140901 Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To [Translation]

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I wanted to become happy.. I always have been looking for the key to happiness. Now, I think I have found that key to happiness. Being able to wake up in the morning, meet people I want to meet, and laugh together and cry together…. Beloved family… Beloved members.. Beloved all family members of SM.. Beloved fans… I now realized that everything I’ve always felt is the key to happiness. I want to feel this happiness with everyone. Thank you, and thank you again; I love you, and I love you.. I hope everyone reading this post will be full of happiness and love.. I love you..!!


This is an album after 3 years for me. I want to try being a bit serious in the Thanks To this time. It’s already been 10 years since we debut.
There probably are people who are new to loving me, but I’m sure there are fans who’ve been loving me for 10 years now. I think about it whenever I’m zoning out in the car, or whenever I’m going to sleep..
What ‘fans’ are..
I don’t have much of ‘fan love’ (t/n: in other words, fan service), I am not nice, so why do people give love to someone like me, who, in some way, is like a mean 5 years old?
And a thought that popped in my head was to not to look for the reason, and to express myself some too. Play (together) like we are eternal friends.
And that made me look hard at fans’ faces like I’ll put a hole on their face. Because of my prosopagnosia, my level of memory with faces are at same level as a fish but
I tried to memorize each and everyone but!!! as expected, I couldn’t do it well kkkkkkkkkk ah sorry kkkkkkkkkkkkk I can’t help this kkkkkkkkkkkkk but still, I read the letters, and try to remember their faces. Lastly, my beloved babies. Hyung will speak informally now. We will grow old someday and get married too. I hope you will come to Super Show in future with your babies. Then I would get emotional and really touched. Let’s picture ‘eternity’ like that together, and be together for a long long time ^~^
I hope that you guys will meet good people (partners) and will live happily. You guys have to get married quickly so I feel less sorry when I get married too kk
But I have to first quit games and comic books first-ng.. Tremble tremble..
Anyways, I love you, my babies!!!! Ppo Ppo kiss~ ^3^


I realized too late that I am thankful for just being able to be together. I think I know a bit now.. That I was a greedy man who only received. I will now be the one giving. And my beloved family members, let’s live happily. I really love you. Grandmother who is watching me from heaven.. There are many promises I made with you that I couldn’t keep; I’ll live with them in my heart. Grandmother, do not worry about anything there and rest peacefully. And our fan ELF!! Oppas will protect you.


I am now repeating the process of writing and erasing. I really don’t know how to express this good feeling and thankful thoughts. Really. I will just!! Show it on the stage!! Everyone, sorry for being unable to express myself. Yes, that’s true. The people that have the hardest time while producing this album are the song writer, lyrics writer, singer, producer, choreographer, manager, stylist, photographer, etc.. there are countless people but!! You guys, who anticipate and listen, have to be there (for that to happen) so, sigh.. I think I was living with a really big delusion. How to say.. ‘I’m always showing you guys this really cool look of me, and the funny side of me! so you guys have to always anticipate and wait for me..’ Why did I think that way… Anyways thank you. I think this is the first time I wrote my true feelings on ‘Thanks To’, without calculating (what to say). Sorry, and sorry again. From now on, I will only write real ‘Thanks To’ on ‘Thanks To’s… Thank you, everlasting friends~


An album to beloved ELF. Thank you for always being with me. You are my precious, everlasting, closest friend.


Firstly, thanks to our fans for waiting for this album for a long time. During past 2 years, I’ve experienced many events. I was shaken, was very exhausted, received many scars, and for the first time, I thought about giving up. I remembered the young days when I first I dreamed of becoming a singer, the days when I was a trainee, and the days since I met Super Junior. Looking back at those days, I gave compliments to myself, and reflected on a lot of things too. And I imagined a bit about the future. In the end, I gained conviction for things I wanted to do, and things I have to do, and what allowed me to have that strength were fans who always stood by my side and loved me without changing, and Super Junior members. I think it’s not easy for a person to go back to ‘their first mindset’. So with a new mindset, I plan to enjoy the promotions this time. I hope you continue to cheer without any reserves for the road I will take from now on. I will repay to everyone with mindset that does not change, and with changing images(appearance/side). Thank you.


