the road that we’re going down together, the right road?’
I think of worries like that often.
And I think in the end, the answer to these worries are our members
Just … that we would embrace each other more and understand each other more…
I hope that we will be together for a long time
That it.. I think that’s what I think.
Let’s work together for a long time. I sincerely love you guys.


Translated by: 

Teuk: Donghae composed Shirt which almost became title track, so he is a little disappointed

Credit: 金圣诞是理想型  Via:Thoughts for SuJu ‏@ELF_thoughts

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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. Oppa Iam always ELF don’t crY
    Sungmin myfirst love

  3. i was waiting for someone to tell hyuk that his hair is like garlic xD
    thanks for the transcript~

  4. Many thanks…love this.

  5. Love it! Thank your so much fir thins transcript

  6. EH: No no, that’s him being sane. If he talked well, then he wouldn’t be sane.
    lol , that is crackin’ me up , poor Donghae. Eunhyuk you dork > , <

  7. Donghae needs to do more composing/song work. He has a talent for it.

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