140821 Official, Super Junior 7JIB ‘MAMACITA’ Teaser Photos [11P]

August 21, 2014 at 2:12 am | Posted in 7th Album, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kangin, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Ryeowook, Shindong, Shiwon, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 42 Comments

Credit: http://superjunior.smtown.com/
Posted by: lovekyu7 (www.sup3rjunior.com)

*MAMACITA means ‘hot girl’ in Spanish

140821 MAMACITA1

140821 MAMACITA2

140821 MAMACITA3

140821 MAMACITA4

140821 MAMACITA5

140821 MAMACITA6

140821 MAMACITA7

140821 MAMACITA8

140821 MAMACITA9

140821 MAMACITA10

140821 MAMACITA11



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  1. Kyuhyun is gorgeous.

  2. Kyuuu~
    they’re so cool…

  3. Omg eunhyuk with that hair 😢
    Eunhae too handsome

  4. Omona, omona, omonaaa !
    Kyu is handsome !
    Sungmin is gorgeous !
    Hyukkie is beautiful ! Kkk

  5. Kangin is perfect.. He looks so good!! Sungmin, too. And Hyukie is a Mamacita otl

  6. woooooooow super junior is back

  7. LOL Hyukkie looks like those beautiful anime/manga character, and lawd everyone looks so freaking handsome.
    So who else is excited for this comeback, its been so long, and of course it’s worth the wait ❤

  8. I don’t like the cowboy concept. Have to see how the music video is….

  9. I don’t know about others…but I really like, no, I looovee this concept! ^^ Maybe because I’ve red a lot of novels which the heros is Latino..and I always think that Latino guys is HOT!!! hehehe 😀
    They are look cool and handsome with that cowboy outfit. I can’t wait for MV and the songs!!! Hope this comeback will be great and successful! Oppa, Daa Chukyo!!!! 😀

  10. sungmin oppa 😀
    eunhyuk so gergeous
    cant wait for seeing the MV

  11. Oh god! I can’t wait for it! They’re so handsome and cool like a cowboy. And I absolutely agree if they will got a amazing album for their amazing concept^^

  12. SUUUNGMiiiiiiiinnnn!!!!!

  13. the hell with that ‘ayaya’ thing between superjunior and mamacita? lol it cracks me up hahahaha
    i’ve lost my word for eunhyuk , oh my, what did they do to you ~!!!! you won’t dancing around with that hair, will ya’?

  14. Waaaaaah i love it they are all my perfect men .. they are so handsome.. I’m anticipating the 7th album..

  15. Holy cow(boy)! 😛
    I admit, at first I was like… what the hell…
    But then the individual teasers were released and omg I love it! A cowboy concept is something that might easily come out as cheap if it’s not done properly, but this one looks really good in my opinion. It has a cool, manly, badass aura and they all look great. I’ really curious about the song and the MV now.
    I hope these are not the only teasers SM will release. I’d be so upset if they got just one day of the teasing and then: “okay, now wait for the MV”…

  16. MAMACITA 0^◇^0)/
    SJ JJang!

  17. finally………so many comment..
    really happy to see still many elf out there..

    • Hahaha..yes..it’s feels good, feels good 😀
      I bet ELF was just bored and too lazy to leave comment here. But, now…here we go! ELFs are soooooo excited! ^^


    • Haha, yes, so true!

  18. wow! finaly SJ is back! I hope this album become as best as bonamana and mr.simple T^T i miss that old days…cant wait anymore for the MV and album~ Suju oppas Fighting!

  19. i really can’t wait for their comeback…. >_<
    OH MY GOD their really so handsome ….. ❤
    suju oppa fighting,,,,,

  20. I have so many experiences !!!!!!! ….. firstly, the concept is really courageous, haha_ * the second- omomomom!!!!LEADER AND HEENIM WILL AGAIN FOR SUPER SHOW and I finally hear their voices in the new songs !!! and third-our precious anchovy …. what did you do this to us? ))))ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋFighting !

  21. everyone looks great!

  22. wowwww…..iam speclessssss…..sexy ming,handsome heenim…..luph u all

  23. First i didnt like the concept, and what did they do to eunhyuki ? long blonde hair again (first sungmin, and siwon) kkk, its ugly. but im really happy they are back!!
    i really ask myself what would be yesungis photo look like ? but omg .. finally see leeteuki again!

  24. oh my gosh
    Hyukkie covers his eyes again
    really hope this comeback will be succes as always
    really anticipating

  25. Woww….SO GREAT ^_^ Waiting #7jib #SuperJuniorComeback ❤

  26. sungmin so cool ^^

  27. Finally, SJ comeback with teaser ‘MAMACITA’ XD
    OMG, SJ very cool ^^

    And wth with eunhyuk’s hair style 😂😝

  29. It ‘s time for boys….so cool

  30. OH MY GOD..finally SJ comeback… i’m sooooo happy….leeteuk oppa so manly..love you oppa…SJ debak^^

  31. OMG finally SJ COMEBACK… leeteuk oppa si gorgeous..and kyuhyun soooo handsome…i love it :*

  32. These pictures let me die in peace… T_T

    • Exactly. I actually squealed when I saw the teasers, that also inside my classroom 😀

  33. breathing in & out 0~~~~0
    I’m DEAD >O<
    caaaaaaaaaaant wait *trembling voice* X___X

  34. Reowoookk-ah 🙂

  35. So anticipated!! 🙂

  36. goooooooooooood

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