Dear Father/ Last time I saw you was around 2006 8/8 Tuesday 3AM, but it’s already 2014 8/21 Thursday. A lot of time has passed, right? ^^ Like the time that’s passed, the environment around, many people, thoughts, and appearance has changed a lot. Some changed for the better, some not. But I am always working hard so that my core that I am holding on, does not change a lot. Because you, father, are in that core too. You’d be disappointed if I changed to (not good/bad), so I am working hard to (not change) ^^ then you can compliment me when I meet you again. I’m still young, and I’m still the son that wants to receive compliments from father. But it’s been a really long time since I’ve been unable to hear those compliments. Soon, I will perform 100th concert performance; It would have been nice if father could have watched at least one of those 100 performances. It’s sad. I’m really thankful to be able to do a job that I love, be loved while doing that job, that there are people who cry, laugh, and be happy because of me-though, what am I (for them to feel that way for me)-, and that there are people who have dreams while watching me. I’m very thankful that those people exist, and I am thankful about everything, that I can feel that I am living a life that I am more thankful of. Complains, not being satisfied, being lazy… Looking back now, I can see that everything- even things that I didn’t feel good about- are thankful things. What I am most thankful about is that I am your son. It’s a letter to you after a long time. 2014 8/21 Thursday 7:04PM, after 2 years… Let’s talk again when another album comes out in future ^^ I love you, dad.
Dear Mom, Hyung, HyunGyum / Mom, don’t get sick. When you are sick, I feel even more hurt. There are many things I wasn’t able to feel when I wasn’t able to live with you when I was young, and now, living together, I feel them. I feel thankful from small things like being able to be together, being able to see you, and being able to touch you. When you look at me and smile, when you- who looked big when I was young- now look smaller than me, when you- who walked really fast- walk slower than me, and when I felt that you- who looked strong and powerful- have become weaker than me, and is depending on me, tears come to my eyes. Just don’t get sick. I love you mom^^ Beloved hyung, you are very tired, exhausted, and bored these days right? But I am happy and full of energy because of hyung. I think a lot about how I can do more for you, hyung. It’s not that I just want to give you something; it’s more like.. I’m thankful that I have a brother, and thankful that I can share with hyung. I hope hyung enjoys it a bit more, and I hope that you will be happy. I also hope that we brothers would rely on each other more. I love you, hyung.
HyunGyum-ah, hyung is proud and happy that you have a dream at such a young age. I hope you will work harder, and if you don’t want to get hit, listen to hyung more! hehe. Listen to mom, and sleep early.
Dear SJ/ There really is no need for words!! I like that we are together, I’m happy that we are together, and I’m thankful that whenever I feel tired and look back, you’re standing there by my side without a word^^ There’s no need for anything else, let’s just do well just among ourselves^^ Suju is the best hehe. Leader Teuk-ee hyung… I will trust hyung and go! and Yesung-ee hyung… If hyung were with us, we would have shined more. I will make it so that when hyung returns, hyung’s spot will shine more ^^ I love you hyung!
Grow your hand a bit, or I’ll just have a smaller mic prepared for you ^^ (Youngjoon-ee hyung, Byungjoon-ee hyung, Junghoon-ee hyung, Yongsun-ee hyung, MinGeun-ee hyung, Siyong-ee hyung, Yongsuk-ee)
We are Super Juni-or! ^^ Thank you and I love you.
Dear ELF/ You waited a really long time right? Me too me too mee too really!! hehe finally advancing out! ELF all over the world, are you ready?? We are ready ^^
In short words, because ELF exists, SuJu can breathe ^^ Please continue to let us breathe ^^ I love you, love you, love you, and love you^^ Always thankful and love you ^^


I feel the fast speed of time. It’s already 7jib…. Thankfully, thanks to your love and support, we were able to go around the world many times, and how many times did we stand on a dream-like stage… Thinking about it all, I’m thankful. I want to say thanks to beloved ELF all over the world who cheer for us without changing. And I want to say thanks to beloved family members, beloved Lee SooMan teacher, and staffs who always work hard to help us. If you guys weren’t there, we wouldn’t be at this position. Thank you again.
Thank you everyone.. Thank you God.. Please anticipate a lot from us, who are just starting now.


