140605 Eunhyuk at Tous Les Jours [Fan Accounts]

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When i show this picture, hyuk laughed so hard n he said all of them is He… I only can laughed n said yes


Source: ochimamiki

Me: Hi~
Hyuk: Hi!
– How are you?
– Fine!
– How was your day?
– ehm….. today?
– Yes…
– Work!
– ….ehrm ok.
– Your new album, when is it coming out?
– eh? Embum?
– Album? With Donghae?
– Ah, movie
– Movie????
– Music Video… music video
– when?
– ehmm…. july? July? Or august?
– Isnt it that sj album?
– ehm…

/got rushed

– wait, is it japanese???
– …yes
– jjdkfjkf why? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
– 😦
– why not korean?
– next time


me: hello oppa /passes him my note telling him to congratulate me for my graduation/ 중국어 okay?
hyuk: err eh, gong…gong… /trying to think how to sat congratulations in chinese/
me: it’s okay! 축하해 주세요 ^^
hyuk: 축하해요 /claps his hands LOL/

meanwhile at the cashier they kept trying to get me to pay but I had trouble counting money because I was so nervous

cousin at cash register: 만칠백원
hyuk: 만…만…
me: yi wan qi bai!
hyuk: yi wan qi bai!
me: 저는 싱가포르 밴이에요
hyuk: oh! 싱가포르!
me: when are you coming singapore ^^
hyuk: /said he doesn’t know in korean/
me: 중국어~
hyuk: wo…wo…hai mei bu zhi dao
me: hai bu zhi dao
hyuk: dui hai bu zhi dao
and then he said but he wants to come to singapore soon and I was like 빨리 와요 and then I got chased away HAHAH. somewhere along the way I also shook his hand had a hi 5 with him (and linked my fingers with his LOL) and had my head patted by him too^^


A ppl lead her son and daughter into TLJ to order.The son asked who Hyuk is to have so many noona standing outside.Hyuk said he is an actor.

Fan came and said that she had sth to show.Hyuk said Yes and she took a ring out,said”Marry me”then wore it for Hyuk.Hyuk only knew to laugh

A fan said sth to Hyuk then Hyuk touched her hair. After touching, he smelled his hand and laugh. Maybe her hair has fragrance

A fan who cosplayed Marilyn Monroe     came to order.Hyuk was very surprised and laughed when he saw her, then held his chest by hands

Source: ParkHeeYoung13

Me: *awkward* hii..
Hyuk: hi!
Me: nice to meet you~
Hyuk: where are you from?
Me: Australia, but I live in Korea
Hyuk: Australia? Oh Australia!! I will… go… there.
Me: oh really? When?
Hyuk: I don’t know
Me: for holiday or for..
Hyuk: for concert
Me: really? *not believing him*
Hyuk: really!
Me: really really?
Hyuk: really 진짜!!
Amanda (from the side): for SS6?
Hyuk: yeah! Six!
Me: are you sureeee
Hyuk: …maybe 😀
Me: ha right, maybe. But I live in Korea, so I can’t go.
Hyuk: oh, 언제 까지? (until when?)
Me: I don’t know… but I’ll go back, for the concert! (staff was shooing me away by now)
Hyuk: ok! Byeee!

The end. Everything was English except for the bits I wrote in Korean, I was too lazy to speak Korean to him haha, it’s more cute to hear him speak broken English.


So, I didn’t expect us to get in, cause we had a really high number. We finally got in and everything went smoothly. I got up to the cash register and put my things on the table in front of Hyukjae and his mom.

Hyukjae; Hi! (In English, and the rest of the conversation is in Korean.)
Me; Hi. I’m going back to Sweden soon-
HJ; going back? When are you coming back to Korea?
Me; I don’t know, so I have something I want to tell you.
Him and his mom starts listening intensely lol.
Me; because I could see you on stage-
HJ; on what?
His mom; On stage, on stage!
Me; …a lot, and also be able to meet you here, I’m really happy and grateful for it.
HJ; oh, I’m very grateful too.
He honestly looked really happy (I’m trying not to be delusional okay..) and shook my hand.
Me; and if I can see you later too, that would be nice.
HJ; yeah, next time.. I… I will see you in Sweden.
Me; really?
HJ; really!
Me; okay, contact me then ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Then I had to pay, haha, anyway, high on hyuk feelings cause he’s just really sweet!!!!!!


Me: Oppa I just came back to VN now I came here again because of you.
Hyuk: Really? Xin chao~
Me: *gave him presents* Its all Choco’s presents, not urs (ㅋㅋㅋ)
Hyuk: ㅇㅁㅇ.. All for Choco’s.. How about me? No?
Me: *gave him towel saying 빵집 아들님” I made this for you.
Hyuk: For Choco again right?
Me: No for u.
Hyuk: For Choco right?
Me: No for you oppa.
Hyuk: *took a look* Bakery? Me? Son? Haha *raised towel*
Me: Next time I will make another one.
Hyuk: Okay~ See u.
Then we linked hands together and I almost fainted ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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  1. lol! xD kkk~

  2. ohhh eunhyuk so sweett bngeeettt…

  3. Wish I could see him once too! He’s so sweet towards ELF ♥

  4. Oh~~~~eunppa….I want to meet you someday….miss you

  5. jealous & envy they not only saw hyukie but also met & talking with him

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