140703 @mbcsimsimtapa Twitter Update: Donghae’s Notes! [Translation]

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Compilation: 140703 MBC ShimShimTapa with DJ Shindong & Super Junior

Shindong’s ShimShim→ Now cleanly finished
He really did it for a long time. I’m proud.
He’s very different. compared to the picture behind him.
Let’s lose some weight now.
Beautifu~l night~ (ulala ulala)
Gathering My Tears – Seo JiWon
Guilty -dynamic- Ryeonikyuo
Sungmin, 1st half pass
Eunhyuk mentioned cellphone.
Didn’t open (his?) mouth
Donghae showing anger
Talking formally. Leeteuk. Sungmin. Eunhyuk a little
→ fix it, kid.
talk (formally) if you are going to, if not, don’t.
I don’t like it in the middle.
Kyuhyun decides the standard on his own!!
I should have made him speak formally. – Hyungs are regretting it.
Ryeonggu – Armpit hyuk

Source: 심심타파 ‏@mbcsimsimtapa
Translated by: NKsubs @NKsubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid



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  1. thanks for the translation

  2. Now I understand why Heenim and the rest member of Suju say they always have a hard time to read Donghae’s hand writing… TT___TT
    Aigoo this kid… TT___TT

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