140531 MBC C-RADIO ‘Idol True Colors’ with DJ Zhou Mi [Transcript]

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The show team gave each of the 3 MCs an ‘animal personality test’ and Zhou Mi got ‘wolf’ because he is someone who adapts to any situation well. Fei thought he should be a prideful rooster. The description for a wolf is someone who is not ordinary and is dignified but lacks the ability to judge/discernment. Zhou Mi and Jia disagreed with the last part because Zhou Mi is someone who is very clear about judgments, but Mi was still happy that he got wolf. (Fei got tiger while Jia got monkey)

A listener says she just passed her driving test and Jia says she recently got her driving license too. Zhou Mi asks her how her driving skill is and she says she’s unsure so Zhou Mi says that out of the three he drives the safest, second is Fei who got her license last year.

Today’s guests are new girl groups’ members: Tint’s leader Mei (half Chinese half Korean so she lived in Jilin, China before) and Scarf’s Tasha (from Singapore). Zhou Mi says he has seen Mei on music shows before but did not realise she could speak Mandarin, and she says she didn’t dare to talk to him as he is a big sunbae/senior.

One of the questions for the girls to answer is: who is the celebrity you want to get close to after debuting? Tasha asked if she can write in English too and Zhou Mi says yes but quickly adds that ‘we have to be able to understand though’.

Zhou Mi was ‘outraged’ and threatened to leave the room when they saw both the girls answered ‘Fei jie’ and ‘Fei and Jia’. He kept making ‘mistakes’ later in the MC-ing (e.g. wondering why Mei says her grandma is living in China when she already said her dad is Chinese) because he says they didn’t choose him and that made him forget their information.

Q: Who do you want to see the most when you are tired? Tasha-her dogs. Zhou Mi wonders why it’s not her family and then says, ‘ya, kids like telling their problems to their dogs’ and he goes on to act out the scenario between a person telling their dog her problem and the dog’s reaction (according to Zhou Mi’s imagination). Mei’s answer-fried chicken. She says she will feel better if she gets to eat or just see fried chicken when she feels tired.

Q: After earning money, what would you give your family? Tasha-time. Mei-cash. Then Zhou Mi comments: ‘Old people love receiving cash the most.’ And says ‘Me too! (*in English)’. Jia and Fei laugh at Mi for admitting that he is an old man.

Q: Who would you like to pair up with for ‘We Got Married’? While the girls are writing, Zhou Mi says it’s ok if they don’t write his name. Jia says Mi is digging his own hole again. Tasha chose Won Bin while Mei chose 2am’s Changmin. Mei likes Changmin because she likes guys who sings well so Zhou Mi says ‘I sing really well’ and sings ‘Blind’ then asks, ‘How was it?’ Jia says Mi is embarrassing himself (by being so thick-faced), Fei says he should thank Mei for letting him get singing time on the show, and Zhou Mi says, ‘isn’t this my show? I should be able to sing whenever…’. Mei also says that she likes Changmin because he has a sexy voice, has a good body/built, has humour and is good at cooking. Zhou Mi: ‘Isn’t this me?’ Fei: ‘you can’t cook well.’ Zhou Mi: ‘yes, except for cooking’ Jia: ‘why are you talking about yourself again?’

They asked Tasha to write someone who is more reachable for the We got married pairing (i.e. An idol) and she says I will choose ‘Zhou Mi Da Ge’ (*big brother). They laugh because Dage is usually for describing people like Jackie Chan. Zhou Mi says ‘I thank you for putting me on the same level as Jackie Da Ge’. They laugh again and Zhou Mi says he got cold sweat when he heard the answer. Zhou Mi: ‘Do people usually call others Da Ge in Singapore?’ Tasha: ‘Yes, sometimes, depending on who the person is. Fei and Jia: ‘Yea, depending on who the person is. *Laughs..*’

At the end of the show, Mei’s members came to the studio (they didn’t come in) so the MCs ask her what she wants to say to them and she advices them to write ‘Zhou Mi Da Ge’ whenever they are asked about the person they want to appear in a show together. Zhou Mi excitedly says ‘Correct! Yes.’ And gave her a high-5.

Ending section: Zhou Mi encourages everyone to remember their dream and not to give up even if they face challenges.

Goodbyes: Zhou Mi says ‘Wo ai ni, wo hen ai ni (*i love you, I love you very much-in a cutesy voice while waving with his fingers) Jia: ‘ew’ Fei: ‘ew’ Jia: ‘Da Ge’

Translated by: qmiwook ‏@qmiwook for Sunshine周覓 ‏@SunshineZhouMi
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid


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  1. Thanks for the transcript…so funny. Love Zhou Mi.

  2. Awww Lol Zhou Mi xD ❤ Thanks for the Transcript! 🙂

  3. I love the way Zhou Mi (dage lol) always tries to cheer people up, make them smile… Really, amazing person.

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