140703 Super Junior, Letters to Shindong [Transcript]

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Compilation: 140703 MBC ShimShimTapa with DJ Shindong & Super Junior


To be honest, I think I would cry so.. I wrote a short letter.
I cannot forget the perm hair you had when I first met you, hyung.
I’ve never thought that we’d be on the same team.
Thinking back now like this.. It was the same in past.. Thinking now again..
That hyung is in our team.. I think that in this spot, you shine brighter than anyone else.
To say it with a commonly used phrase, it was a ‘decision made by god’
I’ve never thought that hyung is not cool. I’ve never disliked hyung. I am thankful that you’ve been by my side till now… and I will continue to be thankful about it.
We’ve fought a lot.. had many troubles like that but…
That too, is a good memory because we were together.
Let’s make more good memories from now on.
As a guy, I trust you a lot.
I want to say that I love you.
Thank you.


Shindong, no, Donghee-ya.
Six years and three months. Everyone will be sad that you’ll be leaving this place, that it feels more like ‘home’ to you than your actual home, for a short time..
Make a promise to those that felt used to listening to your voice every night… that you’d definitely return.
Before being a member, as a dedicated listener of ShimTa, hyung will also wait for our Shindong-ee.
From Kangin-ee hyung, who is very happy to be in the same team and members with the best DJ


I don’t know what to do now at 12-2AM.
How could you leave me like this, you stupid
My head can forget you, but my heart..
my heart.. do you not know that my heart still remembers you, hyung?
to be honest, I’m not confident (that I can go on)…
you bad person..
but I will pray for hyung’s happiness.
Goodbye, my love.


Shindong, hi?
Please understand that I am talking informally to hide the fact that I am a dongsaeng,
During promotions, you worked to make the designated paths for concerts and stages..
I know that you’ve been sacrificing for members and the team.
You’ve worked very hard.
We met sometimes, and had fun.
I can remember the time when StarCraft 2 came out,
and we put on our headsets and had fun playing against each other.
but Star2 was boring.
You’ve worked hard doing radio everyday for past six years.
Don’t think that this is the end. Think that it’s a short rest for a new beginning.
Let’s play together soon.
Come watch the musical.


It probably wasn’t easy to be a radio DJ for such a long time.
It’s amazing. I’m proud of you.
I’ve also experienced it; but I think that you will be very sad about saying goodbye to Shimta family; family that you’ve spent a much longer time than I have..
You gave happiness to those who weren’t able to sleep.. filled with worries and those with heavy hearts..
The time you spent (DJ-ing) even while hiding the fact that you’re worn out.. I think it will become a happy memory to you and to many people.
You’ve worked hard. I came here despite being sleepy to say this, my friend.


Donghee hyung..
You are really admirable, and I feel that you are amazing.
Take care of your health.
SSTP will end, but promise that you’ll definitely let us hear hyung’s voice again on radio.
It’d be nice if you meet with the listeners again too.
I love you and.. Shindong-ee hyung. Sorry, and I’m always thankful~

Translated by:  Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid


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  1. Omg ! I teared up reading some of those 😢
    Please tell me, what is this about ? Is Shindong going ??? Like from SJ ?!
    Omg !!! Why am I so late ?!??!

  2. Best family n~n suju ❤
    Donghee-ya, come back quickly!

  3. thanks for the transcript

  4. Thanks for the transcript…letters so sweet.

  5. ah shindongie!

  6. So sweet of them. I’ll miss Shindong as a SSTP DJ, too. T-T

  7. Lol,kyuhyun letter full of wits,,^^.so Star2 was boring!!!!!
    I’m gonna miss Shindong dj on SSTP,,, and I hope he’s comeback after army,,, still Shindong DJ the best!

  8. Those litters r really sweet & make me cry how can I listen 2 SSTP without shindong oppa , the litters is like he will leave the group that’s what make people cry more 😭😭😭

  9. Agree with Kyu. just a short journey and will coming back with more handsome image, Uri Dong Dj Fighting!

  10. Their love for each other are overflowing T.T

  11. Please vote for SJ


  12. Aww 😦 ShimShimTaPa will never be the same! But i know when Shindongieee comes back he will be an even better person, DJ, and SJ member then he already is 🙂 ^_^ Best of luck!!!!

  13. I love how they still call him “Donghee”…SJ love<3

  14. Kyuhyun: Shindong, Hi? *LOL. Cutest evil magnae >.<

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