140703 MBC ShimShimTapa with Super Junior [Transcripts]

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Compilation: 140703 MBC ShimShimTapa with DJ Shindong & Super Junior

SD: You have makeup on? KH: I just performed the musical Singin’ In the Rain

SD: we gave away the tickets last week too KH: oh many tickets must be left over ㅋㅋㅋ

RW: Sukira staffs are eating out right now and- Members: why do you guys eat out together so often!?

Kangin: stop drinking so much! Ryeowook: I don’t drink ㅋㅋ I only eat. Members: that’s even weirder!

Donghae doing freestyle rap to introduce his drama~

EH: Donghae-ssi knows the medical vocabularies the most out of us, because he eats so many medicines. SD: Vi-ta-min~ EH: Vie-ta-min~

SD told Hae to try saying medical vocabularies and DH said he doesn’t know them because he just spits the lines out and forgets about them

Ryeowook has to leave at 1 to go to eat with Sukira staffs~

KH: (makeup shop) staffs asked me to stop Ryeowook-ssi from coming so often. They said he goes every day!

Listener: Don’t go~ SD: Don’t go~ RW: What? SD: Why are you speaking informally all of the sudden ㅋㅋ

Members were asking what they are doing today, and complained that staffs don’t even give them scripts anymore

RW: Kangin-ssi’s eyes are turning red KI: No (not crying~) – the air here is bad ㅋㅋ

SD: How long will Ryeowook-ssi be a DJ? RW: Since Leeteuk-ssi is coming back- Members: Oh you’re giving it back to him!?RW: No no~the radio was passed to us when he went to army so…it’s significant. He can do the first radio broadcast (after return) on Sukira~ Members: ah so just one broadcast? ㅋㅋㅋ

They talked about how Donghae dropped a bomb at Sukira (back when he revealed the EunHae album news), and told him to reveal another at SSTP

Today, listeners can ask any questions they want answered~ even rumors lol you can also request songs that you want members to sing live~~

SD: Who did the Bboom (sound effect) early? Members: donghae donghae donghae Donghae: ;;;;

SD: who will go first? KI: Then the person that’s the closest related to singing.. Eunhyuk-ssi first ㅋㅋ

Shindong will sing first, and then choose the next to sing. Shindong will sing Ulala Session’s Beautiful Night

RW: Aren’t you going to put on the headphones? The music plays there.. KI: Sorry, he doesn’t have much experience with singing ㅋㅋ

Shindong chose Eunhyuk. Hyuk said he wants to sing Still You with Donghae

Members are asking if they even have the MR. RW: Maybe the manager has the CD? ㅋㅋㅋSSTP doesn’t have the MR, so they can’t do the live. EH: Can’t we just play the AR?…we can just sing louder?ㅋㅋㅋ

Eunhyuk is singing 내눈물 모아. The staffs lowered the song by 3 tones in the beginning ㅋㅋ

SD requested Ryeowook and Kyuhyun to sing 죽일놈~

SD: I watched the first episode (of God’s Quiz) and was surprised that Donghae-ssi didn’t appear on it ㅋㅋ

SD: Kyuhyun-ssi, choose the next person KH: While I was rapping, this person was sleeping. Sungmin-ssi

KI: Does anyone have soda? Sungmin wakes up when he drinks soda

SD: Sungmin-ssi also has a solo song. “Oh Yeah” Members: Oh yeah~ oh yeah~ oh yeah yeah yeah~ SD: That was MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah

Listener asked Sungmin to sing 봉숙이 – 장미여관~ Sungmin said he knows the song~ Sungmin said he wants to sing when the second half begins~

Listener asked why Shindong didn’t appear for few days (when KI was temp DJ). Shindong said he wasn’t feeling good and needed to rest

Listener: Donghae oppa, how many times have you gone out with a girl? Members: oh!! Answer to be revealed in second half~~

DH: When you were kids.. those don’t count right? ㅋㅋ

Members are now guessing how many times~ RW: 5 times… starting from ‘that person’ KI: Donghae are you crying?

SM: Thinking about Donghae.. It’s also bad to have little.. 10 times? KH: 3 times after debut?

EH: 14-5? Since birth? If I had Donghae-ssi’s face, I would have dated 14-15 times. SD: I think by Donghae-ssi’s standards, he would have only once that he considered as love? Because he’s romantic. KI: What if he had none? Imagination ㅋㅋ DH: once

Sungmin singing 봉숙이 – 장미여관~

Listener asked for hints on 7jib~ asked if the title song is by Yoo YoungJin.

EH: We are preparing the album, but the title song is not yet decided

SD: how much % do you think is done? EH: 30% of the album SD: What about Ryeowook-ssi? RW: 31%~?

Who is addicted to smart-phones? KI: I think me! I can’t let go of it RW: He searches ‘Kangin’ a lot KI: Yes I do

EH: I also search myself too. To see what rumors there are out there. KH: What happened at that last rumor?

EH: I was just at home… ;; I – SD: This is a sensitive topic to discuss because it’s not directly related to him. It’s just to say that Eunhyuk-ssi did not lose his phone.

Members are talking about when Hyuk punched the wall EH : the wall had designs I didn’t like

Members are now imitating Donghae’s accent. Kangin said Donghae’s pronunciation is bad when he’s angry. RW: We have to translate it to understand it ㅋㅋ

KI: EH-ssi is the type to hold it(anger) in RW: When he explodes, it’s scary.

