[STARCAST] Big run of 6 years and 3 months! DJ Shindong last radio broadcast – From 140709

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“I will finally cry out. I was disk jockey Shindong for 6 years and 3 months. Everyone! Fill it up tomorrow too.”

The long itinerary of 6 years and 3 months of Shindong’s SimSimTaPa ended with the last broadcast on 6th. Dong D broke the prejudice of late night radio which quiet voice comes to one’s mind, and gave endorphin to listeners. Meet DJ Shindong’s last SimSimTaPa radio broadcast booth story through STARCAST~!!

“Hello, everyone. I’m super DJ Shindong~! Today is the last time. Every end links with a new start.” DJ Shindong, Dong D, who chose an active opening than a heavy greeting and whose vividness is his charm, is like ‘SimSimTaPa’s DJ.

A story of a long listener who has become 3rd grade in high school already from 2nd grade in middle school when one first started to listen to the radio.

The story caused DJ Shindong and all the staffs break in to howls of laughter of being already 6 years and 3 months. They would be slightly sad although they laugh at the quickly passed time, right?!

We have prepared the last broadcast of Shindong’s SimSimTaPa for fans that would be sad!! Keyword interview with DJ Shindong~!!

We used the interval and requested answers to random keywords we suggested. Check DJ Shindong’s interview that has good sense as his long experience.

April, 7th, 2008

Ah… this is the first day when I became the SimSimTaPa DJ. Since it was the first day, I came 1 hour and a half early to check the scripts and practice with colleague DJ Kim Shin Young. I was nervous since hosting a radio was the first time for me. I remember that the PD told me, ‘I wish you to be a DJ who can read people’s stories than anything else’.

6 years and 3 months

6 years and 3 months has already passed since I have hosted SimSimTaPa. SimSimTaPa was a very particularly attaching broadcast as I thought of ‘I will do this forever’ since the first time. But I feel awkward since I end this up as ‘the longest idol DJ’ and ‘the longest DJ of SimSimTaPa’.

I think the driving force of SimSimTaPa was from meeting good staffs and making the best teamwork. In the first time I tried to learn and rely on PD or writers but as time passed I tried to do ‘The thing that I like and what I do well’. PD also encouraged me by saying, ‘What you do is the right answer in your broadcast, so do whatever you like’. So I could do an entertainment-like broadcast through a radio. I went out to meet people and do missions at the Hangang River. (Laughter)


There are many thankful guests that I met through SimSimTaPa until now. Guests who came to this last broadcast gave me strength, and also idol friends such as EXO, B1A4, Wonder Girls, ZE:A, 2AM, and SuperJunior members.. There would be no end if I keep on listing. HaHa. I could broaden personal connections through SimSimTaPa. Actually, there is not much time to meet singers other than meeting them while coming down the stage, but I could become friendly with them by talking about individual and serious stories on radio.

Wait a moment!! We release the last episode!!
Guests who showed loyalty to DJ Shindong by filling up the last broadcast; KARA Park Gyu Ri, gagwoman Lee Gook Ju, Hanbyul (Led Apple), gagman Chu Dae Yup, Jang Hee Young, singer H-Eugene, gagman Hwang Jae Sung, Il Rock

They gave big help reaping successful conclusion of funny and lively SimSimTaPa until the last by showing fantastic harmony since they have been with DJ Shindong for a long time~!! Gagwoman Lee Gook Ju’s picture that was taken 3 years before, gagman Hwang Jae Sung’s Hawaiian shirt gave DJ Shindong special presents and big laughter.


There are many episodes that come to my mind since I have hosted the radio for a long time. One day when I was really tired, an online game item ‘bow’ came to my head when I was sleeping for a while in the broadcast. It was the time when I give out snacks after introducing a story which a listener sent in. So I said ‘I will give a bow!’ instead of ‘I will give a snack to 000!’ At a time when I was keep introducing text messages which listeners sent in, I read ‘8282 sent in Davichi’ instead of ‘Davichi’s ‘8282’ which the writer told me to introduce. HaHaHa.