Beloved mom and dad, thank you ^^ Super Junior members, you worked hard during the time to prepare 7jib, and I love each and everyone of you♡
Teuk-ee hyung, I’m thankful that you are with us, though it must have been very pressuring, (to work so soon after) release from army! Hyung is really our leader~ I love you / My meal friend Heechul-ee hyung~ I’m thankful that you listen to my words well, and let’s continue to live together. / I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^ / Yesung-ee hyung!!!! I hope hyung’s empty spot will be filled quickly.. Let’s work together again quickly~ let’s meet again at Han River kk / KingKing! The handsomest KingKing kk Hyung, you know that I love you a lot right? / Donggri DongDong, I love hyung’s voice the most kk Let’s go for a solo song in the next album! I will try directing it. / Sungmin-ee hyung~! Thank you for always comforting me by my side ^^!! Let’s meet at Sukira soon kk / I’m happy that Hyukgu is becoming more and more handsome! Work harder ^^ Hyung, you know it, right? kkk / Donghai! I love you as much as I love Hyukgu kk Donghae-hyung, don’t be sad~ Let’s go again tonight!!! / Siwon-ee hyung, I’m sorry .. that I only like D&E kkkkk I love hyung a lot ♡ / Kibum-ah, come to the dorm~!! Let’s eat^^ / Kyuhyun-ah, do you like Changmin and Minho more than me?..ㅠ I love you KyuKyu kk / Super Junior M Zhou Mi hyung!! I hope hyung will be very happy ^^ I love you hyung~♡ / Henry, take some care of Zhou Mi hyung! kk SJM maknae Henry-yah, I’m always thankful about you! / Super Junior 7jib, let’s become daebak!!!! My girlfriend, E.L.F.. I’m thankful, and I love you! ♡ It’s 7jib now~ Till everyone gathers in one place, Ryeowook-ee will work hard too with the name ‘Super Junior’^^ I love you. Love yourself♡


“Kyu will always be where E.L.F’s are…”

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  1. thanks for the translation

  2. thats so sooo wonderful..
    eunhyuki hyung, dont give up! we are here for you
    donghae letter and ryewooki letter made me cry.

  3. I am crying reading this~~

  4. Listening to Islands, my favorite song off the album, while reading this made me cry ;_;
    Don’t give up, ELF are always beside you ❤

  5. thanks a lot for trans ^^
    >< i smile reading it ecspeally wookie letter he mentions all member.. and make me very happy
    and i love all member mentions ELF Hehe saranghae SJ

  6. thank you so much for the translation!!!
    Gee….these boys never fail to make me cry with joy and love……SJ & ELF forever!!!!

  7. OMG I’m crying like a baby. They’re all so precious..really precious<3

  8. Ryeowook such a sweet boy!! Super Junior I love you all ♥♥( Zhoumi and Henry included)

    • And, of course, thank you for the translation!! ♥♥ Love for you all too xDD

  9. Thanks for translating. I’m so happy to be a fan.

  10. Wait I’m a little shock to know Donghae has a little brother ? I’m a Donghae bias and I only know he has a hyung not a dongsaeng

    So can anyone tell me more about his little brother

    • no.he is hae’s little cousin.donghae has only one older brother,donghwa

  11. Ki bum so we always waithing for you come back for Super junior…

  12. Wookie included hangeng gege in his thanks to! it is right after heechul and before yesung, and it goes by age so it must be for Hangkyung right?

  13. “I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^..”
    –why do i feel that this message wook wrote is for hangeng..hehee…

    • Yes I think he did 🙂 He wrote it according to age too ( hangeng is after heechul and before yesung) It’s really sweet of him.

    • i’m sure he mean hangeng oppa … the third is his position

    • i’m sure that what he mentioned there is hangeng oppa .. his position is third and that sentence also appeared in that spot … miss u too hangeng oppa

    • i think so, because that message is between heechul and yesung.. sweet ryeo..

