140903 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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Ryeowook expressed his apologies for Kyuhyun’s absence due to urgent personal reasons, hope everyone can understand, he has replaced Kyuhyun in preparing live performance for everyone, hope everyone can anticipate.

Source: 星旭PolarisRW

Ryeowook said everyone heard the bad news today.. “SJ members talked alot because of this, really sad today.. Although it’s hard but hope to bring healing through this (show), will do broadcast diligently for these 2 hours for EunB, also hope other members recover quickly.”

KTR- What song to listen to on a rainy day? Ryeowook: oh~ recently, on rainy days I will listen to Raining Spell For Love in our new album. This song also begins with rainy day~

Talking to C-ELF. Ryeowook was shocked and said her korean is good. Fan said because she is ELF.
Ryeowook: Ok. I won’t ask whose fan…
Fan: I am Ryeowook’s fan…
Ryeowook then asked fan if she knows how to learn korean quickly and if she wants Ryeowook to tell her the way to do so
Ryeowook: Get a korean boyfriend. Get a boyfriend like Ryeowook.

Source: 銘儀___
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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. kekeke..
    ryeowook wishing..

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