140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bonbon [Fan Accounts]

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140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bonbon [Fancams!]

Chocolat Bonbon – I went in and ordered a drink and bought a chocolate chip cookie! He wasn’t taking any orders 😦 Since there’s so many people inside, the drinks came kind of slowly. He took this chance to talk with fans ^^
There were many Chinese fans and they asked him if he is okay speaking Chinese and he was like “ke yi (I can)” and they spoke with him in Chinese. I was waiting for my drink and he was finishing his conversation with another fan and he was just kind of looking around. My friend Yoojin had given him a present so I wanted to give him something too but I didn’t have anything except for my cookie, so I decided to give him my cookie….

me: oppa, do you want to eat a cookie? (In korean)
Hj: sure! /takes cookie thank you~
Me: …….
Hj: ……
Me: ….I’m an American fan
Hj: ah~ ………
Me: nice to meet you!!! /laughs (in english)
Hj: akfkskkflsdlskjv (idk what he said hahaha)
Me: Your english is good~
Hj: ah no no no no (LOL)


Me : oppa will u come to Indonesia?
Hyuk : Jakarta? ss6
Me : yes for ss6!
Hyuk : yeah we will go to Jkt for ss6!

Me : oppa tomorrow i have exam but i haven’t studied.
Hyuk : Exam? you haven’t studied?
Me: yes.
Hyuk : then Hwaiting (using both his hands) ♥♥♥


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