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Delightful SuperJunior has come back with 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’~!! They are getting hot response from domestic and overseas fans by breaking through more than 2 million views in 22 hours of title song ‘MAMACITA’ MV’s release. They have changed putting more dignity by performing differentiated charm with ‘MAMACITA’ from ‘Sorry, Sorry’ and ‘BONAMANA’. Please meet comeback talk of SuperJunior that shouts out ‘Hey! MAMACITA!’ delightfully and sings ‘feel the weight that has an important title!’, ‘MAMACITA’ MV behind story, and members thought toward SuperJunior world tour ‘SUPER SHOW 6’ which is going to be held soon~!! : )

Hey! MAMACITA! I’m ah ya ya ya ♬

140902 super junior (10)

#Hey # MAMACITA #We’re SuperJunior~!

140902 super junior (11)

Donghae and Siwon poses for the shooting by showing gentleman’s dignity (?) at the word that this picture would be shown to fans!

“We are SuperJunior~!!” We met SuperJunior in front of SuperJunior’s comeback broadcast waiting room. New album and MV stories became the common subject naturally when 10 members gather around whom usually give and take jokes while preparing the stage calmly. We asked them what roles they took as their character and is there any character they wished to act although the other member took it while talk about the popular ‘MAMACITA’ MV was going on. The waiting room soon became place of chattering… ^^


(Heechul) I want to say that Kang In looks so well in the fruit seller. lol. He likes to eat watermelon, so he eats that even in winter by getting if from somewhere. ^^
And I took the role of a bartender. I don’t feel insufficient about the character but since I shot the first I regretted a lot by thinking ‘I could’ve acted more excitingly…’ after seeing other members’ shot. That is the most regretful thing.

(Siwon ) I’ve taken the role of the sheriff who is mad at catching the greatest crook of all history (?!) I was so jealous of Eunhyuk’s role. It was being a bullfighter but he didn’t put much passion into it. ^^;;

(Sungmin) I took the role of being the ‘president of a bank’. I also envied Eunhyuk’s bullfighter character!


Eunhyuk who got 2 votes of the most envied character!! Then what would his response be?!

(Eunhyuk) I’m satisfied with my role. Since I acted well and vivified the character, members envy me. I’m so proud of myself. (Laughter)

Shindong talked about the behind story of how his character was picked!


(Shindong) Actually, the ‘blacksmith’ character fitted the best with me. I had to choose between the ‘gardener’ and ‘blacksmith’ at first, but I picked the ‘blacksmith’ since I thought it would match well with me. I envy Kang In’s ‘fruit seller’ role among other members’ roles…… I would also have fitted well with it, and many fans liked it unexpectedly.


# Kang In #Shining tear-acting


The talk naturally headed about this album and this album’s title song after talking about ‘MAMACITA’ MV story for a long time! Members noisily talked about their opinions when we conveyed appreciation comments (?) of fans that they regard this song not just as a simple light song when looking at ‘MAMACITA’s lyrics and that SuperJunior’s dignity can be felt….

140902 super junior (12)

(Heechul) Elements of criticizing the society are contained in the lyrics which reverse from the song title ‘MAMACITA’.

(Shindong)  Do they say dignity?! lol. Dignity is said for me (LOL) I think many people regard us as favorable by looking back at things what SuperJunior members have done for the meanwhile.

140902 super junior (13)

(Ryeowook) SuperJunior has been already 9 years from our debut. I think there are things that are exposed from our accumulated experience and our effort done as that much. Our mind loving fans have become deeper.

Leader Leeteuk’s neat finish~!!

140902 super junior (1)

I think we have lost more dignity (?) since Shindong and other members have lost much weight.. LOL But I think that you may feel our internal dignity. I think that fans are feeling our strengthened internal aspect which we made through preparing and practicing for 2 years.

While talking about fans, the story subject moved on to the story about ELF (SuperJunior fan club). Leader Leeteuk showed off about their fans since he felt so good about hot responses they got from ELF whenever they released image, teaser, and MV. Also member’s gratitude and message that contained proudness toward their fans continued.

(Leeteuk) ‘MAMACITA’ MV broke through more than 2 million views in a day. I think our fans always make miracle. We will do our best always, so please give much interest and love

140902 super junior (2)

(Kyuhyun) Thank you for waiting for us for 2 years. And thank you for loving us continuously. We will reward you guys with our image of us doing our best on stage!

(Ryeowook) We hope you love not only our title song ‘MAMACITA’ but also all the 10 tracks in our 7th regular album!

(Donghae) I think it feels really great that we could meet our fans and hear their voices and opinions often since I missed them a lot. Since we have prepared a lot for ELF fans that waited for us for a long time, please watch our activities continuously!

Members were full of joy at the thought of meeting their fans through the stage. Lastly, SuperJunior also commented about SuperJunior world tour ‘SUPER SHOW 6’ which will be their 100th concert.


140902 super junior (3)

(Siwon)  I feel so proud of myself since we are holding the 100th concert in 7 years since it has been 7 years starting SUPER SHOW. I think it is more meaningful since we are holding the 100th concert not only in Korea but also in the whole world. I thank our fans, and don’t know how to express my gratitude toward fans that have waited for us continuously.

140902 super junior (4)

(Heechul) I thought of whether we have the qualification to get congratulated for our 100th concert. Since I had 2 years break period, I couldn’t fill in the 100th concert. So I’m so thankful to fans and I want to do my best for the 200th, 300th, and 1000th concerts.

140902 super junior (5)

(Sungmin) Actually, I cannot realize that it’s our 100th concert. I think it’s good that we have already done 100 concerts with members and made many memories.

140902 super junior (6)

(Shindong) I’m so nervous. Actually, if we do only 2 concerts in Korea, then we would be holding the 100th one in other country but due to the added one concert we could do the 100th one in Seoul. Since we are preparing so hard for this concert, I’m more looking forward to this one.

(Kyuhyun) I cannot believe that it’s already our 100th concert. It couldn’t happen at the time of ‘SUPER SHOW 1’. It doesn’t feel like I did it, and can’t believe it since the reality is here. (Don’t I have problems with strength?) Yes, since I’m the youngest. (LOL)

(Ryeowook) I remember the time of the 1st concert since we are having our 100th concert. First I thought of until when could we hold ‘SUPER SHOW’ but since it the 100th concert has become the reality, I attribute it to many audiences. I hope to make a happy stage with many people.

Their talk of being happy, serious and giving laughter after being serious again ended naturally when the stage preparation time was getting near. It’s time for preparing smart stage without laughing~!!

140902 super junior (7)


140902 super junior (8)

#Go~ SuperJunior

140902 super junior (9)

#Please love #the 7th regular album #‘MAMACITA’.

SuperJunior’s 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’ has much to see since they have prepared for a long time. Please give much love to SuperJunior’s new album ‘MAMACITA’ since 10 males’ passion and sincere effort that could be noticed through their delightful but serious talks are melted in it.

Thank you : )

Source: Naver
Writing/Picture: SM Entertainment
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