140503 Transforms into Businessmen for Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

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SUJU-M Transforms into Businessmen for Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

Returning to the fans after a year and three months, Super Junior-M transformed into men in business suits.

The members of Super Junior-M attended a photoshoot with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan recently, leaving aside their super star image and dressing up as businessmen.

Having gathered attention and popularity with the ‘office performance’ for recent hit Swing, the Super Junior-M members posed in front of the camera with a businessmen concept.

After pulling off various office looks, the members carried out an interview during which they discussed what they would be like if they were working for a company.

Eunhyuk said, “I don’t think Henry would enjoy working at a company very much. The member who would do well in working at a company among all of us is Sungmin.”

Kyuhyun said, “Eunhyuk is the type to climb the ladder quickly by making the right connections,” which brought out laughter.

More on Super Junior-M’s photoshoot and interview will be available in the May issue of Cosmopolitan.

Source: Cosmopolitan & http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld
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