Kim Shin Young & Park Gyu Ri

These two are colleague DJs who was with me. I learnt a lot from Kim Shin Young since I was a beginner. But we went along well after hosting a lot together. We ranked listening rate of 6.4% which cannot come out from a radio broadcast. Park Gyu Ri was really good at reading out stories so she has charm of touching listeners with her voice. I learnt those points too.

So I have an obsession of hosting as double DJ although the partner changes. But I thought that I will convey many people’s stories as much as I can so that people who likes me and everyone who doesn’t know me could listen when the decision of solo hosting was made. I promised myself I will do hard as I put my name on the program.

1st in the listening rate among the same time broadcasts for 4 years, ‘Grand Prize’ of radio category in 2013 MBC Entertainment Award

I’m so happy and thankful that I could reap big success while doing a job that I like. The listening rate was the lowest when I first started the broadcast. So I gave ment in the first part like, “Can we still be alive in the next episode? Boss, please allow me 6 months more”. (Laughter)

But later the listening rate became the top while I continuously hosted the radio with SimSimTaPa’s style.

DJ Shindong

I think DJ Shindong is the real image of Shindong because DJ Shindong is a person who says things from heart. I’m glad that I could meet listeners with real image of Shindong since I wanted to be a friend-like DJ who reads their diaries of whom ends their day by listening to SimSimTaPa.


What is SimSimTaPa to Shindong? Is it the same question? (Laughter)
SimSimTaPa is ‘start of my dream’ to me. Actually my dream after being an entertainer was a MC. I wanted to host a talk show by using my name such like Lee Hong Ryul Show or Joo Byung Jin Show. So I resolved to host a program called ‘Shindong Show’ and SimSimTaPa became the start of my dream as if the preview of ‘Shindong Show’. So I tried my best to talk with guest a lot. I was glad whenever guests told me that ‘I was happy since Shindong made me comfortable’.

July, 6th, 2014

July, 6th, 2014, today is the last broadcast of ‘Shindong’s SimSimTaPa’. Actually, I thought on the way here of writing a letter and read it to you. But I changed my mind to say things at that time since it wouldn’t be like ‘SimSimTaPa’ if it is made up. I was also curious before I came to this broadcast, ‘Would I cry?”. But I would get to know that if it becomes 2 o’clock, right? (Laughter)

To. ‘Shindong’s SimSimTaPa’ Listeners

Thank you so much. I can only say this. I hope listeners wouldn’t forget me than anything else. I hope you listeners would listen to my voice with joyful mind when I comeback as you made relationship through this broadcast with whatever motives there were. I will come back again whenever with this image if you listeners don’t forget me since Shindong as a DJ was my eternal dream. (Laughter) Thank you so much, everyone!

The keyword interview which conveys DJ Shindong’s sincerity is until here!!

Listeners’ stories continued who were sad of DJ Shindong’s last broadcast this day.
Passionate listener who said one was sad since they cannot be together, a person who said it is hard but fun although one works overtime, and a story received from SuperJunior manager in the middle of an overseas business trip~!! Time of laughter and full of sadness passed.

Now is the time to say good-bye!

Dong D, who said he would never cry but laughed for 2 hours, welled up tears in his eyes when saying the last greeting. DJ Shindong who couldn’t continue his words by crying.. Many supporters who came to cheer up DJ Shindong and guests who couldn’t leave the place also welled up with tears.

Shindong, who took in charge of selecting the whole songs of this day, said his farewell to the listeners by introducing SuperJunior’s ‘Daydream’ which is a meaningful last song.

It was ‘Shindong’s SimSimTaPa’ that went for 6 years and 3 months with the last farewell of brave DJ Shindong until the last! I say my gratitude to fans that sent love and support for 6 years and 3 months by expecting to meet again as DJ Shindong whose noisy joy is the charm like DJ Shindong’s promise.

Source: SM Entertainment & Starcast
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