SD: What about Kyuhyun-ssi? KI: I have a set standard. I talk formal to leader hyung’s age, and informal to everyone else.

RW: I think I talk informal to everyone. Recently, I started talking informal to Heechul-ssi too. Heechul-ah.

Listener asked if members had actual fist fights. SD: I don’t think we had any 1 on 1s? Members: I think there were some… some not exactly with fists but.. KI: I’m sorry! I used to hit the members a lot with props! and I hit Ryeowook-ee with a plastic bottle before!

Kyuhyun saved Eunhyuk’s kkt as “Armpit hyung” EH : He’s obsessed with my armpit!!! KH: His armpits are so clean! At one music show, he was wearing sleeveless shirt.. and he was washing his hand and.. he put soap there too and washed it with water.. It was the first time I saw someone do that EH: It was the first time I had someone see that too.

Listener: Donghae oppa what are you doing? EH: He’s mentally breaking down

Donghae took notes on what happened at the radio ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

They’re suddenly singing Mr.Simple~

Listener asked why Donghae is Lee DongHaek! They will answer after Mr.Simple~

Ryeowook said he has the members saved as SJ___.

Hyuk has them saved: Kangin- KingKing/ Kyuhyun: Kyu/ Sungmin: Ungmin-ee/ Ryeowook: Ryeonggu/ DongHae: Haek-Dong-Haek/ ShinDong:ShunTongTung/ YeSung:Aesongee/ HeeChul: Heenim/LeeTeuk: IpTeuk

Kyuhyun has them saved: Kangin- KangKings/ Eunhyuk: Armpit hyung/ DongHae: Donghai/ ShinDong: Donggri dongdong/ RyeoWook: cannot be revealed/ Sungmin: Mini mi/ YeSung: cannot be revealed / LeeTeuk: Ipteuk / HeeChul: Heenim

SD: We kept this a secret DH: Script writer outside said don’t tell don’t tell KI: do they know what it is about? EH: No

KI: It’s Donghaek because he’s like haek(nuclear bomb) in conversations.. he appears and the mood of conversation goes down. KH: Would they believe this? SD: We worked hard to make up something during the song ㅋㅋ

Kyuhyun got the first question right and got the electric shocking machine as prize. He gave it to Ryeowook (it’s the lie detector toy that shocks you when you are telling liesㅋㅋ).

Kangin got the second question right~

Donghae: Kim ShinYoung -ding (wrong)!- Eunhyuk: Ai. go home.

Kangin got another question right~

RW: Ho script writer makes many typos EH: It’s because her fingers are fat DH/RW: SO mean!!! RW: tell her sorry! EH: sorry~

Next question prize is the xylophone~ SM: Sukira’s is broken! RW: yes, Sukira really needs it! KI: stop talking about Sukira~~

SD: Donghae-ssi, your answer is.. wrong! DH: ai-ai.. what ㅡ,ㅡ

The question is about when (?) felt that Shindong is smart. EH: knowing all the food’s calories! KI: when (managers) are thinking, ‘ah what should we eat’, and he says ‘around here, that place is good!’

Answer was “Shindong is quick at learning~” Sungmin got it right~

Fifth question~ they weren’t going to reveal the prize till the question is answered, but Hyuk saw the wig and it’s the prize, so Kangin put it on ㅋㅋKangin got the fifth question right~

KH: So ugly~ RW: It feels like your future~~

Question:what was something Dong DJ heard from members that is most memorable to him DH: I don’t want to do a Super Show without you hyung.

Donghae won the banner prize, and Shindong said to put it up at his taco store

Jonghyun( Shinee)  came into the studio~

SD: Which member did you see after a long time? Jonghyun: Sungmin-ee hyung.. Kyuhyun-ee hyung has makeup on?? What is this?!

KH: I had a musical today Jonghyun: ah KH: Come watch it Jonghyun: okay okay~

Kangin requested AOA 단발머리 to be played~ SD asked if it’s okay with others. SM: Sure.. I don’t know what it is though. Hyuk: I want to request for F(x)’s Red Light SD: Is it out yet? Not yet.

Members are writing a letter to Shindong

DH: I wrote a short letter because tears would come out if I wrote a long one.

Kyuhyun wrote in informal language~ using the same beginning lines from intimate note ㅋㅋ

SSTP is finished~ they couldn’t adjust the timing of the segments well, so the letter part wasn’t able to be done for a long time

Members said they will have a serious discussion later privately~

Translated by:  Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


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  1. Thanx for the trans. Too bad Heenim and Siwon weren’t with them……Henry and Zhoumi either…..

  2. thanks for the transcript

  3. Thank you so much for the transcription. I just love hearing the members chat and laugh.

  4. wow thanks for share the trans 🙂 the video with subb hasn’t out yet?

    • No,the video with subs is not out yet since it just happened, but I’m sure ELF are working on it :^)

      • up until now, no subs yet?

  5. I love them ;’)
    They are really my ultimate mood buster! TT___TT
    Thank you Super Junior ;_;

  6. Thanks for the transcript, i just sat here and lol at their conversation. I cant wait to see the eng sub soon, and look forward to 7jib =)

  7. Im so gonna miss Shindong on SSTP and all the members on the show it is so not going to be the same!!! 😦 But this show was really funny! I cant wait to watch it will english subs!

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