  14. Cry with happy tears when i read this “thanks to” :’)
    Nobody forget to thank ELF…all members said that 🙂
    Thank you,Super Junior Oppaduls for always stay beside ELF
    I will always proud to be ELF until the end..
    Figthing for the album’s promotion and for the Super Show 6,Oppaduls
    I Love all of you :*

  15. I don’t know, but I find this hilarious “My meal friend Heechul-ee hyung~ I’m thankful that you listen to my words well, and let’s continue to live together.” It gave me feeling that Ryeowook is like the hyung of Heechul. Hehehe 😀

    But, I am so touched and cry when red their thanks to, espesially Donghae’s part TT_____TT

    I love them so much :’) They teached me a lot of things, give me happiness, and make me believe that ‘True Friends’ is exist :). Thank you Super Junior..I’m really glad i got the previledge to know SuJu and ELF in my life :’)

  16. Awww..ryeowook, donghae and heechul massage make my eyes teary..ryeowook have message to hangeng also..

  17. wookie you’re so sweet, you always miss all of that does not exist, and always remember SJM. I’m so touched, hope you always keep henry. love you henwook.
    henry real magnae

  18. “I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^” thia word from wookie’s oppa letter, idk but i tought ita for hangeng oppaT.T bcs after heechul-ie oppa is hangeng oppa right? 😦 aaaa suju oppa this really touched me and makes me crying. 😦

  19. crying so hard…
    amazing boys you are.. wonderfull words.. don’t be sick too donghae oppa!! and heechul oppa i know you are not young anymore you need to get married… its ok no need to say SORRY to us, if you want to get married hope i can come in your wedding party kkkk
    im thanks too you oppas SJ make my life shinning..
    and thanks for translet

  20. kyaaaaaaaaaaaa………….
    im crying so hard T,T

  21. These boys never failed in making me cry and smile at the same time. Their gratitude is really heartfelt especially that of Donghae and Ryeowook’s mention to all the members. “I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^” it really is for Hangeng because he mentioned the members from the eldest to the maknae.

  22. Oh my GOD!!! I’m cried soo much when I was reading Donghae’s thanks I couldn’t even see the screen because of my tears ,I love them all and I’ll always be an ELF forever and I will support them all, all the 15 members forever , Super Junior and ELF Fighting!!!!! And and I wish that MAMACITA will have a great (DEABAK) success in Korea and all over the World and finally THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE TRANS <3<3<3

  23. first time the thank to bring me tear when i read it……

  24. CRYING HARD 😥 esp. Lee donghae thanks to. Ryeowokkie thanks to also make me cry. I miss Hankyung and Kibumie so much 😦

  25. OMO the feelings I have while reading their thank to messages.
    Thank you for the wonderful 7th jib and thank you for continuing to be here.
    We are here for you for as long as you continue to be Super Junior.
    And we continue to wait for the day when all the members can stage on one stage.

  26. SJ&ELF Fighting. Let’s fill the world with pearl Sapphire Blue balloons!

  27. Thank you for translating! They’re are real ans true…. That’s what i love them SO much! Keep being down too earth Abad humble! Goodluck!

  28. Thank you for translating! They are real and true! That’s why i love them!
    #ELF are Always there for Super Junior!

  29. Its so touching. I love how they expresses their love for each members. I cried everytime the member wrote yesungee oppa’s name T__T
    Oppa, ppali toraga!!!

  30. Funnt to think that I read all this glory so I could read Kyu’s ‘thank to’…

  31. ryeowook -the sweetest member- he mentioned all of the members, the only one member who mentioned kibum, henry, and zhoumi (even for hangeng “I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^”, i’m pretty sure that’s for hangeng)

  32. / I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^ / and ‘Till everyone gathers in one place’

    oh my baby ryeowook, thank you! ^^
    I’ll patiently wait for all 15 members come back in one stage.

  33. thanks a lot for the translate 🙂
    omg, Donghae’s is the most touched part.
    Ryeong’s is the sweetest, he even mentioned all of the member, even Hangeng.

    We will always support you guys no matter what.
    ELF, chingu, lets work hard and make them proud 🙂

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